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Expert System for the Optimal Design and Execution of Successful Completion Practices Using Artificial Bayesian Intelligence[]

To the best of the authors' knowledge, there are no standard guidelines to help in the effective design of completion practices. Many completions have been analyzed in this project, resulting in the best practices, as outlined in this paper. The objective of this paper is to propose a set of guidelines for the optimal completion design, by integrating current best practices through a decision-making system based on Artificial Bayesian Intelligence. Best completion practices collected from data, models, and experts' opinions, are integrated into a Bayesian Network BN to simulate likely scenarios of its use, that will honor efficient designs when dictated by varying well objectives, well types, temperatures, pressures, rock and fluid properties.

Development of an Advisory System Based on Bayesian Network to Minimize Corrosion Problems in Underbalanced Drilling[]

In underbalanced drilling the use of air as an injected gas sets up the potential for oxygen corrosion. Membrane nitrogen with about 5% oxygen eliminates the chance for fire or explosion, but does not solve the corrosion problem. Natural gas or cryogenic nitrogen eliminates the chance for oxygen corrosion, but does not always eliminate the chance of corrosion from other down hole acid gasses (Hydrogen Sulfide, H2S, Carbon Dioxide, and CO2). Any corrosion that occurs while drilling will be forced by some drilling fluid or drilling operational procedure such as KCl fluids, aerated mud, or floating mud cap operations.


Readymade kurtis are a perfect fit for professionals. Nowadays most of the professional look for such outfits that provide decent and stylish look. Each of us has different body structure so readymade kurtis can't provide that perfect look. Tailored kurtis are the one which are highly appreciated by the professionals as they are fully designed according to the specification and measurement provided by the individual. Tailored kurtis make the life of the individual more comfortable and easy. Results reveal that, majority of the young adults of both professional and traditional college preferred tailor-made kurtis because of low cost, comfort, design and time saving. Young adults expressed that, the problems faced in readymade kurtis were loose fitting at waist followed by loose fitting at chest, improper arm scye, wider/narrow shoulder width, loose/tight garment, loose/tight fitting at the hip and shapeless/shifted neck lines.

Corrosion and inhibition Behaviour of Aluminium in Alkaline Medium and Sodium Silicate.[]

A number of metals and alloys in various forms are used in electronic industry. Also new materials and technology are introduced all the time for increased performance. Thus electronic components become increasingly complex. Presently corrosion of electronic components has been a very big problem. Multiplicity of materials used is one reason limiting the corrosion reliability, aluminum is used mostly in electronic units. Looking at the wide applicability of aluminum in different fields, Corrosion rate and inhibition efficiency has been studied for corrosion of aluminum in alkaline media( NaOH) using a new voltammetric method. Corrosion rate has been determined as a function of time, using gravimetric PIT method and some electrochemical methods i.e. Potentiodynamic polarization measurement and voltametric methods. The corrosion inhibition efficiency of sodium silicate is found to be 92% after 24 h.

Tribes & Environmental Conservation[]

The tribals are popularly herd as the ‘guardians’ of the forest and its resources. There has to be an understanding so as to how these tribals are associated with the forests and what are their various claims over the same. Firstly, who are the tribals and what constitutes forest is being discussed. Further, the relationship existing between the tribals and the forest in socio-economic and legal aspects are pondered into. It also establishes that such relation has a strong legal basis though it is founded mainly on socio-cultural aspects and traditions.


Crime as defined by the Oxford dictionary is an action or omission which constitutes an offence and is punishable by law or in other words an act that is forbidden or the omission of a duty that is demanded by a public law which makes the offender liable for punishment by that law and which also causes grievous harm to the peace and harmony of the society in general. Thus there is a need to control and curb its existence for which we need crime control, its prevention and its treatment. Initiating such action will reduce its existence in the society. Penology often focuses on the use of criminal penalties as a means of deterring people from committing crimes and temporarily or permanently incapacitating those who have already committed crimes from re-offending. Crime prevention is also widely implemented in some countries, through government police and, in many cases, private policing methods such as private security and home defense. This paper focuses on the various strategies and law enforcements that could be adopted and ideas to improve the present existing policies. This research paper further focuses on the lacunas that are present in the system because of which we often fail to provide a proper treatment. Right now it is a matter of the global concern. There is a need for effective measures to be taken for protection of every citizen’s rights.

Work-Life Balance in the IT Sector: A Case Study of Delhi[]

Excessive pressure leads to stress. Many of the stressful life events are related to the workplace. Employees who start to feel the pressure to perform are likely to get caught in a downward spiral of increasing effort in order to meet rising expectations but no increase in job satisfaction. Many organisations in Delhi are trying to promote Work Life Balance (WLB) through initiatives which include flex times, part time work, provision of child care facilities etc. Yet, the respondents of this study have expressed their inability to balance professional and personal life .Gender aspect has also been considered vis-à-vis the variables of the stucy. Primary survey was conducted with a sample size of 150 IT employees of Delhi. The paper concludes by pointing out that WLB policies need to be implemented as much as possible in all industries, and on a wider basis in organisations that are currently using them in order to sustain the business performance.

Design and Analysis of Quantum Dot Laser diode for Communication Applications[]

Semiconductor laser diodes are important components in advanced optical fiber communication systems. Recent progress in nanostructure technology of quantum dot (QD), as active region, has led to the development of QD laser diodes which are superior to bulk, quantum-well or quantum wire laser diodes. Design model of InAs QD laser diode structure is proposed in this paper; the proposed model of QD is disk shaped its height is 2 nm and diameter is 14 nm, surface density per layer is 7×1012 cm-2, number of QD layers are five, wetting layer thickness is 1nm and barrier thickness is 90 nm, the dimensions of the proposed model have an active region of length 800 µm, width 12 µm, and a height of 375 nm.

Mathematical Modeling of a Tray Dryer for the Drying of Potato Chips Using Hot Air Medium[]

The mathematical model of a batch tray dryer for the drying of potato chips using hot air medium has been developed. During this processes, the conservation principle was applied to the fundamental quantities of mass of moisture in Potato, mass of moisture (humidity) in air and energy of potato and energy in air. The model equations were solved using the fourth order Runge-kutta algorithm and implemented in a visual basic program. The results from the program shows that the air temperature initially drops as it enters into the dryer due to the high moisture content in the potato but later starts to increase and stabilized as the time in the dryer progresses and also the temperature of the potato increases as the time in the dryer increases. From the results it was also found out that as the time spent in the dryer increases, the moisture content in the food decreases while the air humidity increases. These predictions are in agreement with cited available literature. Functional parameters in the dryer such as quantity of heat supplied and air flow rate were also simulated for process control and optimization.

Women Engineers: A Comparative Study between India and Australia[]

Though India and Australia are quite different from each other on so many economic indicators but women participation in engineering is low at both places. However, after globalization and advent of information technology, participation of women in engineering education has increased manifold in India and it has gone ahead of the participation of women engineer in Australia while in Australia, it is experiencing a plateau. On the basis of twenty four case studies among which fifty-fifty are from India and Australia, the paper tries to study socio-cultural reasons for present status.


The study was undertaken to analyse the alternative sources of finance for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs) in Greater Accra Region of Ghana. It specifically identified the role of the non-banking financial institutions, particularly savings and loan companies as a reliable and alternative source of finance for SMEs in Greater Accra Region. In undertaking the research, questionnaires were distributed to one hundred and twenty (120) SME operators selected using the convenience sampling procedure of which one hundred (100) questionnaires were retrieved. A purposive sampling technique was used to select fifteen (15) savings and loan companies and questionnaires administered therefore; of which thirteen (13) of them was fully answered and retrieved. From the research, it was found out that SMEs contribute immensely to job creation and other sectors of the economy. However, the study revealed that SMEs have very limited access to deposit and credit facilities provided by formal financial institutions. The study further revealed that non-bank financial institutions like savings and loan companies have considered the neglect of SMEs’ financial needs of banks as an opportunity to serve the informal sector businesses. The research also determined some of the challenges encountered by savings and loan companies in lending to SMEs which included asymmetry of information, high informal nature of business ownership and high level of managerial as well as financial illiteracy. The study concludes with some recommendations to improve credit to the SME sector by savings and loan companies. Among the recommendations were savings and loan companies should accept other forms of collateral security apart from land collateral security, train operators of SMEs on proper business practices and SMEs should improve their business management skills as well as be transparent in the providing business records and information in order to avoid information asymmetry.


The management of technology is acquiring a distinctive character and increasingly being recognized as an activity that complements other managerial functions in providing the necessary inputs to the decision-making process. The factors harmful in the implementation of technology management are known as barriers. The objective of this paper is to develop the relationships among the identified TM barriers. Further, this paper is also helpful to understand mutual influence of barriers and identify those barriers which support other barriers (driving barriers) and also those barriers which are most influenced by other barriers (dependent barriers). The Interpretive Structure Modeling (ISM) methodology is used to evolve mutual relationship among these barriers. TM barriers have been classified, based on their driving power and dependence power.

Equal and Unequal Memory Partitioning and Task Scheduling for Multi-Processor System On Chip []

The growing trend in embedded system is to deploy a Multiprocessor system on chip (MPSoC). MPSoC has heterogeneous processing elements, levels of memory hierarchy and input/output component which are linked together by an on chip interconnect structure. Such architectures provide the flexibility to meet the performance requirement of multimedia application while respecting constraint on memory, cost, size, time and power. The MPSoC is an attractive solution for increase in complexity and size of embedded applications. While embedded system becomes increasingly complex, the increase in memory access speed has failed to keep up with processor speed. This makes the memory access latency a major issue in scheduling the task of an embedded application on the processor and partitioning the memory among the processors are two critical issues in such systems. This paper presents an integrated approach to task scheduling and SRAM memory partitioning to reduce the execution time of embedded applications.


Corporate India continues to evolve at a fast pace, and besides driving industrial growth is witnessing the emergence of a diverse set of stakeholders. The surge in natural consequences such as risk and default seems to be visibly impacting the virtues of governance. There are close to one million registered companies in the country today which are increasingly looking beyond domestic boundaries to access pools of financial and human capital and forge alliances with foreign companies .Foreign investors are looking towards India as an attractive investment destination. In such a situation, it becomes the responsibility of the government to provide an effective legal structure for corporates. The financial development of any nation depends on strong investor protection and good governance.

Hydro-Oxygenation of Gasoline (Petrol) & Diesel with Potassium Alum by Heat[]

According to the Free radical theory of molecular transformation, under the conditions of heat the electron bond between carbon atoms in a hydrocarbon molecule can be broken, thus generating a hydrocarbon group with an unpaired electron. This negatively charged molecule, called a free radical, enters into reactions with other hydrocarbons, continually producing other free radicals via the transfer of negatively charged hydride ions (H-). Thus a chain reaction is established that leads to a reduction in molecular size of the components of original material (Gasoline & Diesel). It is explained by carbonium ion theory. According to this theory, a catalyst (Potassium Alum) promotes the removal of a negatively charged hydride ion from Gasoline/Diesel or the addition of a positively charged proton (H+) (from Potassium Alum 12(H20) - H+, OH-) to Gasoline/Diesel. This results formation of a carbonium ion, weakening of carbon-carbon bonds in many of the hydrocarbon molecules into smaller compounds. As the Twelve Hydrated Aluminum Potassium Sulfate, Kal(SO¬¬4)¬¬¬2.12(H2O), is a compound that has water molecules trapped within the solid, upon heating (45oC to 50oC) the Potassium Alum, these water molecules will release hydrogen and oxygen 12(H2O) to some or all. By keeping Potassium Alum (from 50gm to 250gm) in the fuel and by supplying heat to that fuel, it can release its 12(H2O) to the concerned fuel it is kept. By this the Fuel is said Hydrogenated and Oxygenated. The increase in hydrogen, oxygen percentages is possible. This shows the Calorific value increase in the Fuels. By this, there is increase in horsepower, torque, and rotations per minute (rpm), complete combustion, more mileage; no pollution is possible with Alum. With heat to Potassium Alum, substitutes fuel additives; those are used to increase the Octane number in Gasoline and Cetane number in Diesel.

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