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During the wave of 2000-2005 in the United States of America, there wasa switch on negative attitude towards innovating noble ideas. The performance of the teacher has become the main concern specifically on innovative work behavior. The generation and promotion of noble ideas have been the main problems faced by the teachers to yield better results in the quest of educating the youth. A teacher must have creative behavior which lies within the personality of the person. To find innovative people, an organization could try to assess a person’s personality and see whether the characteristics of the person can be associated with the characteristic assumed to predict innovative work behavior (Anderson &Gasteiger,2007).

Talking about HR[]

Traditionally, the personnel administration department or as we all know, the Human Resources (HR) department was regarded only as a support function. More recently, employers have identified HR as the connecting link between the management and the employees. They have added HR to the organizational decision making as well as strategic thinking process. Few organizations today consider the value of the HR Head not less than their Managing Director and CEO. However, HR roles and responsibilities vary depending on the size of the company. In some organizations, the HR professional will typically work across several disciplines, whilst in others there will be both generalist as well as specialist. Few others, mainly the smaller ones, prefer to outsource the activities of HR work and turn to management consultants for activities like writing their company strategy, Organizational Development (OD) plan, managing staff trainings and so on.

Effect of Soil Stiffness on Impact Resistance of Concrete Plate[]

Most structures are designed to carry their own weights in addition to certain superimposed loads which considered being static loads. In fact, no structural loads (with the exception of dead loads) are really static, since they have to take a certain time interval to be applied to the structure. Any time varying loads may be considered as a dynamic load. In this study, nonlinear three-dimensional finite element analysis has been used to conduct a numerical investigation of the effect of applied impact load on the foundation based on sandy soil using the finite element method by ANSYS (Version 11) computer program.

Effect of Aluminum oxide nano coating on microstructural & mechanical properties of tempered Aluminum (7175) alloy[]

In this present study AA7175-T7351 Aluminum alloy heat treated to T7351 condition is selected as raw material. This alloy finds application on aerospace industry, for managing passive thermal control on spacement. Generally these components are coated. For the present study Aluminum oxide nano coating is selected as coating material and coating is carried out by plasma spraying technique. XRD/ SEM tests are carried out for coating analysis and to measure coating thickness. The effect of coating thickness on mechanical properties is studied. Mechanical properties are studied using Nano indenter. The results are discussed.

Opportunities of Shifting Jhum and Constraints of Practicing Social Forestry in Khagrachhari District of Bangladesh[]

The main purpose of the study was to identify the status of jhum cultivation along with the constraints of practicing social forestry in Khagrachhari district of Bangladesh. Data were collected by multistage random sampling from 180 jhum cultivators of Diginala, Khagrachhari sadar, Mahalchhari, Matiranga and Panchhari upazilla of Khagrachhari District for a period of 12 months from January 2015 to December 2016. About 90% respondents have 5 acres land of which 4.5-4.59 acres are used for jhum cultivation and 0.41-0.5 acre is used as homestead. All of the respondents show multi-response among the 200 respondents, the majority of the respondents (about 93%) have continued jhum farming partly due to historical reasons and partly (90%) due to poverty-related reasons. Only 14% jhum cultivators support jhum cultivation because of scarcity of land and labor whereas 53% have no idea about other types of cultivation techniques.


In this paper, an attempt has been made to study thermoelastic response of a thick circular plate occupying the space due to heat generation with radiation type boundary conditions. Here we apply integral transform techniques to find the thermoelastic solution.

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