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GSM & Microcontroller Based Three Phase Fault Analysis System[]

The project is premeditated to grow an automatic tripping mechanism for the three phase supply system. The project output rearranges automatically after a short-lived interruption in the event provisional fault while it remains in tripped situation in case of permanent fault. The electrical substation which supply the power to the customers i.e. industries or native can have failures due to some faults which can be provisional or permanent. These faults lead to substantial damage to the power system equipment. In Bangladesh it is common to observe the failures in supply system due to the faults that occur throughout the transmission or distribution.


Studies were conducted to determine the impact of organic residue of Typha domingensis on some soil nutrients of Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University farm, Gubi/Bauchi, Nigeria after varied incubation periods (0, 15, 30 and 45 days). The experiment was a complete randomized design. The control (0 day incubation period) was neither added the organic residue of the plant nor even water. Each treatment was replicated three times and consists of 2.00 kg of soil sample incubated with 300.00 g of the organic residue of the plant at 350C. The mixtures were then added 100.00 cm3 of water daily.


The purpose of this undertaking was to illuminate the marriage practices and identified observable linguistic phenomena as perceived in Ata Manobo language of Talaingod. Hence, this study focused on the marriage practices and language analysis of the forms and structure of Ata Manobo language. The research employed qualitative research method using the ethnographical approach. It involved 14 participants, Ata-Manobo in the Municipality of Talaingod. Through the in-depth interviews and focus group discussion, it was gathered that the participants considered their marriage practices as manifestations of arrange marriage for future partner, to be known as an ethnic group, respect for culture and family, being proud of their culture and it should be preserved for the next generation. The findings also revealed that the different morphological structures of Ata-Manobo language like tenses of verbs, comparatives, superlatives, pluralization and codes switching. Finally, the different insights of Ata-Manobo which include effects of technology, constant practice and preservation of the language, love and being proud of one’s culture, and struggling against ethnic discrimination.


The study evaluated the oral proficiency of students according to their level of exposure to English linguistic environment. The study further aimed to determine the significant relationship between exposure to English linguistic environment and oral proficiency of first year college students in selected Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) in the province of Davao del Norte. The study employed the descriptive - correlation method in investigating the research problems. Using a two-part questionnaire, this study found out that the level of exposure to English linguistic environment of the first year college students is moderate and their level of oral proficiency in terms of comprehension, fluency, grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary is low. Furthermore, there is no significant relationship between English environment and oral proficiency among first year students, and the students’ exposures in the context of this study do not significantly influence their oral proficiency.

Structural Characteristics of Sawdust-Sand-Cement Composite[]

This research presents the structural characteristics of sawdust-sand-cement composite. It addresses the problem of absence of structural characteristics of sawdust-sand-cement composite which is a concrete mixture of sawdust, cement and sand. The materials used in the laboratory experiments include: Ordinary Portland Cement, river sand, sawdust, and water. The physical and mechanical characterization tests were performed on the aggregate and sawdust used in this experimental work of which Sawdust gave values of 733.92kg/m3, 0.35, 14%, 1.0, 2.8 for average bulk density, average specific gravity, water absorption, coefficient of curvature (Cc) and uniformity (Cu) respectively; sand gave values of 1564kg/m3, 2.65, 1.53, 2.0 for average bulk density, specific gravity, coefficient of curvature (Cc) and uniformity (Cu) respectively. Manual mixing operation was adopted and all sawdust-sand-cement composite ingredients where batched by weight. A total of nine (9) cubes of size 150mm x 150mm x 150mm, nine (9) cylinders of size 150mm x 300mm and nine (9) beams of size 150mm x 150mm x 600mm were produced from mix ratios 0.75:1:1:1, 0.75:1:2:2, and 0.75:1:3:3 for compressive strength test, split tensile strength test and flexural strength test respectively. The average compressive strength for the three (3) mix ratios used are 10.86Mpa, 9.126Mpa and 4.471Mpa respectively. The average flexural strength from beams samples for the three (3) mix ratios are 2.32Mpa, 2.09Mpa and 1.89Mpa. The average split tensile strength for three (3) mix ratios are 1.98Mpa, 1.71Mpa and 1.58Mpa. The average static modulus of elasticity for the three mix are 10.08Gpa, 9.84Gpa and 7.35Gpa. The average Poisson's ratio ranges from 0.18-0.35. The shear modulus ranges from 4.24Mpa - 2.72Mpa.


The peels of Solanium tuberosum (Irish potatoes) obtained in Bauchi, Bauchi State, Nigeria were analyzed for their proximate and mineral compositions for possible incorporation in animal feed. The results revealed that the peels contained 29.11 +- 0.00 % moisture content, 6.69 +- 0.03 % ash content, 11.59 +- 0.76 % crude protein, 1.50 +- 0.04 % crude lipid, 10.17 +- 0.05 % crude fibre, 40.94 +- 0.88 % available carbohydrate and 212.03 +- 7.64 kcal/100 g metabolisable energy. The results of the mineral composition of sodium (460.00 +- 0.00 mg/100 g), copper (57.10 +- 0.01 mg/100g) and zinc (60.60 +- 0.04 mg/100 g) determined indicated that the peels investigated are good supplements for these elements in the formulation of goat feed. The results also indicated lower concentrations of the other mineral elements: magnesium (53.00 +- 0.00 mg/100 g), iron (2.00 +- 0.00 mg/100 g), calcium (115.00 +- 0.35 mg/100 g), potassium (70.00 +- 0.00 mg/100 g) and phosphorus (130.70 +- 0.04 mg/100 g) such that the levels determined are below the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for goats and hence needs supplementation for these mineral elements in the preparation of goat feed.

Optical Properties Of Europium Ion Doped Zno Nanomaterial[]

Rare-earth ions doped materials have been intensively studied for their potential use in integrated optoelectronic devices like visible (blue, green, and red), infrared luminescent devices and laser materials. The optical properties of rare earth ions mainly depend on the local environment or symmetry of the host materials. However, manipulating the concentration of the dopants and controlling the aspect ratio of the one-dimensional nanostructures are still remain challenges to the nanotechnology community.

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