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A New Framework of Distributed System Security Using DNA Cryptography and Trust Based Approach[]

The development of new security frameworks for distributed system is a critical research issue. Trust management based security approaches are highly applicable in distributed system security. This is not requiring the need for resolving identities in the authorization decisions. Such approaches are also well expressing the restrictions and privileges. A new trust based security framework extended with cryptography approaches is proposed in this paper.

Effect of Xanthan gum on the Corrosion Protection of Aluminium in HCl medium[]

The inhibition of the corrosion of aluminium in 1.0 M HCl solution by xanthan gum has been studied using weight loss and polarization measurements techniques. Inhibition was found to increase with increasing concentration of the xanthan gum. The effect of temperature and immersion time was also studied. The inhibition was found to occur via adsorption on the metal surface following Temkin and El-Awady adsorption isotherms. The apparent activation energy as well as free energy of adsorption, ?Gads for the inhibition process was calculated. Polarization measurements indicate the inhibitor is of mixed-type, with predominant inhibitive effect on cathodic partial reaction.


We examine the spatial-temporal dynamics of self-employment in India using geo additive models and pseudo panel techniques. We test the claim of Adigun and Owen (1999) that individuals invest in professional human capital and not in entrepreneurial human capital as an economy develops. The results suggest that in non-agriculture, higher education decreases the likelihood of individuals choosing self-employment over time; however, it has an opposite effect in agriculture. While increases in land possessed increase the likelihood of self-employment choice in agriculture, individuals with small land holdings are more likely to transition into self-employment in non-agriculture. Belonging to a backward class has a negative effect on self-employment choice in both sectors; however, the effect has increased in non-agriculture and remained stable in agriculture. The geo additive models suggest that the propensity to be self-employed has decreased across most spatial units, although there are few pockets where self-employment is rising again.

Performance of Leather Uppers of Local Footwear products and the Determinants[]

Various literatures acknowledged that Ethiopian sheep and goats skins are appreciated by the international leather industry because of their high strength at lower thickness and flexibility. On the country the local leather upper footwear products have low market position both at national and international levels. This research has, then, risen to investigate the performance of the upper leather of local footwear products against the standard requirements. Samples of local footwear, black upper leathers and finished leathers for shoe consumption, and semi-processed suede upper leather have been prepared and tested according the South Africa National accreditation Standards (sanas) test method in the Leather Industry Development Institute, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Both physical and mechanical Laboratory test results have been collected and then manipulated using the descriptive analysis. The research result illustrated that the average tear strength, tensile strength and percentage of elongation of the upper leather sample is below the minimum requirement of the standards set by the various test methods. The water resistance and colour fastness to rubbing are other acute of the local footwear uppers. But they have shown good achievement in vamp and bally flexing property. These major pitfalls recall to the quality of the finished leather supplied by the local tannery plants for footwear consumption. Hence, local tannery plants should determine the quality requirements their products and the gabs through investigating their production process and taking regular mechanical and physical laboratory tests. Policy makers have to check their leather and leather products working directives to introduce obligatory condition to improve the manufacturing process of the local tannery plants and monitor whether they are producing according to the requirement when measure against standards.

Design and Development of an effective DDoS Shield to implement a well secured Defense System against vulnerable attacks[]

Denial of Service and the Distributed Denial of Service Attacks have recently merged as one of the most newsworthy, if not the greatest, weaknesses of the Internet. This research paper attempts to explain how they work, why they are hard to combat today, and what will need to happen if they are to be brought under control. It is divided into parts for the purpose of easy analysis and understanding. The first is an overview of the current situation and also brief explanatory of the rest of the chapters being covered. The second is a detailed description of exactly how this attack works, and why it is hard to cope with today; of necessity it includes a description of how the Internet works today. The third section is totally about the different attacks in recent years and how they affected the people or the big organizations. The fourth section describes the short-term prospects, the tools which are used to rectify these attacks. The fifth is problems being faced with an explanatory of the percentage of attack in recent years and comparing the problems. The sixth is what can be done today to help alleviate this problem. The seventh section describes the legal actions and also legal actions that can be followed against the attack by the victim; and the eighth section describes the long-term picture, what will change to bring this class of problem under control, if not eliminate it entirely.


Owing to the frequent occurrence of bone fractures, it is important to develop fracture fixation plate materials for fractured bones. Over the last thirty years composite materials, plastics and ceramics have been the dominant emerging materials. These materials have to be lightweight, compatible with human tissues and ought to allow stiffness. Natural fibres have the advantage that they are renewable resources, high strength, stiffness, acoustic isolation, no skin irritation and low cost. By using these advantages the development of bio composite materials based on bio epoxy resin, Hardener and natural fibres such as Musa sepientum (Banana); Hibiscus sabdariffa (Roselle) and its application in bone grafting substitutes. These materials are fabricated in desired shape with the help of various structural patterns and calculating its material characteristics such as tensile strength, hardness, water absorption and thermal analysis.

Role of Biometal Fe (III) in antihistaminic effect of Chlorphenamine[]

The co-ordination chemistry of Iron (III) is the environment of an antihistaminic drug, chlorophenamine has been explained to co-ordinate complex [Fe-chlorphenamine] Metal-drug interaction in vitro in aqueous KCl phase was studied polarographically at physiological pH and temperature. On the basis of IR spectroscopic analysis it is concluded that in solid phase one chlorophenamine molecule with their C-N donar sites encompass the metal. Amperometric and polarographic studies also suggest the 1:1 metal ligand equillibria. The respective changes in the antihistaminic activity of the drug as a result of complexation has been determined and possible mechanism is suggested.

Resolving security Issues in Virtual Networks[]

Cloud Computing is the next generation of networking computing since it can deliver both software and hardware as an demand resource and services over the internet. One of the significant concerns in cloud computing is security. Virtualization is a key features of cloud computing. In this paper I Focus on the security of virtual network in virtualized environment. First ,I outline the security issues in virtual Machines and then security problems that exists on virtual network are discussed and analyzed based on Xen platform. Cloud computing is a flexible, cost effective and proven delivery platform for providing business or consumer IT services over the Internet. However cloud computing presents an added level of risk because essential services are often outsourced to a third party which makes it harder to maintain data security and privacy support data and services availability and demonstrate compliance. The proposed framework leverages OpenFlow network programming APTs to build a monitor and control over distributed programmable virtual switches in order to significantly improve attack consequences. The system and security evaluation demonstrate the efficiency and effectiveness of proposed solution. To prevent vulnerable virtual machines from being compromised in the cloud I have Proposed a multi-phase distributed vulnerability detection and countermeasure sele-ction mechanism called NICE, which is built on attack graph based analytical models and reconfigurable virtual network based countermeasures.

Occurrence of Syphilis in Pregnant women of the Lakhimpur district of Assam, India[]

Syphilis is an infectious disease cause by bacterial antigen of Treponema pallidum. The main routes of this disease are non-protective sexual relation, mother to fetus at the time of pregnancy or birth, infectious blood transfusion etc [6]. High risk group’s peoples are more vulnerable for syphilis as well as HIV types diseases as the routes of these diseases are almost same. Sex workers, police personals, track drivers, migratory peoples etc are includes in high risk groups as per NACO guidelines. Use of condoms may prevent the transmission of it. Based on the symptoms of syphilis, it is classified in four grouped namely Early or primary syphilis, Secondary syphilis, Latent syphilis and Tertiary syphilis. In primary syphilis patients develops sores in genital organ and/or mouth which may hard and painless [6]. In secondary syphilis rashes may develops on palms of the hands and soles of the feet or in whole body. Patients may show moist warts in the groin, white patches on the inside of the mouth, swollen lymph glands, fever, and weight loss. In latent syphilis patient never develops any symptoms. And the tertiary syphilis is a develop stage of primary, secondary and latent syphilis where patient develops severe problems with the heart, brain, and nerves that can result in paralysis, blindness, dementia, deafness, impotence, and even death if it's not treated. Spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, non-immune hydrops, intrauterine growth restriction, and perinatal death etc are common problem for a pregnant women who suffered from syphilis and this can be prevent by early diagnosis and treatment [5]. Our study was tried to check how importance to test pregnant women for syphilis to control this problem.


An Ad Hoc network is a collection of mobile nodes equipped with wireless communication adapters, which dynamically form a tem-porary network without the need of any existing network infrastructure. The mobile Ad Hoc networks are susceptible to various secu-rity threats that cause a disturbance in their development. The central infrastructure is absent which imposes new threats and the ser-vices provided by this central infrastructure must now be ensured by the mobile nodes in this new environment. The Ad Hoc networks are often designed for specific environments and communicating nodes may not necessarily entrust upon a fixed infrastructure. They may have to operate with full availability even in difficult conditions where the security solutions applied in more traditional networks may not directly be suitable for safeguarding them.

Optimization Of Pressure Vessel Using A Composite Material[]

The project is proposed to analyse and design a cylindrical pressure vessel made up of composite material. The new composite material considered is waspaloy. In today’s aviation brass is the major element used for construction of pressure vessels .It has high mingling properties which provide various properties. ButBrass has many disadvantages like getting deformed, bursting, hydraulic failure and pneumatic failure. The design features focus on providing high fuel efficiency, reduction of bursting of pressure vessels in aircrafts. Pressure vessels have been manufactured by filament winding for a long time. Although they appear to be simple structures, pressure vessels are difficult to design. The advantages are superior specific strength and stiffness, resulting in a lighter design. This makes the use of fiber reinforced composites ideally suited for applications where a pressure vessel must withstand high internal pressure along with axial, bending, and shear loads. In certain applications, significant loads are imparted to composite pressure vessels due to accelerations caused by transportation and handling operations. This project will present the development, application and results of this new composite material which shows better performance results. We are going to design and analyse the pressure vessel to enhance the performance characteristics of the pressure vessel using composite material.


The study was carried out to evaluate the effect of moisture content on some physical and gravimetric properties of black gram. Four levels of moisture content ranging from 10.23 to 19.73% d.b. were used. The average length, width, thickness, geometric mean diameter, thousand seed mass and angle of repose were increased as the moisture content increased from 10.23 to 19.73 % d.b. As the moisture content increased from 10.23 to 19.73 % d.b., the bulk density was found to decrease from 692.30 to 661.50 kg m-3, where as true density increase from 1012.34 to 1315.03 kg m-3, while the porosity was found to increase from 31.58 to 49.67%. The static co-efficient of friction of black gram increased against various surfaces such as, plywood, cardboard, fibre board, glass and mild steel sheet, as the moisture content increased from 10.23 to 19.73 % d.b.


In this paper we investigated certain integral representation of Appell function F1, F2,and F3 of real hermition positive definite matrices. The results for scalar argument readily follow by taking the matrices of order unity. Some of the results obtained are believed to be new.

On supra λ-open set in bitopological space[]

In last paper we study a special case of bitopological space consist of T and Ta and we define an open set named it ?-open set now we study supra ?-open set in supra topological space and several properties of it


The present study was formatted to determine the irrigation quality of district Kohat Khyber Pakhtunkhwa of Pakistan. In Kohat dams, wells, tube wells, pressure pumps and springs water are used for irrigation purpose. All five types (dams, wells, tube wells, pressure pumps and springs) of irrigation water samples were exposed to bacteriological analysis which included, Total Coliform bacteria, Salmonella, Shigella, V.cholerae, Pseudomonas and E.coli. The. The Physico-chemical analysis includes (pH, Electric conductivity, Total hardness, Calcium hardness, Magnesium hardness, Total suspended solids, Iron, Arsenic, and Copper & Zinc). The bacteriological analysis result showed the presence of total Coliform bacteria (TCB) and E.coli in all sources of irrigation water and Salmonella, Shigella, V.cholerae, Pseudomonas in dams, springs and well water. The Physico-chemical analysis results showed that the ranges of pH(7, 6, 7.8, 7.5, 7.3), Electrical conductivity (420, 900, 400, 450, 850uScm1), Sodium (200, 200, 350, 400, 550 mg/L), Potassium (7, 7, 3, 6, 9 mg/L), Total hardness (250, 1200, 200, 400, 300 mg/L), Calcium hardness (200, 1300, 400, 100, 250 mg/L), Magnesium hardness (150, 320, 300, 350, 150 mg/L), Total suspended solids (7, 7, 32 ,6 ,8 mg/L), Arsenic(0.04, 0.06, 0.22, 0.05, 0.01 mg/L), Chlorides (290, 280, 590, 320, 230 mg/L), Zinc(0.08, 0.13, 0.04, 0.04, 0.17 mg/L), Copper(0.05, 0.03, 0.03, 0.02, 0.02.mg/L) and iron (1.8, 2,1.6, 2.7, 0.8.mg/L) respectively in the tube wells, springs, dams, Pressure pumps and well water .Bacteriological results showed presence of Total Coliform bacteria (TCB), Salmonella, Shigella, V.cholerae, Pseudomonas, E.coli. in dams, springs and well water sources that not fit for irrigation .The Physico-chemical analysis showed that all the parameters were found in range of FAO standard in different irrigation water sources except Total hardness were exceed in spring water.


Certain antibacterial agents that, by virtue of their solubility properties (lower pKa values closer to the pH of urine), concentrate in the urine are effective in the treatment of infections of the urinary tract.(1) The more typical first time infections such as acute cystitis can be eradicated with use of either short acting sulfonamide of the antibiotic tetracycline. A ??lactam (penicillin or cephalosporin) or an aminoglycoside may be used to treat acute renal tissue infections. A combination of trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole is a treatment of choice for chronic urinary tract infections. In addition, there is a group of antibacterial agents which include methanamine, nitrofurantoin, nalidixic acid, etc., are well suited for the treatment of chronic urinary tract infections. Because these drugs achieve significantly higher concentrations in the urine and in the kidneys as compared with other body fluids and tissues.

The comparative study of consignment and vendor managed inventory with special reference of cost structure[]

The rapid development of the Internet has dramatically changed the traditional definitions of manufacturer, suppliers and customers. Traditional way of business has gone through changes and now a day Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and consignment serve as a centralized link between suppliers and customers that enables faster and less complex transactions. This research is focused to compare the performance of a VMI supply chain with a consignment chain and the aim of this paper is evaluate the impact of these two alternative structures on the cost structure and inventory of the business.

Phrase Based Document Retrieving by Combining Suffix Tree index data structure and Boyer- Moore faster string searching algorithm[]

Phrase has been considered as a more informative feature term for improving the effectiveness of document retrieval .This paper propose an Algorithm A Phrase Based Document Retrieval to retrieve the similar documents by combining two exiting algorithm suffix tree ,index data structure and “The Boyer-Moore Algorithm”, faster string searching algorithm. The suffix tree is constructed based on E. Ukkonen, “on-Line Construction Of Suffix Trees For Strings, a most efficient string-matching algorithm. On the constructed suffix ,”The Boyer-Moore Algorithm” is applied to check the presence of pattern i.e. the input phrase in order and without order to retrieve the similar documents. Furthermore, by studying the property of suffix tree and Boyer-Moore, we conclude that suffix tree data structure store huge documents and Boyer-Moore algorithm checks the presence of pattern fastly. This conclusion sufficiently explains why the Phrase Based Document Retrieval works much better than the other document retrieval.

Genebanking and Diversity Analysis of Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas) Collections in the Philippine Cordillera Administrative Region[]

Sweetpotato (Ipomoea batatas L.) is one of the staple food and a ritual food in the remote areas of the Philippine highlands. Being one of the survival crops of the rural people, it is also a potential and cheap source of vitamins. Being rich source of ascorbic acid and vitamin C. Not only being a source of food but also as animal feed. Because of its high nutritive value and versatility as food, fodder and as cover crop, a necessary step to avoid the loss of this production potential and disease resistant, crop germplasm is conservation and preservation. Protocols in the conservation and preservation of germplasm in genebank are characterization and evaluation. Characterization is necessary to establish identity of each accession while evaluation is done to enhance the utilization of each accession in future crop improvement.

Bioinformatics based confirmatory test for identification of Disease Putative Genes[]

In this paper ,several bioinformatics based approaches and methodologies are deployed to get confirmatory classification on genes of mouse chromosome 11 in the region from 69mb to 104Mb for lethality or viability, duplicacy or Singleton character and how their location determine their properties. DL genes found within these above mentioned regions are AK144590, AL591436, X63190, DQ832277, AL591436, X51983, X07750, X07751, X07752, BC046795, AL590963, CH466556, AK078233, AL590963, CH466556, AK078233, AL590963, CH466556 .


Among the various applications of the theory of restrained domination, the most often discussed is communication network. There has been persistent in the Algorithmic aspects of interval graphs in past decades spurred much by their numerous applications of an interval graphs corresponding to an interval family I. A set is a Restrained dominating set of a graph , if every vertex not in is adjacent to a vertex in and to a vertex in . In graph theory, a connected component of an undirected graph is a subgraph in which any two vertices are connected to each other by paths. For a graph , if the induced subgraph of itself is a connected component then the graph is called connected. A Restrained dominating set RDS of a graph is a Non-split restrained dominating set, if the induced subgraph is connected. In this paper we find a non-split restrained dominating set of an interval graph and compare the rainbow connection number, diameter, cardinality of RDS and radius of the interval graphs.

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