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Effectiveness of Sustainability Marketing to Gain Competitive Advantage in FMCG Sector,Case study Synopsis based on the brand “Seventh Generation[]

In 21st century, the main barrier for a firm in any industry is competitor rivalry, and cost leadership has never been a perfect solution to gain growth in the long run. But using differentiation to gain competitive advantage, has been the most accepted and sustainable way to gain share. Further using sustainability marketing tools to distinguish the products would be more environmentally friendly way to be differentiated. Companies use this tool in product development, distribution, point of purchase and promotions through which they would produce a lot of environmental and social benefits. Upon proper effective marketing communication, such brands can obtain unique equities be to competitive where traditional marketers would never be able to enter in to such spaces. "Seventh Generation" brand is a classic example to analyze where a brand captured share and became competitive in a sustainability marketing platform.


Easy Bike Traffic density is more vulnerable in Bangladesh &its battery littering emitted more radiation makes the human society as damaged. Easy Bike battery first component as Lead is a toxic metal that can enter the body by inhalation. Acid and lead particles contaminate the soil and become airborne when dry. Pregnant women are most vulnerable to lead exposure because their bodies are developing. Lead can affect a child’s growth, brain damage &kidneys and dull of hearing. High blood pressure, nerve disorders and joint pain can causes by lead toxic. Second component as sulfuric acid is needful for active battery, which is highly corrosive and is more harmful on human health. Its Contact with eye can cause of blindness that can lead to death. Easy Bikes damage battery littering by owner makes a long time slow poison disaster in Bangladesh. No knowledge of mass people about radiation emission from littering damage battery that which will kill the next generation slowly. Near about nine lac twenty thousand Easy Bike moving at urban area in Bangladesh.(Easy Bike approximate volume assessment by upazila statistics office). And theirs total current consumption are greater than the batteries consumption daily .A Easy Bike Contains five numbers 12 volt battery, which current consumption two times greater in ten hour charging duration i.e. current consumption for one Easy bike 2x10x5x12 AH This is most economically harmful in Bangladesh. That is plus minus within 20 years makes slow disaster in the Bangladesh by the reason of Easy bike damage battery littering here & there.


Three concepts can determinate the feasibility to get fair economy and friendly environment as well as can mitigate variations of hedonic price in the community of populated Bangladesh. Practice for collecting, processing, scavenger appointing, Composting & landfill making & find out the hidden economy & friendly environment from garbage by three concepts as Reduce, Reuse & Recycling. These are the modern concepts to find out the fairly economy & environment friendly. Incineration is not the way of solution to make healthy economy. Recycling is the best way fororganic & inorganic solids are as steel can, plastic goods, hard waste, glass bottles& damage wheel etc. Scavengers are most functional for recycling. After scavenger functioning that the rest materials may use as Compost in the soil for better vegetation which we get from sanitary landfill. Nowa day that we can find enough polythene sheets mixed at the garbage. We can separate it for reuse with bituminous work on road .Incinerate the polythene is not wise task as good economy. We can use it with heated bituminous as well as stone chips for improving the road work. Where some percentage costly bituminous use will be reduce for substitute garbage polythene use .Where we will be able to get economy by using garbage polythene with bituminous works on the road & as well as get fresh environment. Polythenecontains one kind of toxic that it can makes cancer on human body. So we prefer to use garbage Scavenger collected polythene with bituminous work on road improving by BC. It makes a healthy environment & safe economy. I think that garbage is one kind of renewable resources as polythene& compostrespectively for minor reducing the costly bitumen use on road work and vegetation. If mostly garbage polythene after scavenger working that we use in bitumen on road work, it makes a healthy environment that which we choice economy. Standard living of peoplesdepend on hedonic price at the environmental situationi.e. it may be poor or fair environment at the because of garbage stacking situation. Major types air pollution caused by the incineration & makes particulate matter as PM10,PM2.5 in air. Primary and secondary pollutants as most hydrocarbons,CO2,CO,SO2,NO,NO2, &suspended particles etc.by the all types of incineration or combustion of garbage materials. Three concepts are friendly can find hidden economy and fresh environment from lot of garbage without any kind of incineration. We depend on the three concepts to maximize economy that we hope.

Please come's towards us forwant towards the god..![]

The god is the name of enteric, atomic, energic particles which is generated due to friction of two enteric atomic particles &This is the god lived in our unconscious mind usually There for each &every hear t& all of the nature are permanently his home .The glad & price of mind is the main property of the god salience is his language clean love feeling is his heart & he is consists all over good & bad thing of the space so that all them good & bad his property present& shown every time to time in our life throughout our mind thinks' &thought along with overall ours behavior & work's as per our luck 's when we are decided except to him in our life...? then we ready to except completely to him along with good & part not only in completed a longing bad part & excepting only good part of him but we are demand his good part only from himself...?for excepting in our life...!

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