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Robustness of Transportation Networks: The Case of Madagascar’s Road Network[]

Madagascar's road network is a fragile infrastructure, which is vulnerable to the frequent natural disasters experienced by this island nation. Questions arise about the ability of the current network to withstand these challenges and the extent to which its integrity can be maintained how far will it be able to maintain its integrity and its ability to serve the national economy. To measure the robustness of the national road network, intercity road connections are modeled as a Poisson random network. The model contains 171 nodes representing cities and 251 road connections taken from the official island road map. A random graph model with a degree distribution = 2.93 has been obtained for the study of network resilience. Natural vulnerability is induced as a random attack on the network. Tests of network resilience under coordinated attack follow three strategies stemming from the centrality importance of the nodes: i) degree, ii) closeness, and iii) betweenness centrality. Results show higher vulnerability against targeted attacks compared with random failures. The betweenness-based strategy turns out have the most devastating effect on the network.

Critical Discourse Analysis of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s speech in UN General Assembly dated 27 Sep 2013[]

The basic aim of this research article is to open broad avenue for the development of international peace, security, human rights, governance, food and nutrition, health, education, infrastructure, water sanitation, infer of technology, discrimination against women, and prosperity for developing countries in the light of Indian PM’s Speech in UN General Assembly. And the critical goal of this research article is “a message to all” through words to solve all burning issues between India and Pakistan for the economic development of Asia, through dialogue for social, political, and economical development of Asia and this immortal world beyond India and Pakistan. Our analysis is focused in claiming that “text are open to diverse interpretations” (Fariclough:1995). And it is also focused in Fairclough, I. and Fairclough, N.’s Political Discourse Analysis. A Method for Advanced Studies (London: Routtledge 2012).

A case study for selection and sizing of ‘K’ rated isolation transformers in parallel redundant UPS system.[]

Most of the high rating UPS manufacturers are manufacturing transformer-less UPS system for high efficiency and economical design. As UPS output is 3 Phase & 3 Wire, consumers generally use EB neutral to feed the single phase loads. Without isolated neutral at output, the transformer-less UPS system introduced serious power quality problems because of shared neutral with other non critical loads. Disturbances generated by other consumers pollute the neutral and the same polluted neutral is extended to critical loads. Another problem associated with transformer-less UPS system is possibility of break in neutral conductor continuity due to operation of upstream 4 pole circuit breaker. Break or loss of neutral to single phase load distribution system will result in severe voltage unbalance and over voltages leading to insulation failure. Sophisticated loads which are connected to spacecraft related hardware have very stringent requirements of clean power. This calls for providing suitable rating isolation transformer with neutral point. This paper discusses the selection of isolation transformer based on ‘K’ factor and derating of transformers and also discusses the location of isolation transformer in the UPS system.

Supply Chain Management for Small and Medium Size Enterprises[]

In today’s dynamic business environment coupled with globalization, the survival of Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) will be determined by their ability to produce more, at a lower cost, in less time, and with few defects. Essentially, these enterprises need to improve their efficiency. SMEs form the largest group of manufacturing firms which provide manufacturing and support services to Large Enterprises (LEs) in many supply chains. Despite the fact that SMEs are now participating in the global business networks, supply chain inefficiency is still one of the most crucial issues facing the SMEs. Despite these challenges, SMEs can consider supply chain management (SCM) as strategic weapon to improve their performance in the competitive marketplace. In our research report, we first provide a broad over of supply chain management in general for SMEs. We further discuss the evolution of the internet in SCM and the performance parameters of the supply chain processes. Our research report includes discussions on the extended supply chain management for SMEs. We present a comparative analysis of supply chain processes in terms of different categorization of SMEs. We further provide three case studies ranging from developed countries to underdeveloped ones, discussing the effect of E-SCM, and the challenges implementing it on their respective SME scenarios. We conclude our report by providing some recommendations which can be implemented by SMEs to increase the adoption of E-Business & E-SCM in SMEs.


Emotion is an important and integral part of our life, as it affects all aspects of human life in totality. Undoubtedly, it is the soul of every action, reaction and relationship. Even Plato had written, about 2000 years ago, that “All learning has an emotional base”. Being an integral and significant aspect of human nature and the motivation for all behaviour, emotions serve as one of the most important ingredient of human nature. Emotion is the experience that demonstrates and defines human existence as a living being.


Improving student’s relationship with teacher has important, Positive and long lasting implications for both students academic and social development. Solely improving student’s academic and social development. Solely improving students relationships with their teacher will not produce gains in achievement. However, those students who have close, positive and supportive relationships with their teacher will attain higher levels of achievement than those students with more conflict in their relationships. A student who receive constructive guidance and praise rather than just criticism

Nature and Life Structure in different Universes[]

A number of theories have been postulated to understand the mystery and history of the universe. Among them Big bang, Steady state, String and M-theory are most popularly studied by the scientists. These theories focus on the structure, formation, evolution and function of the universe in the spacetime. Here universe means partition of spacetime into different regions. In other words as per the theory of inflationary cosmology, different regions are called different universes. It predicts that ours is just one of the countless universes to emerge from the same primordial vacuum. Finally the whole spacetime i.e. cosmoverse is divided into various universes depending on their quantum fields as well as dimensions, parameters and physical constants so that they may emerge and evolve. These universes could potentially have different versions of the laws of physics and different values for the fundamental constants of Nature. This paper considers the structure of Nature and natural law selecting whether or not these hypothetical universes can support life with different values for parameters of fundamental constants that determines the life properties. This paper focuses on the particular issue of life structure in different universes. This strategy allows for the question of existence of life in these alternate universes. Furthermore life structure depends on few constants. The value of physical constants should have been fine tuned to make the emergence of life in these universes possible.

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