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Multiple response analysis of tribological property of epoxy composites by Taguchi method[]

In this study, 60 wt. % carbon filled-epoxy composites containing 0 wt. %Al2O3, 2.5 wt. %Al2O3 and 5 wt. %Al2O3 nano particles were fabricated by mixing method associated with compression molding method. The tribological property of the composites was investigated in a conventional wear machine using Taguchi method (TM). The influences of different parameters like nano addition, load, sliding speed and grit size on the wear resistance of the tested samples were investigated under SiC abrasives. The results exhibited that grit size was an effective on the wear resistance, load and speed was followed it, respectively. Optimized processing condition of the tribological resistance of the composites was first level of load, speed, grit size and third level of material’s type. Multi-linear regression equation was developed to predict the tribological resistance of the composites with the average error of 4.2%.

Impact of Perceived Parental Involvement on Academic Achievement in Adolescents[]

Parental involvement is a vital factor in adolescent’s life. Literature reveals that hostility towards parents leads to certain personality dispositions that grounds negative world view and dependency in adolescent lead to low academic performance. The aim of present study was to find out the impact of perceived parental involvement and academic achievement in adolescents. A sample of 300 students was selected (male=150, female=150) with age range of 14 - 19 years, through purposive convenient sampling from various cities of Pakistan (i.e. Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar).Parental Acceptance-Rejection (PARQ) Parental Acceptance-Rejection Control Questionnaire (fara, 2012) was used in order to gauge the impact of Perceived Parental acceptance and rejection and the level of low academic achievement in adolescents. Data analysis was done using t-test and Regression. Results showed that Parental rejection had significant negative impact on academic achievement [R²=.29, F (2,287) p < .05, β=-.16*].This study will be beneficial for caregivers and the educational management to plan interventions in order to foster student’s mental health and development to enhance their academic achievement in adolescents.


WHO has defined health as “a state complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not the mere absence of diseases or infirmity”. It is generally concerned with the anatomical integrity and physiological functioning of the body. It means the ability to perform routine tasks without any physical restriction. The fault in the process of prescription causes many deaths.The tendency to use advanced technology in Wolaita Sodo University Referral hospital have put forward electronic prescription. Electronic prescription is considered as the main solution to overcome the major drawbacks of the paper-based medication prescription, such as transcription errors. This study aims to provide practical information concerning electronic prescription system to a variety of stakeholders.

Light Intensity Monitoring and Automation of Street Light Control[]

Metropolitan cities and villages of all kinds require streetlights that help their busy lifestyle. But as the human lifestyle gets busy they tend to forget to turn off these streetlights when its dawn. Technology is being improved at the speed of light; the use of timer-based streetlights does not always solve the problem of electricity being wasted. Automation plays a wonderful role in solving this problem. Using the web app and an Android app the control of the streetlights can be monitored. The intensity control feature helps in saving energy during late nights while traffic density on the streets is low.


The use of databases in tertiary institutions is very important for providing opportunities for students and educators to have access to huge amounts of data for both academic and administrative purposes in this digital age. Students are however not harnessing the full benefits of databases to search for information for academic purposes. Assessing the educational benefits of databases in public universities may inform educators to design and build or subscribe to databases which are useful and beneficial to students as well as the educators themselves. The study was conducted to assess student’s opinion on the educational benefits of databases in public universities. The study assessed student’s level of awareness about databases, their availability, types of databases, used and the level of acceptance and satisfaction of the use of databases by students in public universities. Questionnaires were used to collect data from 90 randomly selected undergraduate students from three colleges in the University of Cape Coast consisting of, fifteen (15) level 100 students, twenty seven (27) level 200 students, thirty (30) level 300 students and eighteen (18) level 400 students. The study revealed that students were aware of different types of databases and the level of accessibility of databases was found to be on the average and had a direct effect on the levels of acceptance and satisfaction. The study recommended that universities improve on their database systems in order to improve on teaching and learning.


Bachelor of Education undergraduate students at Valley View University are trained to teach in the second cycle schools of Ghana leveraging the merits of technology to enhance their instruction. Therefore, students are introduced to learning technologies before their exit. In spite of the general notion that today’s youth are tech savvy, there is the need to find out how gender matter in the adoption of technology in education. The purpose of this research was to investigate the adoption of computers as learning tools with gender as moderator in the context of subjective norm, perceived usefulness, Lecturer/Student Support, ICT skills and perceived ease of use. In all, 46 level 200 -400 students participated. The study utilizes the quantitative approach based on the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to study the phenomenon. The students’ reactions and technology usage behavior were investigated over a two months period. These students were exposed to learning technologies and observed how they adopted the new technologies. The study showed that gender really matters in the adoption of computers of computers as learning tools. It is however noted that constructs that affect students adoption of computers as learning tools differ.


Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is one of the most common and deadly malignancies worldwide. The prognosis of patients with HCC is dismal and the mortality rates are almost the same as the incidence rates. Leptin, a circulating hormone secreted by adipocytes, is one of the major adipose cytokines acting as an important signaling molecule in energy regulation and food intake. It modulates various physiological and pathophysiological states, including lipid metabolism, hematopoiesis, thermogenesis and obesity. Besides, leptin is also involved in obesity and carcinogenesis of some human cancers . Serum leptin and AFP level were measured in 50 CLD patients (10 with chronic hepatitis C, 10 with non alcoholic steatosis hepatitis , 10 with liver cirrhosis, 20 with HCC) and 10 healthy control. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the role of serum leptin and AFP in Egyptiant patients with HCC.Serum alpha feto protein was highly significant in patients with HCC than other patient groups and control.Serum leptin level was highly significant in patients with NASH than other patient groups and control. serum alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) has been used to screen for HCC in cirrhotic patients, it is not always elevated to a diagnostic level in all patients, and the relation between its level and outcome in patients with HCC remains controversial. leptin is a active player in the development of NAFLD, and The change of leptin is differ in different stages of NAFLD, thus clarifying the mechanism of leptin in NAFLD may help to guide patients strategy making in phase treatment on NAFLD. The aim of the present study is to evaluate the role of serum leptin and AFP in Egyptiant patients with HCC.

Capturing selfie: Personality Traits and Behaviors among the Students of Different Universities in Lahore[]

This research examined the relationship between selfie taking behaviors and personality traits among the university students in Lahore, Pakistan. The main objectives were to find out both the positive and negative effects of selfie-taking behaviors on personality with respect to gender. The literature indicated about minimal research on selfie taking behaviors in Pakistani context. As a specimen, total four hundred students from different universities were selected for this study. Mainly, two instruments were used; one was a self-developed structured questionnaire for taking selfie and second was a standardized instrument on personality. It was found that there are positive effect of selfie-taking behaviors for males and females both; while students believed that selfie can be a source of increasing their confidence. Findings also showed some negative effect of selfie-taking behaviors like students wasted their time to edit their pictures before they post it onto social-media. Consequently, their personalities become affected.

The antioxidant activity of curcumin extract against HepG2 cells[]

Oxidative stress plays a major role in the pathogenesis of various diseases including neurodegenerative diseases, myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury and cancer. The aim of this work was to extract curcumin from curcuma longa then evaluated its antioxidant activity against HepG2 cells. FTIR was used to confirme the structure of the extracted curcumin. Antioxidant activity was assessed by DPPH method. Results showed that curcumin had antioxidant activity with Ic50 value of 3.7±0.20 μg/ml. Moreover treatment of HepG 2 cells with curcumin resulted in decreasing the concentration of L-malondialdehyde (L-MDA) and increasing the activity of the antioxidant enzymes superoxide ismutase (SOD) and catalase. In conclusion, the present study showed the effect of curcumin as a natural antioxidant compound that enhanced the antioxidant defense system in HepG2 cells by increasing the activity levels of antioxidant enzymes SOD and catalase and decreasing the concentration of L-MDA.

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