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New Technologies, Challenges and Trends in Additive Manufacturing for Production of Optimal Topologies[]

In this paper an overview about the conventional and generative manufacturing methods is presented. The advantages and disadvantages of each method regarding their application, efficiency and the implemented material are discussed and new trends in the field of rapid prototyping are introduced. The article describes how by application of hybrid methods the advantages of both techniques are exploited. Furthermore, Laminate Object Manufacturing and Fused Deposition Modelling are in the focus and their application for production of optimal topological components and fabrication of parts with fiber filament is considered.

Development of Desalination system using Reverse Osmosis[]

The present work are a theoretical and an experimental investigation based on the influence of the main operation parameters on the performance of the RO elements. The theoretical work is experiment is performed in order to measure the total dissolved salts, PH and conductivity of the permeate water when different temperatures and concentrations values for the Feed water. Combined between RO desalination system and heater system would improve the performance of the system as the results which is clarified under the temperature limits to prevent scaling and fouling deposition. Temperature of the feed water is the most noticeable environmental condition affecting the performance of RO systems. The general rule of thumb is to estimate productivity change at 3% per degree Celsius, °C change from the standard of 25 °C. There are equations to provide a more exact estimate of productivity. Pressure is approximated by direct proportionality to productivity. Temperature correction is an exponential function related to the membrane material.

Illicit Drug Use and Dependency Among Youths In Bauchi Town, Nigeria[]

This study examines the use of illicit drugs and dependency among youth in Bauchi town, Bauchi state Nigeria. The design used for the study was the survey. A sample of 140 youth was selected. A validated instrument was used to collect relevant data. The data collected was analyzed using a descriptive and inferential statistic. The findings show a significant difference between the adolescence drug abuser Findings reveal that a lot of persons within this group have in one way or the other been involved in the use of illicit drugs. Strong dependence on psychoactive drugs like marijuana, and nicotine which has negative effects following repeated use, is weighing much on the individual drug user, the family, friends and the society at large. It is necessary therefore that the right steps be taken by the government and other relevant stakeholders to stem this destructive tide in Bauchi state in particular and the Nigerian society at large.


The advancement of technology in the area of System-On-Chip (SoC) and IP core, opens new scope for in-dustry to develop their own products, specific to the application with high efficient at low cost. Author [1] discussed the development of SoC with MIL-STd-1553B protocol IP Core and proposed protocol algo-rithms of MIL-STD-1553B for avionics communica-tion bus, which are protoble in a single FPGA to real-ize SoC or can go for SoC silicon fabrication. The present paper discusses the testing and validation of 1553 bus protocol IPCore and presents a case study of the “BC to RT protocol” IP Core through “FPGA pro-totype methodolgy”. The proposed schemes have cost advantages, Low foot print, Low cost and increased processing power to handle the applications also.


CEgg shell and rice husk were incorporated into natural rubber using a laboratory size two roll mixing mill. A conventional vulcanization was used for curing. The equilibrium swelling test in toluene and hardness characteristics were measured as functions of filer loading. The composites were varied from Opph to 70pph. The equilibrium swollen of the egg filled vulcanizates exhibited a regular decrease with increase in fillers 290.7 to 196.2 increase in filler and thereafter increased to 254.8, decrease to 195.1 and finally decrease 170.5. That of rice husk decreased from 326.8 to 262.2 and finally increased to 420.7. the hybrid was eratic with decrease from 336.8 to 322.0 and then to 317.6 and finally increased to 341.4. as for the hardness test, both egg shall and rice husk increased with increased in filler contents from Opph to 70pph.


The purpose of this qualitative study was to draw out different experiences of public school teachers on trainings and seminars and how they perceived these activities in relation to their professional development and advancement. Fourteen public elementary school teachers from Bansalan, Davao del Sur were chosen through purposeful sampling. Results derived from the interviews were coded and transcribed to come up and present major themes and core ideas. Through in-depth interviews and focus group discussion it was presented that instructional skills enhancement, personal growth, insufficient support, and discontent and disillusionment were the perceived meanings of trainings and seminars for public school teachers. As to the strategies they used to avail of different professional enhancements: stepping up and volunteering, self-financing and initiative, and hopeful waiting. This study is significant for public school teachers to be motivated to attend trainings and seminars especially those sponsored by the Department of Education for personal and professional development.

Spirituality - The Second Law of Nature[]

Various scientists, scholars, philosophers and social thinkers had enlightened their knowledge and experiences to un-derstand the meaning and sense of spirituality and highlighted a comprehensive explanation of the meaning and the relation of world and life. It is also studied in various religions and in religious books and literature. They postulated various meanings which are partly different from the knowledge of science which concerns beyond the material world. All discoveries and inventions are the subject matter of the physical world for betterment of the society. It also covers the study of spirituality to escape the topology of this physical world forever to achieve the Ultimate Light state to the self. Life as we know in different creatures in this world is the beauty of the Nature. This is the first law of Nature. Spirituality as a tool to understand world and life with the relation of observer is the beauty of Soul. This is the second law of Nature. In other words we can say that world is beautiful due to life and life is beautiful due to Nature. Similarly spirituality is beautiful due to observer and observer is beautiful due to soul. It is also noted that second law is dependent on first law because spirituality depends on study of physical world as well as physical materials like matter, body, mind, life, intellect, consciousness etc.

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