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Improve speed of Logo Detection and Recognition from the images Using SURF[]

Logo matching and recognition is important for brand advertising and surveillance applications and it discovers either improper or non-authorized use of logos. An effective logo matching and recognition method for detect logos in a high motion videos. The central issues of this technology are fast localization and accurate matching and unveil the malicious use of logos that have small variation with respect to the original.


In the present investigation attempts have been made to develop nutrient rich noodles by the addition of optimized proportions of wheat and malted kodomillet flour with other ingredients. Combinations of wheat and malted kodo millet flour (90:10, 80:20, 70:30, 60:40 and 50:50) and other ingredients like spinach paste (for green color), eggs, salt and water are kept constant for all formulations to get good results. Results revealed thatamong all the formulations tried, noodle sample prepared from 70:30 flour combination had same sensory scoreas that of control and higher values of protein, fibre and minerals (i.e. calcium, iron and phosphorous) than thecontrol sample. Thus, this nutrient rich noodle will be a good source of instant food for children, teenagers, sport persons, pregnant and lactating women.


Aggregate shape, size and grading can influence concrete workability. The volumes of water and cementations materials are commonly increased to accommodate poorly shaped or poorly graded aggregates. In this work the properties of concrete in fresh and hardened stage using different aggregate sizes and mix design was investigated. This was done using coarse aggregate of sizes 25mm, 20mm, 12mm and 6mm with mix ratios 1:2:4, 1:1.5:3 and 1:3:6. The experiments were conducted and it was found that concrete with coarse aggregate size 20mm had the highest compressive strength for any mix ratio. But the mix ratio 1:1.5:3 produced the highest compressive strength and density.

On Baer Elements In Multiplicative Lattices[]

In this paper we described the exact nature of compact elements of B, the family of Baer elements of multiplicative lattice L with re-spect to a radical element u. It is shown that u : (u : x) is compact element in B for every compact element x in L.

Collaborative Sensing Scheme for CR in XG Networks[]

Cognitive Radio (CR) technology, the building block of next generation (xG) network help mitigate spectrum scarcity in the paradigm shift to dynamic spectrum access (DSA) approach of wireless communication. Reliable communication is guaranteed when licensed (primary) and unlicensed (secondary) spectrum users co-operatively utilize the spectrum. Though, radio spectrum is statically allocated to different services, applications and users, observations showed spectrum usage is low despite increase in wireless communication needs. Required effective spectral utilization is hinged on secondary user's (SU) ability to detect primary user's (PU) signals accurately and make use of any time the frequency is unoccupied. Major task of PU detection relied on SU sensing technique. Analysis of existing schemes showed SNR computable in advance for available channels. Improved technique of collaborative spectrum sensing (CSS) for energy detection in CR-super-layer and correct detection rate (CDR) algorithm on logical (PHY + MAC + Network) structure is formulated for reliable channel sensing results. CSS algorithm is equipped to track all changing environment condition in terms of each SNR obtainable to be used for CDR probability schemes. Remarkable improvement in spectrum usage efficiency is achieved with suggested sensing scheme and the inclusive algorithm because collaborative SU's SNR computation in AWGN channels enabled suggested algorithm track changing environment parameters effectively for optimized spectrum hole detection and usage.

Assessment of Sampling Pattern Variation & its Effect on Variability of Spatial Prediction[]

Agriculture is a backbone in Indian Economy. Crop production improvement is very important in agriculture management. To improve crop production microlevel planning of crop growth parameters is very much essential. Soil is an important parameter for crop growth. The soil quality has to be monitored by regular soil testing. For effective soil quality management soil sampling pattern plays an important role. Current study is an attempt to assess effect of soil sampling pattern on spa-tial prediction.

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