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Suggested Method to Solve Traffic Jams in Large Cities Using Artificial Neural Networks[]

The Iraqi inter-urban traffic suffers from extremely bad congestion, particularly in the capital Baghdad (with a population of over 7millions) and other major cities. This is mainly due to the abnormal increase in the number of imported vehicles since 2003, while at the same time no new roads were constructed, but on the contrary many roads were closed as a security precaution.Other causes, which we will discuss here, include: shortage of adequate parking spaces to meet this increase in the number of vehicles, traffic signal control problems, heavy trucks bringing imported goods, etc..What the future holds for this situation, if no serious action is taken, is horrifying. Examples from mega cities are reviewed of how they solved this problem of traffic jams by using Artificial Neural Network.

Analysis of the new modulation and coding techniques for VDSL[]

Nowadays, the demand on higher transmission speed increased, because of more users using the Internet and the applications are demanding the higher transmission speed, too. In this article, I would like to give you my point of view on increasing the transmission speed in xDSL technology, because the DSL is most popular technology used in WAN.

Decal : A Data Mining Clustering Technique with Report Customization[]

The continuous growth of data per individual will soon become a problem. Technology makes our everyday living easier and faster, and also lead to the continuous growth of data but also gave the solution to it. Data Mining is then born. It is the process of analyzing data from different perspectives and summarizing it into useful information. It has great potential to help organiza-tions to predict future trends and behaviors through patterns. Furthermore, clustering technique, which is under Data Mining, is used. Clustering is the grouping of a particular set of objects based on their characteristics, and combining them according to their similarities. It clusters to discover and minimize data into a new categories and groups. The need to extract useful infor-mation and to interpret extracted data is the two main reasons to use data mining as the demands for data increases. This study is to develop an online data mining clustering technique with report customization system that will enhance the data uploading, sorting, and duplicate-elimination, and report generation. The study will be beneficial for institutions to decrease time con-sumed and to increase productivity and satisfaction. This study will be able to solve the following problems: (a) the difficulty in accessing data from various departments; (b) the redundancy of data; and (c) the complexity of generating reports. The Re-searchers will use Agile Software Development (ASD) method to determine the needs on which the system will revolve and resolve, and will help the researchers to develop the features of the system.

Investigate the Psychosocial Factors in Conduct Disorder: Comparison among Conduct Disorder Children and Normal Children[]

The present study was to investigate the relationship among parental school involvement self esteem, and personality traits across conduct disorder and normal students. Purposive sampling technique was employed based on cross sectional design. Three scales were used to asses Personality traits, self esteem, mother school involvement and, father school involvement. The sample comprised 100 children’s, (Conduct Disorder, N=50, Norma Children, N=50) were collect from different organization and hospitals of Rawalpindi and Peshawar.


Over the last few years, the internet has changed the way business is done in every industry. E-procurement has dramatically changed the way purchasing is done. Both public and private sector institutions have embraced the benefits accrued from E-procurement practices. The Kenyan government has recognized the importance of adopting of ICT in service delivery to the public and its citizens as enshrined in the Constitution and the Public Procurement laws and regulations. However, even given the potential benefits of e-procurement, most of the Government Ministries and County Governments including parastatals have not effectively implemented the e-procurement practices. This has greatly influenced the effectiveness of the procurement processes in public sector.


Stemphylium blight caused by Stemphylium botryosum infected lentil plant (Lens culinaris) were collected from farmer’s field of major lentil growing areas of Bangladesh during 2012-2013 cropping season. Morphological symptoms on leaf were characterized during this period. The development of stemphylium blight of lentil first appears on leaflet as small pin-headed light brown spots which smaller lesions later irregularly enlarged, covering the surface of the leaflet within 2 to 3 days and killed the single leaflet or in presence of more inoculums more than one leaflet infected. The disease gradually increased by showing symptoms on shoot or twig which showed special type symptoms like fishing hook. Later rapidly spread over the leaf, shoots or twigs infection but pod remained green. In epidemic condition of the disease, farmers’ field might be possible to reach brownish color and looking just burn by fire within 7 to 10 days. Stemphylium blight could not occur at seedling stages and should not confuse with foot rot occurring at seedling stages. V-6 juice media (modified of V-8 agar media) were used for isolation and identification of the pathogen. Pathogenicity test was done under laboratory condition and produced same symptoms.

Fabrication of a Conveyor Belt with Object Sorting and Counting Facility[]

Present world is very much competitive world. Up growing technology is very much responsible in this case. The nation which have more updated technology, it dominates the world. To survive in the competition technology is very much important. Industry has very much influence on economy for a nation. Where there is industry, there must be production of some products. Technological improvement is very much necessary to industry for better product. Automation is very necessary for industry. Conveyor belt is used to carry this product from one station to another. It is a necessary tool in the production line of an industry. The objects can be sorted in a conveyor belt according to its height. For this purpose, a product will have to be placed on a conveyor belt which is operated by a motor. Then after checking the height of the product, the exact or lower than that height of the products will be thrown to the product box and the greater than the exact height products will be rejected to the waste box by automatic rejection process and the accepted products will also be counted automatically which is performed by user defined rules.

Integration of Wind Power to the University of Lagos Electrical Distribution System[]

The feasibility and prospect of integrating wind energy into the existing distribution system of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) is explored in this work. The main source of UNILAG’s electricity supply is the national grid which often fails. When this happens, the university owned generators are used to provide electricity to some parts and this is done at a high financial cost, with the attendant noise and air pollution. The system was first analyzed with a view to determining the level of wind energy that can be integrated to complement the power supplied by the existing diesel generators. The wind- integrated network was then simulated to determine the permissible operating region that complies with the voltage stability limit at the point of common coupling (PCC). MATLAB was used for load flow analysis and simulation. Results show that ten turbines or less would ensure a stable operation of the system and supply the required power.

Corporal Punishment of Children's in School: A Critical Literature Review[]

Corporal punishment in schools is one of the most common forms of violence experienced by children in different countries of the world. Even though the level of prevalence varies, violence against children in schools has practiced at both developed and developing countries. Corporal punishment is very sensitive nonetheless less reported problem threatening the survival and development of children in the entire world. Hence, this study employed web based evidence and published and unpublished research outputs to discover the experience of children at schools for corporal punishment. Moreover, the consequences of corporal punishment on the survival and development of the child, the opinion of teachers and school leaders towards corporal punishment was also well dealt. This paper began with making of critical literature review on psychological and physical punishment of children in schools in many countries of the world. Major findings, which are either essential for policy makers when designing educational policies or for researchers who have an interest to conduct further study for addressing the corporal punishment induced problems are also identified in this paper. Finding of the majority of the explored research reveals that corporal punishment has been applying up on students, though it is officially banned by the domestic law of the states and other international and regional conventions. This implies that the human rights of children in schools in many parts of the world are at risk due to the widespread practice of corporal punishment.

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