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Effect of drying technique on Nutritional and phytochemical of allium hookeri thwaites (LEAVES AND ROOTS)[]

Various kinds of vegetables in the formed of fresh and edible portions of herbaceous plants like roots, stems, leaves, fruits or seeds. A regular supply of vegetables fresh, frozen or canned should be essential part of good living and good feeding of the meal. Dehydration is one of the feasible methods of preservation. These techniques for processing to minimize the losses and to make them for consumption of the off season. Therefore these studies was made to assess the effect of drying on nutrient and phytochemical content of Allium kookeri thwaites. Leaves and Roots were selected for these studies . Different drying like sun drying and oven drying was applied to Allium hookeri thwaites. Sun dry leaves and sun dry roots are highly significant difference as compared to oven drying technique.

Nationalism: Gandhi and Women in Rural Punjab[]

The role of the rural women in national movement as a subject for research is of current origin not only in India but world. It is noteworthy there are a few studies on women's role in the nationalist movement or the social or political injunctions to their meaningful ingress into the public sphere. Important works on the national movement mostly fail to examine the entry and their contribution of rural masses in general and women in particular, in the freedom struggle . Most of the accounts of women's role in the national movement are descriptive not critical or analytical. They do not examine either the reasons or the implications of this spontaneous upsurge of political activity by women of all rural areas. The history of common rural Indian women’s participation and their response to Gandhian means of movement has not been recorded or documented at all and so is in the case of Punjabi women. There is no doubt that with publication of pamphlets, public meetings women from elite class got voice but the question is how a major flux of women responded and contributed to nationalism channelized by Gandhiji. Hence it becomes pertinent to study the role of marginalized women i.e. the rural Punjabi women’s response to Gandhian mass movement on the basis of available sources i.e. folklore. One segment of the folklore in Punjab is Bolliyan which have been created and sung by the rural Punjabi women.


The education of an individual begins from home and continues in school. In fact, the importance of the home in education of a child has long been recognized worldwide through research. The knowledge of mathematics education is an indispensable tool. Parents are very important instrument for an effective communication of any knowledge, mathematics in particular. In the effort to improve students cognition and affective outcomes in mathematics and/or school learning, educational psychologists and mathematics educators, have continued to search for variables (personal and environmental) that could be manipulated in favour of academic gains. To achieve this, the paper therefore investigated the parental involvement and interest on senior secondary school students’ mathematics achievement. Four research hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. An ex-post facto design was used as the design for the study.

Strategic Dimensions of Corporate Incubators and Accelerators for Intrapreneur Success - PASSION FRAMEWORK MODEL[]

This paper explores the strategic dimensions of Corporate Incubators for Intrapreneur Success which will facilitate in retention of key resources who decide to become entrepreneur in mid path of their career to pursue their creative instincts and also foster entrepreneurship spirit within corporates for curbing competition and value adding the business growth through focused decentralization. This also helps to generate job opportunities and impact national economy.

Preventing Intrusions In Multi-tier Web Applications[]

In today's world we have many issues in internet security and privacy. We use internet in travelling, social media, banking, study etc. But we often face the problems with the privacy of the network system. To accommodate this increase in application and data complexity, web services have moved to a multi-tiered design wherein the web server runs the application front-end logic and data is outsourced to a database or file server. IDS plays a key role in computer security technique. But it also has drawbacks of its own. To overcome those drawbacks Double guard technique is introduced.


The main cancer deaths in women are due to the breast cancer. 1out of 8 women’s have a risk to develop breast cancer. In this paper we discuss about the factors and analysis of the breast cancer depending the gene expressions and gene clusters.


In patients presented with non healing ulcers over tongue, there are diagnostic difficulties due to clinical presentation. More often diagnosis is made after histopathological examination. Here we report 1 case of lingual non healing ulcer in a 30 year old female which was clinically diagnosed as malignancy. After histopathological examination the diagnosis of lingual tuberculosis was confirmed .

Rain water harvesting; a pathway to achieving sufficiency in water supply and flood mitigation, Benin City perspective, Nigeria.[]

Rain water harvesting is recognized as a key player in alleviating water problems, and it has proven effective especially for new projects when the rain water harvesting systems are optimized. This study emphasized the dual role of rainwater harvesting, such as water supply and flood reduction (using green roof as an eco-friendly harvesting measure for flood control). Annual rainwater harvesting potential determined for Benin City was 745.9m3. Roof catchment area of 400m2 and storage tank size of 400m3 were obtained as appropriate for the high demand scenario of 65.880m3 monthly demand. 86% reliability for this storage tank size was also obtained, while over 80% flow frequency reduction was obtained for the green roof applied as the measure for flood reduction. Green roof Sensitivity analysis indicated a less steep roof with shrub vegetation type is preferred for flow frequency reduction in controlling flooding. A green roof slope of 0.001 with shrub vegetation reduced flow frequency by over 90%


As civil engineer’s maintaining our duty to discover method of making concrete at lowest water cement ratio while maintain a required workability. It is now possible with the advent of super plasticizers. Today new applications of admixture have been brought into the market for production of high strength and flowing concretes. These super plasticizers were also suitable for use with other cement material like FLY ASH and PPC. The effects of super plasticizer on fresh and hardened concrete were investigated. The experiment program included test on workability, slump loss and compressive strength. In this experimental works we are comparing the properties of super plasticizer based concrete with that of without super plasticizer added concrete. Super plasticizer permitted a significant water reduction while maintain the same workability.

GSM based smart message display board[]

In the last few decades, communication technology has developed by leaps and bounds. The employ of “Embedded System in Communication” has given rise to many appealing applications. There are numerous places which need very important notice to be displayed like colleges, hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, public transportation, share-market, traffic signs, highways signs etc. Several firms are mechanized audio / video systems like public announcement system, CCTV, programmable sign boards etc. However of these systems are generally hardwired, complicated in nature and not easy to expand. So, by adding wireless communication interface like GSM to those systems, we will overcome their limitations. This work contains a mixture of wireless technology with LED Display Boards formalized by designing and integrating the hardware and software with AT89S51 microcontroller, GSM module, and moving LED display. The message is distributed through a mobile phone which is accepted by the GSM module SIM. Number authentication is finished by AT89S51 microcontroller and the stored numbers in EEPROM is compared with the incoming number. The message will be valid solely when the incoming cell phone number is validated. Authentication result is displayed on LCD whether the number is matched or not matched and the message is finally displayed on moving LED (Light emitting diode) display. Additional a similar SMS is itself sent by GSM module to Multiple LED Display Boards that are connected via completely different GSM modules

Factors associated with cigarette smoking among male students of colleges of district, Hyderabad, Pakistan[ ]

Cigarette smoking is the main cause of preventable deaths around the world and particularly in the developing countries. Cigarette smoking is declining in the Western World due to strict restrictions on age and place of smoking. Rise of smoking has been reported from developing countries particularly Pakistan. A cross sectional study was carried out January 2013 to September 2013. A total of 1338 male students representing both urban and rural areas were selected from private and public colleges of Hyderabad. Students filled in the structures questionnaire anonymously in the class rooms. Questionnaire comprised mainly of age and reasons for initiation of smoking, number of cigarettes smoked per day, motivation and risk factors for smoking. Prevalence in male students of colleges was found to be 11.9%. About 62.3% students initiate smoking at = 16 year of age, and peer pressure 69.2% was the main reason for initiation of smoking, other reasons for initiation of smoking in students were pleasure 15.1% stress 10% and curiosity 5.7%. About 56% students smoked =10 cigarettes a day, 32.7% smoked 11-20, and 11.30% smoked ? 20 cigarette per day. Students at the age range of 19-21, and those who had smoker father, smoker siblings and smoker friends were more likely to smoke cigarette (P<0.05). Type of college, living area, smoker mother and anxious behaviors are not associated with cigarette smoking in college students (P ? 0.05). Over all, studying the prevalence of cigarette smoking and its associated risk factors in male adolescents and young adults of colleges gives an understanding of what preventative measure to be implemented to lower cigarette smoking in college students


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