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A Method for Obtaining Digital Signatures and Public-Key Cryptosystems Using Pell’s Equation with Jacobi Symbol[]

An encryption method is presented with the novel property that publicly revealing an encryption key does not thereby reveal the corresponding decryption key. This has two important consequences: (1) Couriers or other secure means are not needed to transmit keys, since a message can be enciphered using an encryption key publicly revealed by the intended recipient. Only he can decipher the message, since only he knows the corresponding decryption key. (2) A message can be “signed” using a privately held decryption key. Anyone can verify this signature using the corresponding publicly revealed encryption key. Signatures cannot be forged, and a signer cannot later deny the validity of his signature.

Reducing the Hydraulic Retention and Lag Times for the Degra-dation of Simulated Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes Using Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio Proportioning[]

The hydraulic retention time (HRT) and the lag time for the complete degradation of manually sorted, size re-duced simulated organic fraction of municipal solid wastes (OFMSW) was dramatically reduced to 15 days and 17 hours respectively via the anaerobic co-digestion of the simulated OFMSW with cow dung (CD) and poultry droppings (PD) via mixing of the two substrates to achieve literature reported optimum carbon to nitrogen ratio (C/N).


The aim of this paper is focus on M/M (a,b)/(2,1) queueing model with server?s single and delayed vacations. In this model it is assumed that the arrival pattern is Poisson fashion with parameter ? and service is done in batches which are exponentially distributed with parameter µ according to the general bulk service rule introduced by Neuts (9).The batches are served according to FCFS discipline. The service starts only when batches of ,,a? customers are present. When the queue length is ,,a? but less than or equal to ,,b? then the entire queue is taken up for service. If there are more than ,,b? customers in the queue then the server accepts first ,,b? customers. In this model the servers takes only one vacation (?) at a time. (i.e.) on returning from vacation the server starts serving immediately if there are ,,a? customers waiting in the queue. If any one of the server finds (a-1) customers in the system and other server is busy or idle, server will stay idle in the system and wait for the queue size become ,,a?. If the server finds (a-2) customers in the system and other server is busy or idle, the server switch over the system and goes for vacation.

Comparative Study of Air Quality in Jabalpur during Diwali Festival[]

The Air Quality Monitoring Data is generated from Air Quality Monitoring Stations (AAQMS) under the ministry of earth sciences, New Delhi, INDIA, to study the trends in annual average concentration air pollutants during Diwali festival of Particulate Matter (PM) in Jablapur. The ambient air quality monitoring network involves measurement of a number of air pollutants. A variety of methods exist to measure particulate matter as well as gaseous pollutants in air. This study evaluates the effects of particulate air pollution associated short-term exposure of particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) in Diwali festival. Fireworks display during festive celebrations can cause acute short term air pollution. Concentration of air pollutants such as particulate pollutants (PM10 & PM2.5) and gaseous pollutants CO, NO2 & CH4 was monitored for six consecutive days during Diwali in, a densely populated residential area near, Jabalpur, India for assessing the impacts of fireworks on ambient air quality. The study was conducted for three consecutive years i.e. 2012, 2013 and 2014. The result shows that air quality deteriorates during Diwali festival is due to the use of excessive amount of firecrackers. A comparative account of three years air quality data is also presented.

Steady flows in pipes of equilateral triangular cross-section through porous medium with magnetic field[]

In this paper we have investigated the Steady flow in pipes of equilateral triangular cross-section through porous medium with magnetic field. We have obtained the velocity, volumetric flow and vortex lines.

Web Security Attacks and Injection- A Survey[]

Over the last few decades, number of user may increased on using web application. So the web-based attacks have caused major harm to those users on using given application. Several of these possible attacks may occur through the utilizations of common security vulnerabilities in web-based programs. Generally these attacks are enormously essential to reduce some of the harmful consequences on web application. Web-based applications are full of vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers at client-side (Web browser) without the wounded (browser user’s) knowledge. Web Services have become dependable platform for e-commerce and many convectional models. An increasing penetration of Web Services has enticed attackers which has made Web Services prone to various attacks. For this reason, it happen to essential to examine possible attacks and anticipate probable attacks targeted at the Web Services. When we identified those possible attacks, improvement techniques need to be formulated so as to protection Web Services from them.


This paper explores (1) the nature of media in reduction of conflicts, (2) media’s potential in conflicts transformation. The premises are that, unlike other institutions, media is a powerful tool that can steer peaceful coexistence among citizens during conflicts besides promoting other national development agendas. In addition, media plays a significant role in conciliation and transformation processes of conflicts which are the most desirable outcomes. This article suggests that while conflicts are destructive, the media is fundamental in transmuting them to enhance mutual understanding between the contending parties. To achieve national progress, there is need for media to bring together the warring factions and/or reduce any forms of volatility.

An analysis of Security Attacks on Cloud wrt SaaS[]

With the development and application of Cloud Computing in recent years, Cloud Storage, as the module which provides data storage service in the Cloud Computing architecture, has become the kernel component of Cloud Computing. This is one of the advantages of cloud computing to create and store data at remote servers. But this advantage implicitly contains drawback of data security and privacy vulnerabilities. Many algorithms and methodologies are there by which data security in cloud computing can be achieved but at the same time it possesses many security risks. In this paper we identify different security attacks on cloud. More specifically this paper presents an elaborated study of SaaS components’ security and determines vulnerabilities and countermeasures.


Key environmental setbacks including unsustainable use of scarce resources and ecosystem degradation such as felling of trees without sufficient reforestation and soil degradation continue to threaten the livelihoods of a population. Low levels of education, advocacy and awareness by the media platforms to the citizens are partly to blame for these environmental challenges. This paper is an integrative literature review that explores the causes and results of environmental degradation. It further interrogates the media’s critical role of enlightening individuals on the importance of protecting and conserving their environment. It is cognizant to have a media that exudes debates and discussions around these emotive environmental matters. It is essential to stress the negative impacts brought about by the destruction of environment. The realization of the consequences of resource depletion and environmental degradation will invariably propel environmentalism as a key agenda for meeting social livelihoods and sustainable development in general.

Reducing the Hydraulic Retention and Lag Times for the Degra-dation of Simulated Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes Using Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio Proportioning[]

The hydraulic retention time (HRT) and the lag time for the complete degradation of manually sorted, size reduced simu-lated organic fraction of municipal solid wastes (OFMSW) was dramatically reduced to 15 days and 17 hours respectively via the anaerobic co-digestion of the simulated OFMSW with cow dung (CD) and poultry droppings (PD) via mixing of the two substrates to achieve literature reported optimum carbon to nitrogen ratio (C/N).


Punjabi farmer suicides represent a broader problem related to the marginalization of the rural sector to the benefit of burgeoning towns and cities in the developing world. Studying and addressing this issue can provide important lessons for future rural development interventions and also serve as a reminder of the importance of holistic analysis of the many layers of human rights issues implicated in sudden economic expansion policies. Farmer suicides in post-conflict Punjab also represent how unfulfilled socio-economic rights can fuel both inward- and outward-facing violence and insecurity. Only through an immediate and a multi-staged response plan, combining policy changes by the Central and State Government with the guidance of civil society, can the Punjabi farmer truly bask in the reported glory of “India Rising”.

Potential for potable water and electricity savings by using rainwater in central Mozambique[]

Nowadays, rainwater usage has been recommended to encourage potable water savings and minimize water availability problems, due to the increasing number of population and socio-economic activities. This paper describes the water availability scenario in central Mozambique, which is about 1500 m3 per capita per year, but it is predicted to be lower than 200 m3 per capita per year from 2197 onwards. The main objective of this paper is to estimate the potential for potable water savings by using rainwater in 4 capital cities located in central Mozambique. The potential for electricity savings in a water utility by reducing potable water consumption in the residential sector are also evaluated. Results indicate that average potential for potable water savings range from 0.44% to 164.53% for the capital cities analyzed, with an average potential for potable water savings of 47%. The average potential for electricity savings were 2.3 GWh/year, 1.6 GWh/year, 1.4 GWh/year and 0.4 GWh/year, respectively, for the city of Beira, Quelimane, Chimoio and Tete. This study clearly shows that if there were a government programme to encourage potable water savings by rainwater usage, there would be significant potable water savings and a consequent preservation of water resources and electricity savings in central Mozambique.

Parul Khatri, Asst. Prof. Sandeep Kumar[]

Cloud computing are new fields having more research work to be done specially in the field of security. Cloud Computing enables various users to send the data over internet which is then stored at data centers, but there is less chance that data is secure and can’t be access by the un-authorized users or chances of data loss. Hence Security is an important concern in the cloud computing. Although there are various techniques implemented for the security of cloud data so that it can be access by the un-authorized users and privacy is maintained on user’s data. Here in this paper all the techniques that are implemented for security of such cloud data is discussed so that by analyzing the various issues in the techniques a new and efficient technique is implemented in future.

Impact of Corporate Governance Practices on Financial Performance of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited[]

Corporate governance has a paramount importance for the company and keeps a clean place for the primary business plan. It prevents the corporate scandals, frauds and civil and criminal burden of the company. It also improves company’s image in the eyes of public as well as stakeholders. The evolution of Corporate Governance in India began in early 90s. The starting point was the recommendations of the Cadbury Committee Report after which followed by various committees, leading to a formal Corporate Governance Code. This code was notified by Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) by inserting a new Clause 49 in the listing guidelines to the Stock Exchanges making it mandatory for the listing companies to follow the requirements of Clause 49, effective from January 01, 2006. It means providing the rights to corporate board so that it may be able to control the organisation without the interference of shareholders for the statutory benefits like appraisal rights, in order to make corporate governance more efficient. The corporate governance, broadly speaking is the rule, process or the laws through which business are managed, supervised and governed. Hence, let’s ponder over it. Why the financial performance analysis is necessary? In the era of cut throat competition analysis of financial performance plays a vital role. The analysed of financial statements reveal the position of profitability, solvency and liquidity of a business concern, which is highly significant for shareholders. The objective of the current study is to judge the impact of corporate governance practices on the shareholders wealth and financial performance of the organisation. The research methodology is based on the secondary source of information. In order to evaluate the financial performance and impact of corporate governance on shareholder’s wealth the various hypotheses has been formulated which are tested through t test (paired two samples for means) and ratio analysis. The researchers have found that the corporate governance practices have a positive impact on shareholder’s wealth as well as financial performance of the organisation. The present study covers a period of 16 years, which shows eight years study before and eight years study after the implementation of the corporate governance.

Correlation between pre-operative CT scan findings and operative findings during Endoscopic Sinus Surgery in chronic sinusitis patients[]

Chronic sinusitis is one of the frequently encountered problems in otorhinolaryngological practice.The objective is to correlate preoperative CT scan findings with Endoscopic Sinus Surgery(ESS) findings in chronic sinusitis patients undergoing ESS. To understand anatomical variations during the surgery.

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