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The aim of the study is to determine the mediating role of competitiveness on the relationship between intrapreneurial skills of manager and corporate sustainability. A descriptive correlation design was used to look into the relationship of these variables. A total of 400 respondents were chosen in the study. The findings of the study revealed that the levels of intrapreneurial skills of manager, corporate sustainability and competitiveness among commercial banks are all very high and the relationship between: intrapreneurial skills of manager and corporate sustainability; intrapreneurial skills of manager and competitiveness and competitiveness and corporate sustainability are all significant. The final result showed partial mediation of competitiveness on the relationship between intrapreneurial skills of manager and corporate sustainability.

Survey: Block cipher Methods[]

In this paper we give a short overview of Symmetric key block cipher for different algorithms presented in this field according to classified it in cryptography where we classified into categories. first, Mode of operation which is ways helped to apply block cipher to encrypt larger plaintext. second, iterated product cipher which also classified it into Feistel Network, substitution-permutation networks and Unbalanced Feistel Network.

2-D Electrical Resistivity Imaging of Tar sands Seepages in Ilubirin, Southwestern,Nigeria[]

Non-destructive geophysical investigation techniques comprising eight 2-Dimensional electrical resistivity imaging were taken with Wenner Configuration at Ilubirin, Southwestern, Nigeria. The Electrical Resistivity Imaging has a maximum electrode spacing (AB) of 150m. Two Electrical Resistivity Imaging profiles were taken very close to the contaminated hand dug well along the area where tarsands seepages were sighted. The results obtained geologically deduced that tar sand seepages were witnessed within the study area from traverse 1 to traverse 8 with a resistivity value ranging from 40Ωm-100Ωm. The thickness of occurrence of the tarsands bearing zone within the study area varies from the top surface to infinite depth.

An hypothesis of the ending of a galaxy and its transformation to a black hole. With time , conversion of a new galaxy w.r.t. to a new five co-ordinate system[]

The force that attracts bodily matter with a certain force of higher magnitude.This principle relates to the gravitational pull of attraction and thus also contributes to a centrifugal force (towards the outer side and a centripetal force (towards the inner side i.e. the inner pull). The planetary motion is comprising of both the centripetal force (x) and centrifugal force (x). both the forces act simultaneously one on the other over the planet; making the planet fixed to its own elliptical orbit or path .Here in this journal it is shown a hypothetical approach on how to find the black hole (formation) and its aftermath on the universe over the many light year; here a concept is shown on how we can approach towards a new galaxy in the universe or any other celestial body formations; keeping in view the basic laws of physical science.The fact that no mass can be created or destroyed, it takes the form of another identity; whereby; the case is similar w.r.t. to the energy ; thus defining the fact that the energy involved in the formation of a galaxy is equivalently equal to the destruction of the galaxy and the ultra negative force or full of the spherical tunnel of the black hole.We know that our universe conscious of a four dimensional spherical system vide:- x-axis; y-axis; z-axis; time space axis; but here a new co-ordinate axis has been hy-pothetically used for explanation of the creation; deformation and recreation of the galaxy ; the new orordinate axis is time-vacuum axis. Thus here a five dimensional coordinate axis has been used for practical reasoning of the formation of black hole; a huge energy in the vacuum.As the creation of galaxy defines it in time space axis; thus the destruction of galaxy into black hole falls into the time-vacuum axis.

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