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Application Of Analytical Hierarchy Process For Finding The Best Test Batsman[]

Since last few years, the answer to the question ‘Who is the best test batsman?’ has always been a highly debatable issue. Each individual has a different opinion for the same. Moreover, the answer has always been influenced by the experts belonging to that particular era. Most of the answers given by the experts are based on the individual records of the player or the overall span of the player’s career, but there are certainly some other parameters which should be looked into. Every expert has their own judgement and hence their own criteria which may somewhat always favour the player they want to be the best. Hence, there is a need for an approach which takes into account all of the statistics related to the player and analyses them on a common scale. A unique approach is needed to obtain the results. The model of ANALYTICAL HIERARCHY PROCESS can be applied for this purpose. AHP has given solutions in many applications such as selection of facility location for spinning industry, performance evaluation of team work, selecting the optimum replacement policy etc. This paper aims at finding the best test batsman by successfully implementing this technique for the first time in the field of sports. The batsmen averaging more than 50 and having scored more than 10000 runs in their test career are considered here.

Topological Properties on Measure space(Rn, T, S, μ) with Measure condition []

A study of some topological properties on measure space (Rn, T, S, μ) with measure conditions, has been introduced to develop the extended versions of Heine-Borel property (HBP), countable compactness, Lindelof, finite intersection property, Bolzano-Weierstrass property. The inter-relationship of these extended properties are also studied.

Effects Of Fly-ash On Compressive Strength Of M20 Mix Design Concrete[]

The Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) Is One Of The Main Ingrdients Used For The Production Of Concrete. Unfortunateluy Production Of Cement Involves Emission Of Large Amount Of Carbon Dioxide Gas Into Atmosphere, A Major Contributer For Green House Effect And The Global Warming , Hence It Is Invitable Either To Search For Another Material Or Partially Replace It By Some Other Material. The Search Of Any Other Such Material Which Can Be Used As An Altrernative For Cement Should Lead To Global Sustenable Development And Lowest Possible Environmental Impact. Concrete Property Can Be Maintained With Advance Mineral Admixtures Such As Flyash As Partial Replacement Of Cement 0 To 30%. Compressive Strength Of Concrete With Different Dosage Of Fly Ash Was Studied As Partial Replacemnet Of Cement. From The Experimental Investigations, It Has Been Observed That, The Optimum Replacement Of Flyash To Cement Without Changing Much Compressive Strength Is 10%.

Streptoverticillium vepadensis sp.nov., from Soils of Andhra Pradesh[]

A new species of Streptoverticillium was isolated from soils of Andhra Pradesh in India. The morphological, cultural, physiological and biochemical characters were studied, compared to known species and identified as a new species of Streptoverticillium -Streptoverticillium vepadensis. Antibiotic activity of the strain was tested against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria as well as fungi and yeasts.

Climate Change, adaption and Women vulnerability issues[]

Without any shadow of doubt, the change in climate is a critical issue of debate among scholars associated with diverse fields including social scientist engaged in reviewing the problem at spatio- temporal scale. It is a matter of great concern for us that consider the related issues in quite different manners so that sincerity and severity of the issue may receive vital importance about change in climate like the unprecedented increase in global temperature, floods, scarcity of food and essential goods and degradation of natural resource with impending demand of rapid population increased growth. The local and global issues are so intricately involved in the climate change that it is not so easy to demarcate their impact locally or globally. The ongoing debate and discussion regarding the climate change acknowledging the general masses that how we can contribute positively and actively in reducing the corresponding effect of climate change upon the world community. It is the foremost duty of every inhabitant living on the surface of earth that understand the issue while using the available traditional knowledge from which the local environment and resources may be put to obtain the better result without least damages to local resources. We are making great mistakes that we generally ignore the role of local people in resource management and community participation to restore the ecological sustainability in framing the area specific plan and policies remained ineffective and failed. The important and vital cycles of the nature always ignored and isolated in assessing the contribution in environment nurturing process, but it is a matter of great concern that we provide adequate respect and regard to the contribution given by the women since the footprints of nature, and the problems and difficulties being faced by women are result of adverse climatic processes put in central plan and policies of government and development organization orientation globally.


The politics of climate change are complex due to numerous factors that arise from the global economy's complex interdependence on carbon dioxide emitting hydrocarbon energy sources and because carbon dioxide is directly implicated in global warming making global warming a non-traditional environmental challenge. Climate change is a straight forward science which is understood by many scientists and non-scientist alike. But climate change science, evidences, impacts, mitigation and adaptation have been unduly politicized because of the economic, developmental and strategic interests of nations (developed and developing) and multi-national oil companies who benefit from the fossil fuel-driven economy. This paper highlights how United States of America, the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the world failed to ratify the Kyoto protocol which is a global treaty entered into since 1997 to reduce the global emissions of the four principal greenhouse gases (Co2, NH4, NO2 and CFCs). Also highlighted is China which is currently the 2nd largest economy and projected to surpass USA as the highest global emitter of greenhouse gases in the next two decades. The areas of discord that have stalled many climate change conferences and negotiations between the developed countries and developing countries such as transfer of technology, intellectual property rights, payment of reparations, green funds, mitigation versus adaption have all been carefully treated in this paper. The position of this paper is that the politics of climate change is a major distraction and it amounts to the proverbial fiddling why Rome burns. The global community should therefore jettison politics and face the reality of climate change headlong with a view to saving humanity and the environment from this “global time bomb” called climate change.

Impact of culture linked gender and age on emotional intelligence of higher secondary school adolescents[]

The Influence of different demographic variables such as gender, age and cultural settings (urban and rural) on Emotional Intelligence (EI) were examined among school adolescents during the most crucial and turning period of life. The participants in the study were 240 students randomly selected from ten higher secondary schools of Odisha, a South-Eastern region of India. The ages of the first year and second year students ranges from 15 to 18 years. In the study, Emotional Intelligent Questionnaires were used to measure emotional intelligence of the participants. Data were analysed by using descriptive statistics, multifactorial analysis of variance, post- hoc tests, correlation analysis and factor analysis. The results revealed that girl adolescents have scored higher EI average than boys of the same age group and within the same cultural environment. The overall EI average of girls (M=25.08) was found to be higher than that of boys (M=22.08). Moreover, 26.67% of adolescent girls have high level of EI, while 14.17% of adolescent boys have high level of EI. Younger adolescents of first year class were found to have scored lower mean EI (M=22.94) than older adolescents (M=24.22) of second year class taking both urban and rural-base school adolescents into consideration. 17.50%of younger adolescents have shown high level of EI, while 23.33% of older adolescents have shown high level of EI. Irrespective of gender and age, a significant difference was found between the adolescents of urban and rural secondary schools in EI test. Urban school adolescents scored overall higher EI average (M=26.18) than their rural counterparts (M=20.97). 33.33% urban school adolescents exhibited high level of EI while only 9.17% of rural school adolescents exhibited high level EI, which was accounted for the difference in cultural values, cultural beliefs and other related facilities.


Detection and diagnosis of systems faults are very essential for protection of process control systems against failures and permanent damage. In recent years, monitoring and fault detection in control systems have moved from traditional methods to artificial intelligence techniques The objective of this paper is to design a Fault Diagnosis System (FDS) for a PID water control systems that will monitor the system during its normal working condition so as to detect the occurrences of failures, recognize the location, the time of such fault, defines the fault and hence suggests its possible rectification procedures. A PID Fuzzy Neural Network continuous water process control system that lets water be at a set level as water flows in and out of the tank was considered. In this paper, the FDS was designed using Fuzzy Logic technique. Using fuzzy Logic techniques to analyze this is well suited to low cost implementation based on cheap sensors, low resolution analog to digital converters, and 4-bit or 8-bit one chip microcontroller systems. Moreover such systems can be easily upgraded by adding new rules to improve performance or add new features. Also machine operators will have an idea of the fault and the rectification procedure.

Effect of packaging on sensory quality of microwaved ready-to-eat mutton based snacks during storage[]

Packaging plays significant role to extend shelf life and preserving the quality of food product. Rising trends in the snack food and ready-to-eat food market industry has given wide scope for development of a variety of novel packaging materials and methods to ensure the safety and quality. Laminates and Nitrogen gas flushing are the most popular choice as a packaging material and method respectively. Hence this study was conducted to evaluate the effect of nitrogen gas and laminate on sensory quality of ready-to-eat mutton based snack. Irrespective of packaging method, sensory attributes gradually decreased during the storage, however MAPS had higher scores than APS on any particular days of storage. ANOVA showed a highly significant (P<0.01) difference in flavour in between treatments (APS and MAPS), days of storage and their interaction was also significant. Statistically there was highly significant (P<0.01) difference in texture and crispness score between days of storage Sensory attributes of both of the APS and MAPS did not decrease much up to 60th days of storage at 30±2°C. All these scores were very well within acceptable limits during whole storage period but scores of MAPS are much better.

Proposal for a deshboard to measure the perfermance of the pharmaceutical sypply chain case of hopital children[]

All hospital systems are forced to better organize and innovate to provide quality patient care while controlling health spending and budgets. Hospital supply chain is an important part of the budget of a hospital and in particular the pharmaceutical supply chain, so the consideration of a pharmaceutical supply chain is very useful in the concept of rationalization. The purpose of this paper is to provide a table for measuring the performance of the pharmaceutical supply chain. The first part of this article is of interest to study the problem of hospital logistics and its state of the art. The second section describes our methodological approach to measuring the performance of hospital logistics. The third part explains the principle of the dashboard with measurable indicators process for measuring the performance of the pharmaceutical supply chain of the hospital children.

Advanced Landing System[]

The principal object of this paper is to emphasize the idea behind our project "Advanced Landing System" which is a 3-D model of the proposed Instrument Landing system in the airport. Some essential parts of today’s airport are not fully automated.. In India we still use a system called the "Instrument Landing System" for landing of the aircraft. In Europe and America computer-guided landing is done without much manpower. Automatic Advanced Landing System is most essential for the modern airports to reduce the time of activities and to improve quality air traffic. We would like to integrate the existing system, which consists of three individual departments. We believe that the integration would reduce the number of air accidents.

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