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Assessment of Cervical Cancer Knowledge, Perception and Prevention Attitude among Female Students Of Reproductive Age (16 – 49) In Four Tertiary Institution Within Bauchi Metropolis[]

Cervical cancer is preventable and avoidable, but its incidence among women in Bauchi town is on the increase, due to the lack of awareness and low participation of the target group in effective prevention techniques. The objective of this study is to assess the knowledge, preventive attitude, and perceived barriers to screening of cervical cancer among female students of reproductive aged (16 – 49), in four selected tertiary institutions in Bauchi metropolis. Convenient cross sectional survey research design was adopted in this study through the use of questionnaire developed by the researcher. Cronbach’s alpha reliability test (0.85) was obtained. The collected data was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics such as frequency distribution and percentages. Overall, the results obtained from the 300 respondents suggest that with awareness alone, the participants will be highly receptive to free cervical cancer screening (92%, Table 3). Women with knowledge of the preventive attitudes and purpose for screening were more likely to identify themselves as at risk for cervical cancer. Similar study should be conducted so as to served as a means of bridging the knowledge gap and also, to create awareness of this highly preventable but tragic disease.

Clinical of Dyslipidemia in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Patients in Murjan hospital , Iraq[]

This descriptive analytical study conducted on fifty one adult patients of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Murjan general teaching hospital in Babylon province. The study was conducted from February to August / 2014. Data was collected on special proforma. Patients of diabetes mellitus type 2 had mean age of 51.55 ± 8.8 yrs, range 35-70 years . Further analysis of results showed that raised cholesterol was detected in %39.2 (n=20) patients. Triglyceride was increased in 58.8% (n=30) patients. The HDL was decreased in 39.2% (n=20) patients, while LDL was raised in 35.2 % (n=18) patients ,VLDL was raised in 60.7 % (n= 31 ) patients.


The recent financial crisis has that financial innovation can have devastating systemic impacts. International standard setters’ and national regulators’ response has been a global concerted effort to overhaul and tighten financial regulations. However, at time of designing stricter regulations, it is crucial to avoid a backlash against financial inclusion. In the following pages we present the current state of financial inclusion globally in general and in India in particular. We also explore some trends in financial inclusion and what the most effective policies are to favor it. In doing so, we suggest that innovations aimed at countering financial exclusion may help strengthen financial system rather than weakening them.

Study Of Vibration For CNC Machine At Difference Feed[]

This paper is to represent the study of vibration and its analysis in relation with faults of turning centre CNC machine by Fast Fourier Transform FFT, standard measurement displacement, velocity and acceleration with frequency and time domain. A parameter set defines a set of measurement parameter values that can be used to take a recording. These are useful when you are taking a large number of recordings, each using the same parameter values. The direction refers to the orientation of the sensor- horizontal, vertical, and axial. The results showed on turret position that the vibration is depending on type of metal, axial direction, Feed .At (0.005 mm/rev) the value of vibration in axial ,horizontal &vertical for ( AL) ( 0.014 , 0.012 , 0.01 rms) respectively ,(Feed 0.01 mm/rev) the value of vibration ( 0.014 , 0.013 , 0.011 rms) respectively and Feed( 0.015 mm/rev) the value of vibration ( 0.017 , 0.011 , 0.011 rms) respectively . At Feed ( 0.005 mm/rev) the value of vibration in axial ,horizontal & vertical for (MS) (0.029 , 0.02 , 0.017 rms ) respectively , Feed( 0.01 mm/rev) the value of vibration ( 0.037 , 0.031 , 0.037 rms) respectively and feed ( 0.015 mm/rev ) the value of vibration ( 0.043 , 0.041 , 0.043 rms ) respectively .


The nanolayer acts as a thermal bridge between a solid nanoporticle about less than in dimension 100nm. and a bulk liquid and so is key to enhancing thermal conductivity. Nanofluids are dilute liquid suspensions of nanoparticles. The thermal behavior provide a basis for an enormous innovation for heat Transfer intensification the nsnofluid structure consisting of nanoparticles, Bulk liquid, and nanolayers at solid/liquid interface.

Assessment Of Risk Analysis Processes In The Nigerian Construction Industry: Contractors‘And Project Managers’ Views[]

The construction industry is big and obligatorily requires input from various stakeholders. Inadvertently, these inputs are full of risks that the Project manager and project team must overcome during the project life cycle. These risks the Project manager and the project team must identify, analyse, treat, monitor and control before the risks contribute negatively to the success of the project. Risk analysis in the industry is to ascertain the likelihood and impact of the risks on the project so that the risk effects on the main objectives of the project are minimal. The respondents are local and foreign construction firms and project managers with over twenty years working experience. The result of the analysis suggests that local contractors use more of qualitative risk analysis than quantitative risk analysis while the foreign contractors and project managers moderately use qualitative analysis than quantitative analysis. The result also suggests that local contractors barely have projects that require quantitative analysis in projects executed. In conclusion, synergizing is crucial in the industry as each stakeholder gain more than contributed. Engaging professionals on risk analysis processes is vital to the success the construction industry and the project stakeholders. In addition, the Project managers’ need to make the clients understand the importance of risk analysis in construction projects.


In the current world especially INDIA has an acute shortage of power & fuel .If the price of power & fuel fluctuates the entire human community is upset and the entire system confused. Since most of the fuel energy is consumed by automobiles we focus on the need to find out different ways to harness energy and act as substitute to the fuel that is being exhausted. The aim of our project is to design and fabricate a self-proclaiming generator in an automobile which synthesizes energy by itself or increases the efficiency of the battery. It harnesses thee energy which in turn is utilized by the automobile. Initially the vehicle uses electrical charge to start. Then the dc motor is connected to the wheels, which in turn is connected to a charging circuit to drive the wheels. Another circuit with generator and generator driving motor is connected to the battery. When power is supplied to the generator setup it drives the generator and output is maximized and this output is fed to the battery so that the efficiency of the battery is exhausted. The generator is designed in such a way that the output is doubled with given input. This generator setup is useful in all the fields where the battery plays a main role.

A New Approach for The Prediction of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Using a Designed Device[]

Some diseases are still ambiguous for scientists and researchers, despite of studies and researches that have been done to study and diagnose them. The effects of these diseases may be known, but the unknown is their causes, times, and signs. These unobvious causes and signs make scientists unable to detect, nor diagnose these diseases. One of these diseases is the obstructive sleep apnea, which is defined as breathing difficulties and pauses in breathing during sleep. This research project aims to produce a diagnostic device for early prediction of sleep apnea through the analysis and classification of sleep levels. The idea is to establish an algorithm linking sleep apnea and snoring by the implementation of a device that measures the chest expansion during inspiration and expiration of subjects. Then, collected data from which snorers and apnea goers are pointed out so that we can provide the patient with quantitative measurements and statistics that end up with a classification of sleep disorders levels in terms of voltages interval of each level. Thus, it becomes easy to find a voltage interval just prior to obstructive sleep apnea occurrence. In such case, the machine is programmed to early predict and prevent the obstructive sleep apnea occurrence by providing a buzzing sound in order to wake the patient up right before OSA.


Like many urbanizing societies, Nigeria is experiencing acute difficulties with the provision of adequate housing for her citizens, especially in the urban centre. The building industry in Nigeria as in other African countries is characterized by a high component of imported raw materials. Dependency on imported building materials is a factor that has contributed to the high cost of houses and it is a factor that has made it increasingly impossible to build low cost houses. Successive research proposals have emphasized the need to encourage the use of alternative building technologies as a way of minimizing dependence on imported substitutes, the enormous potentials of alternative building systems have been discovered and effectively utilized in contemporary ways in countries such as India and Mexico. But in Nigeria, these sustainable solutions are not promoted; the unworkable and unsustainable solutions are still been imported and used for construction. The objectives of this paper are to show the potentials that alternative building technologies hold in alleviating acute housing problems in Nigeria, to review the measures and policies being adopted by the government and other stakeholders to encourage the use of alternative building technologies and why these measures are not having much effect. Finally suggestions are made as to the line of policy and practice that could effectively elicit greater popular use of alternative technologies in housing construction.

Study of the Influence of Amorphous Tricalcium Phosphate on Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in Hydrochloric Acidic Medium 1M[]

In this study, the inhibition effect of amorphous tricalcium phosphate (TCPam) on mild steel corrosion in 1.0M HCl solution was studied. For this aim, electrochemical techniques such as potentiodynamic polarization curves, weight loss (WL) and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) were used. It was shown that, the amorphous tricalcium phosphate (TCPam) acts as a good inhibitor for mild steel corrosion in 1 M HCl solution. Its inhibition efficiency increased with concentration and reaches 87 % at 5×10-6 M, and decreased with temperature and immersion time. Polarization measurements indicated that TCPam acts as mexed type inhibitor. In addition, Mechanism of physical adsorption is proposed from the apparent activation energy (Ea).

Comparison of predicted body fatness from Body Mass Index and from Bioelectric Impedance Analysis among healthy females.[]

Objective: To compare the methods for assessing over weight and obesity by BMI classification and by body fat percentage using bioelectric impedance analysis.

Network Coding Based Privacy Preservation using Blowfish Encryption against Traffic Analysis in Multi-hop Wireless Networks[]

Attacks such as traffic analysis can be easily launched by a malicious adversary due to the open-air transmission. So, Privacy threat becomes one of the critical issues in multi-hop wireless networks. To avoid this, network coding can be used to prevent traffic analysis attacks since the coding/mixing operations are allowed to perform at intermediate nodes. The simple deployment of network coding is not only sufficient. It also requires the coding/mixing nature for employing the existing privacy-preserving techniques, such as Onion Routing, in network coding enabled networks. In this paper, we propose a novel network coding based privacy-preserving scheme against traffic analysis in multi-hop wireless networks which is different from any existing solutions. Along with Blowfish encryption on Global Encoding Vectors (GEVs), the proposed scheme offers two significant privacy-preserving features, packet flow untraceability and message content confidentiality, for efficiently preventing the traffic analysis attacks. The proposed scheme provides the random coding feature, and each sink can recover the source packets by inverting the GEVs with a very high probability. The validity and efficiency of the proposed scheme can be demonstrated by Theoretical analysis and simulative evaluation.


Along with the proliferation of media establishments, concerns and issues continue to arise about the responsibility and objectivity of the media in our contemporary society. Unfortunately, media has been accused of sensationalism and manipulation of its audiences, attributes which contravene the ethical values of professional journalism. To understand how imperative media education is, there is need to comprehend how it helps in regulating the media practice in the society. Media education enables an audience to access, analyze and evaluate the content developed by and conveyed via various media. It is vital for educators and media experts to initiate media education so that a media literate audience can challenge and question the media when it fails to objectively execute its main mandates. This paper is an integrative literature review that interrogates what media education entails and posits how media education plays a significant role in shaping and regulating the media practice and how the audience consumes media content.


The banking industry in India has a huge canvas of history which covers the traditional banking practices from the time of Britishers to the reforms period, nationalization to privatization of banks and now increasing numbers of foreign banks in India. Therefore, banking in India has been traversing through a long journey. Banking industry in India has also achieved new height with the changing times. The use of technology has brought a revolution in the working style of the banks. Nevertheless, the fundamental aspects of banking that is trust and confidence of the people on the institution remain the same. The majority of the banks are still successful in keeping with the confidence of the shareholders as also the stakeholders. However with the changing dynamics of banking business also brings new kind of risk exposure.

The ‘African- State’ Sovereignty in the 21st Century on Spotlight: Building Paradigms[]

The ‘African-state’ seems to be undergoing a major metamorphosis on the realization that it is sovereign. What need re-asking is; when did Africa become conscious of being sovereign? An aspect of sovereignty that has been overstressed is the concept of state sovereignty and to a lesser extent the citizen sovereignty. A paradigm must take place in the definition of sovereignty extending it to the third unofficial level- ‘individual sovereignty’ (leaders’ sovereignty). This paper analyzes sovereignty of the African state in the context of intervention by the International Criminal Court (ICC). In so doing, it raises the question on what direction this third level of sovereignty is likely to take. In its inner-core, the universality principle of UN: Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) strength is put on test. Is it going to stand with Africa’s new position with ICC which sort of think leaders rights are lightly addressed making them embarrassed before their subjects.

The Complexity of Justice System and Women in the Contemporary Afghanistan[]

Women in Afghanistan under Taliban rule were considered to be one of the most suppressed human in the world. Liberation of Afghan women was one of the main motives of US and Allies war against terrorism in Afghanistan. However, condition of women remains without much changes even after the downfall of Taliban rule and introduction of democratic government. The hypothesis of Afghan women inhuman condition by Taliban dictatorship proved wrong by condition of women under the present decade old democratic government of Afghanistan. The paper attempted to analyse the complexities, limitation and failure of the Afghanistan justice system in dealing with women rights. It main focus is on informal justice mechanism that has been practice since its early history which is also plays very important role in contemporary society and justice system. The paper argues that the condition of women in Afghanistan has multi-factors and the main factor is the inefficiency of justice mechanism.

A review and analysis of image segmentation approaches in change detection analysis[]

In change detection analysis, change detection accuracy does not only depend on the image registration accuracy but it also depends on segmentation approach used during segmentation that’s after image registration. poor segmentation approach leads to wrong classification results hence leading to poor change detection results hence leading loss of lives, property e.t.c. Research shows that Errors that arise from poor Image registration can be reduced if an appropriate segmentation approach is applied during segmentation This paper reviews some of the available segmentation approaches and proposes the use of knowledge based multiscale segmentation approach to be used during segmentation. The approach is involved with few segmentation errors and less information loss, also through the use of this approach, true changes can be easily isolated from the false changes which will lead to production of right segmentation results.

Community Communication Drought (CCD): A Bird's Eye View[]

After renaissance consequence of modernization, industrialization, globalization, along with adoption of various communication approach (hegemony, propaganda and public relation, centralized media) with advanced technology have a wide spread impact on human civilization. Also the mass society prospective of media ( large scale centralized media system, one way transmission mechanism, gate kipping strategy to manipulate and edit media content, to control public) have dominancy during last two centuries . Due to this public is becoming more depended on mass media for their identity, information and entertainment. For this type of centralized communication system people are becoming more isolated and self centered. They live in a false consciousness that socially, culturally, nationally they are associated with each other by consuming mass media content like reality shows, TV serials and discussions on news channels. On the other hand the real fact is socially, locally people are getting detached from their own community. This type of situation is creating communication drought in their community. This article aims at conceptualizing a typical problem of human civilization in the present communication world and explores its hidden activities, consequence and solution of this community drought.

Fractal Semiotics of the Language of Emotions: a Cognitive Linguistics Dimension[]

The article focuses on researching the peculiarities of the fractal semiotics of the language of emotions as a system of verbally repre-sented emotional concepts and categories. As a result of studying the verbal communication of emotions as a natural recursive colli-sion between their fractal evolution and the linear existence of perceiving systems there have been two major types of emotional con-cepts revealed – operationally closed loop and situationally dynamic ones – according to the aims, the object and the results of conceptualizing emotions as a cognitive process.

Exploiting Large Margin Nearest Neighbors in CBIR[]

Machine learning algorithms are one the unsurpassed methods and also the topical delve in the area in the constituency of image processing in image retrieval. Since, A immense set of modus operandi have been implemented in query based image retrieval the recent and restructured one is using large margin for image retrieval from the databases. The stepladder in the processing are listed in vibrant model. In the beginning queries are time-honored as input from the client consumer side for outlook processing. Subsequently the desired results are publicized passing through a gizmo named as RAS. The query image is harmonized with the images are there in the databases. For categorize the algorithm which is thrash out large margin nearest neighbors. In distance metric learning algorithms large margin nearest neighbors is one of the most recent for calculating the nearest neighbors(mahbolobis distance).In this papers nearest neighbors ‘are premeditated by using the large margin nearest neighbors.

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