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Study of the Electrical Properties Of Manganese-Copper Ferrites.[]

A series of mixed ferrites, MnxCu1-xFe2O4 with x= 0.0,0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8,1.0. were fabricated by solid state reaction technique. The crystalline structure and dielectric properties of the samples were investigated. All the samples show cubic spinel structure and lattice parameter increases with the increasing manganese content. The dc resistivity was found to be increasing with an increasing substitution of manganese ions. Higher values of resistivity make these ferrites more suitable for high frequency applications. Dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent are found to be decreasing with an increase in frequency. Possible mechanism responsible for the results is discussed in this paper.


The research delves into housing needs in Kano city-Nigeria and the provision of housing over the years. It identifies the challenges of public housing, it also highlights the Kano city uncontrolled urban haphazard growth and unsustainable development. The objectives are to examine the factors that hinder effective quality housing for all as a result of high cost of houses and building materials used in the study area (Kwankwasiyya, Bandirawo and Amana satellite towns). The results show that housing provision is fraught with a plethora of problems especially for low-income earners who incidentally constitute the majority of the population. An estimation of more than 75% of residents in Kano city does not have what is called ‘home’. The various past governments have made concerted efforts to provide adequate housing but recent studies have shown that the low income group has not adequately benefited from the government programmes. The crux of the matter is that governance failed to provide strategy for adequate housing, which is a stimulant for economic and socio-political development. The paper recommends effective policy framework involving private institutions with increasing move towards more private sector involvement in the provision of housing, thereby removing all impediments in the development, provision, maintenance, operation and upgrading of housing infrastructure in Kano city.

Sewage-fed Fisheries under Private Ownership in the East Kolkata Wetlands: A Case Study[]

The East Kolkata Wetlands is located in the eastern part of Kolkata between the levee of the Hooghly river on the west and the Kulti Gong on the east (Fig 1). The uniqueness of these wetlands is that the sewage and wastewater of the city get treated in a natural way through the practice of sewage-fed pisciculture. Sewage-fed pisciculture is an important economic activity practiced in the East Kolkata Wetlands area.

Effect of chitosan coated chemogenic silver nanoparticles coated syringes against biofilm of clinical isolate of Staphylococcus aureus[]

Biofilm represents the most prevalent type of virulent factor of most of the pathogenic microorganism and involved in crucial development of clinical infection and exhibit resistance to antimicrobial agents.Now the biofilm is considered as major target for the pharmacological development of drugs. A biofilm serves to promote bacterial persistence by resisting antibiotic treatment and host immune responses. Antibiotics are rendered ineffective when biofilms form due to their relative impermeability, the variable physiological status of microorganisms, subpopulations of persistent strains, and variations of phenotypes present .Metal nanotechnology chemistry has the potential to prevent the formation of these life-threatening biofilms on life supporting devices.In the present study, anti biofilm effect of silver nanoparticles coated syringes against clinical isolate of Staphylococcus aureus was studied. Chitosan stabilized silver nanoparticles synthesized by chemical reduction method and the synthesized particles were coated on the surface by ultrasonication. Coated syringes were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) which reveals complete dispersion of the nanoparticles on the fibre surface and the size, shape of the particles shows uniform spherical particles with the size of 60-70 nm. Distinct effect of biofilm inhibition was recorded in the nanoparticles coated syringes and maximum inhibition was observed during 72 hour of incubation. Biochemical composition of biofilm matrix mainly total carbohydrates and total protein was highly reduced. The present study would suggests the development of anti microbial coated medical devices against pathogenic microorganism.


This paper gives a review of proper and improper use of pump and explains how the operating point of the pump depend on system parameters and hence results in obtaining the best efficiency point and possible energy savings. This paper gives a review of the concept of specific energy consumption for a pumping system, the cost of pumping as a function of static head, friction head, voltage, current, power factor and calculated efficiency


Objectives: - To assess the level of social maturity in children with mild mental retardation and dyslexia Method: One hundred and twenty children in the age group of 10 – 12 years with developmental delay and/or poor scholastic performance were assessed for intelligence and social maturity by using Binet-Kamat intelligence scale and Vineland social maturity scale. The results were analyzed by using student’s ‘t’ test. Results: The ‘t’ value of social maturity in mild mental retardation and dyslexic children was 20.20 which is significant at a ‘p’ value of <0.01. Conclusion: The social maturity level was lower in children with mild mental retardation compared to dyslexia.

A comparative study of classification algorithm on blood transfusion[]

Requirement of blood is increasing gradually due to accidents, surgeries etc.Blood transfusion play an important role in healthcare. Blood donor prediction provide essential details to medical professionals to increase the number of voluntary blood donors in future .Data mining is the process of collecting relevant data from enormous amount of data . This paper focus on analyzing the efficiency of different classification algorithm in data mining using blood transfusion dataset

A Preemptive Link State Spanning Tree Source Routing Scheme for Opportunistic Data Forwarding in MANET[]

Oppurtunistic data forwarding (ODF) has drawn much attention in mobile adhoc networking research in recent years. The effectiveness of ODF in MANET depends on a suitable routing protocol which provides a powerful source routing services. PLSR is featured by source routing , loop free and small routing overhead. The update messages in PLSR are integrated into a tree structure and no need to time stamp routing updates which reduces the routing overhead.


The work presents an experimental approach on the preparation of drilling mud using, local materials. Properties of mud formulated with variable concentrations of cellulose processed from groundnut husk have been studied. The results obtained were compared with that of a standard, mud formulated from polyanionic cellulose (PAC). The results shows that the pH, mud density, specific gravity of the mud formulated from groundnut husk cellulose were higher than that of the standard mud. The results show that cellulose from groundnut husk can significantly reduce fluid loss control agent. Hence, the polymer can be used as fluid loss control agent in the mud system. The water loss analysis showed that the drilling fluid formulated from groundnut husk cellulose of 2.0g has a high fluid loss of 7.6mls with a maximum percentage deviation of 13.2% at 30 minutes while the groundnut husk cellulose 4.0g has a lower fluid loss of 6.5 mls with a maximum percentage deviation of -0.02% at 30 minutes when compared with that of polyanionic cellulose. This suggests that cellulose processed from groundnut husk is a better fluid loss control agent than polyanionic cellulose (PAC) in the preparation of drilling mud.


Mobile ad-hoc network(MANET) is a collection of wireless mobile nodes dynamically forming a temporary network without any standard infrastructure.the network topology changes in MANET.manet cannot prevent itself from the attck.one of the attack is black hole attack.It creates the malicious nodeto get the packet itself.This survey paper says about attack on ad-hoc network using aodv protocol.

Five Dimensional Kaluza-Klein Type of Cosmological Model of Universe with Dynamical Cosmological term[]

For the five dimensional Kaluza-Klein type model, the age of the universe is proportional to Hubble parameter. They have established a relationship between Cosmic matter and vacuum energy density parameters for flat universe.

Power Flow Analysis in a Wind Turbine Based Distributed Generation for Protection of a Power System[]

The paper deals with the active and reactive power flows in a wind turbine based Distributed generation (DG) injected power system The connection of distributed generators (DG) to distribution networks greatly influence the performance and stability of such networks. In the proposed work, separate wind turbine based generation system have been considered these energy source is coupled to an induction generator which is interfaced to the grid through a rectifier inverter pair. The objective is to inject scheduled amount of real and reactive powers in to the grid while maintaining the balance between input and output power. wind turbine based DG injects the real power in the grid depending upon the prevailing wind speed. In this case DG remains unaffected by the variation in the load demand and the surplus power is fed by the utility itself. When the DG is producing active power, the voltage at its connection point will increase which might lead to an over voltage. On the other hand, when the DG is inactive and with heavy local load, the voltage might drop, giving low voltage. Therefore we have to avoid all abnormal voltage conditions, both under voltage and also over voltage The simulations have been performed using Mat lab /Simulink.

Sensitizing Gender Parity in Urban India: A Cinematic Revolution.[]

Gender concern has always remained a core issue of social evolution in every period known. India sustainably going through the process of modernizing could not evade ‘change’ and outlook towards sections that was emancipating. As cities developed so went up the standard of living vis-à-vis continuous efforts to maintain it. Cinema in India reflected this transformation but dealt mainly in focusing on inequity than on social balance.

Studies on spreading of splash material under simulated rainfall[]

The present research work was undertaken during 2013 with six different rainfall intensities and five different slopes under simulated rainfall. The importance of the soil erosion problem and its impact on soil management and conservation led to the recent study, in which an attempt has been made to quantify splash detachment for various combinations of land slopes and rainfall intensities with the help of rainfall simulation system and modified Morgan’s splash cup. The clay loam soil was used to study the splash erosion. Uniformity coefficient of simulated rainfall was above 70 per cent for all the six rainfall intensities viz. 7.75, 5.8, 4.23, 3.28, 2.04 and 1.07 cm h-1, which is acceptable. The directional splash soil loss rate (kg ha-1), i.e. upslope and down slope were found increasing with increase in rainfall intensity and land slope. The rate of increase in down slope splash was comparatively more than upslope. The highest soil splash i.e. 17898 kg ha-1 was observed for combination of 10 percent land slope and 7.75 cm h-1 rainfall intensity in clay loam soil. The results obtained showed that maximum average vertical movement of splashed material was 89 cm in clay loam soil, for the combination of rainfall intensity 7.75 cm h-1 and land slope 10 %. The maximum average horizontal movement of splashed material was found 111.0 cm for the combination of rainfall intensity 7.75 cm h-1 and land slope 10 %. The Splashed soil material was spread near about 111.0 cm in the down slope direction and 75.5 cm in the upslope direction which highlights the need to modify the size of splash cup to study the realistic soil movement during splash erosion.

Inferring User Search Goals Engine Using Bisecting Algorithm[]

Feedback Sessions, Pseudo-Documents, Restructuring Search Results, Classified Average Precision


Database, Database Creation, Indian Institute of Technology, Library Automation, Library system, Integrated Library System, Standard, CDROM ,INDEST-AICTE Consortium.

The Effects of Electric Pulse Modification on the different Si Content of Al-Si Alloy[]

Many methods have been used to control the silicon phase, such as adding modifiers and rapid solidification. In this paper, a novel electric pulse modification (EPM) technology was proposed and performed in different silicon content of Al-Si alloy, these researching materials can be divided in to 3 phases i.e. hypoeutectic at 7%Si, eutectic at12.6%Si and hy-pereutectic at 22%Si. The results indicate that Al-7%Si morphology changes from angular plates to fine fiber, the hardness increased by 10.31% from 56.31-62.12HV, Al-12.6%Si morphology changes from coarse and flakes with the sharp end of the Si phase which promote a crack initiation, when modified it changes to fine fiber shape, the primary silicon reduced from 50µm to a range of 5-20µm when compared with conventional casting process, the result of mechanical test showed that the hardness increases from 51.04HV-57.41HV which increases by 10% and Al-22%Si the Si phase changes from star shape, polygonal, it got more refined at 1000V to fine-scale eutectic Si structure, the minimum size of unrefined primary silicon was 30µm to a range of 23-90µm and the length of eutectic silicon was 20µm to a range of 18-30µm, when modified the minimum size of primary Si was 6µm to a range of 2-13µm and the minimum length of eutectic Si was 3µm ranges from 1-8µm at 1000V, hardness changes from 62.59-70.89HBW which increases by 24.76%.These changes in microstructure result in improving the mechanical properties of the alloy. Alloys at different pulse parameters were investigated, observing the microstructure, measuring the hardness and average size of the particles. The above works are bound to benefit for the applications of EPM on the Al-Si alloy system.

Quality Analysis of selected Liquid Soaps in Ghana.[]

Four samples of liquid soaps were purchased from Accra Makola market and analyzed to determine the amount of excess fatty acid, excess alkali, of insoluble matter and moisture and volatile matter present in them. The soaps analyzed on were sunlight from Unilever, Morning fresh from PZ cussons, Care from Sanmex international and Dove from Unilever U.S.A. At the end of the analysis, it was realized that sunlight soap contained 6% fatty matter, no excess alkali, 0.2% insoluble matter, 46% volatile matter, and moisture content. Morning fresh soap contained 10% fatty matter, no excess alkali, no insoluble matter, 26% volatile matter, and moisture content. Care soap from Sanmex international contained 4% fatty matter, no excess alkali, 0.2% insoluble matter and 32% volatile matter and moisture content. Dove soap contained 12% fatty matter, 0.48% alkali, 0.2% insoluble matter, 16% volatile matter, and moisture content. The soaps analyzed proved to be of high quality and meet the standard values as set by the Ghana Standards Board.

Determination of levels of heavy metals (arsenic, lead, cadmium and mercury) in tin milk produced in Ghana.[]

Analysis of milk samples indicated their contamination by some heavy metals residues, exhibiting a wide array of hazardous impacts on human health. It can be observed that levels of mercury in milk is higher, followed by levels of lead, Arsenic, and cadmium. The statistical analysis of obtained data revealed that all examined milk samples having Pb, Cd, As and Hg levels above the recommended permissible limit.

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