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Power Generation Footstep[]

This paper is all about generating electricity when people walk on the Floor. Think about the forces you exert which is wasted when a person walks. The idea is to convert the weight energy to electrical energy The Power Generating floor intends to trans-late the kinetic energy to the electrical power. Energy Crisis is the main issue of world these days. The motto of this research work is to face this crisis somehow. Though it won't meet the requirement of electricity but as a matter of fact if we are able to design a power generating floor that can produce 100W on just 12 steps, then for 120 steps we can produce 1000 Watt and if we install such type of 100 floors with this system then it can produce 1MegaWatt. Which itself is an achievement to make it signifi-cant.

A Series of Earth Resource Satellites and its Potentialities[]

The earth is full of information. Science is one of the tools to explore that information. The science in Remote Sensing has paved way for human to understand and gain knowledge about some of the secrets of nature. Satellite is one such instrument that has reached a long way since its invention. There are many satellites each with its own potentialities sends by the various nations of the world. This paper makes a review of the most eminent satellites and their scope in the field of remote sensing.

Heat And Mass Transfer Effects On Flow Past Parabolic Started Vertical Plate With Constant Heat Flux[]

An exact solution of unsteady flow past a parabolic starting motion of the infinite vertical plate with constant heat flux, in the presence uniform mass diffusion has been studied. The plate temperature as well as concentration level near the plate are raised uniformly. The dimensionless governing equations are solved using Laplace-transform technique. The effect of velocity profiles are studied for different physical parameters like Prandt number, thermal Grashof number, mass Grashof number, Schmidt number and time. It is observed that the velocity increases with increasing values the thermal Grashof number or mass Grashof number. The trend is just reversed with respect to the chemical reaction parameter.

Estimation of Parameters of Truncated Binormal Distribution[]

In this paper we define doubly truncated binormal distribution. We have estimated the parameters of this distribution by method of moments. Mean deviation from mean in general form and recurrence relation has been obtained. Results regarding singly truncated binormal distribution have been shown as a particular case of doubly truncated binormal distribution.

Study of Anopheline Diversity In Mosquito Borne Diseased Prevalent Amravati District of Maharashtra[]

In India, the fight against malaria was started in 1953 with the National Malaria Control Programme & before the vectors could develop resistance, the shift to the National Malaria Eradication was undertaken in 1958. Out of the 390 units, 250 units were declared free from this disease by 1966. The reappearance of malaria in many areas leads towards National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme.

Data Placement And Cache Management Scheme For Cloud Data Services[]

Data sharing is managed by the cloud service providers. Data availability and time constrained delivery are managed by the data caching schemes. Latency minimization and network traffic reduction factors are used to improve the quality of cloud services. Cost analysis is performed to manage the transmission and cache process. Data staging and caching operations are handled with cost factors. Data staging process handles the process of data placement under cloud sites. Data caching is performed to improve the data transmission process. Single copy and multiple copy models are used to manage the transmission and caching cost. Upper bound is assigned to control cost under multiple copy based model. Number of service requests and the number of distinct data items are used in the upper bound estimation process. Homogeneous and heterogeneous cost models are used in the data staging process. Optimal data staging algorithm and greedy algorithm are used in the system.The heterogeneous cost model is enhanced with single and multiple copy models. Item based cost model is improved to support bulk data transfer based cost assignment process. Dynamic caching cost optimization is provided in the system. Time dependant cache management cost estimation is improved in the system

Lactation Support Counseling for Promoting Exclusive Breastfeeding During infant Critical Illness[]

Breastfeeding is key to neonatal and child survival. Exclusive breastfeeding till six month of age and after that combined with complementary feeding till two years of age life is essential to prevent childhood morbidity and mortality. Many mothers were not counseled regarding breastfeeding in antenatal period, and also by appropriate person during post natal period. Present cross sectional study was carried out in-hospital mothers of 210 infants who were hospitalized for some critical illness. Only 9% mothers were counseled by physicians regarding breastfeeding during normal delivery. 89.5% mothers preferred to feed their infant during illness but most of mothers were not told about feeding practices at the time of illness which may result in lactation failure and problem(s) in mother. Similar thing were noticed when mother was sick. If counseled properly can result in better outcome

Management of Wireless sensor networks using cloud technology[]

Sensor networks are widely used to monitor vital parameters. Providing critical data in any field of application, sensor networks play a vital role in a wide range of applications. Advancement of technology in the field of sensors, wireless networks and VLSI, has resulted in the interfacing of sensors to the Information Technology sector or the “virtual world”. This has resulted in wireless sensor networks being used in a wide range of applications like toxic gas detection, health care, oil industries and environs management.

Effect of Nitrite Toxicity in Hormones to Freshwater fish, Cirrhinus mrigala[]

The present study was to evaluate nitrite toxicity in fish hormone T4 and T3 during long term exposure of sublethal concentration of sodium nitrite (NaNo2). The effect of nitrite on thyroid hormones, Thyroxine(T4) and Triiodothyronine(T3), were evaluated from 7,14, 21, 28 and 35 days in Indian freshwater fish, Cirrhinus mrigala to a sublethal concentration of nitrite (28.31)ppm for different periods. Exposure of fish to nitrite showed a significant decrease in Thyroxine(T4) hormone. Plasma T4 level was found to be decreased at the end of the 7th day showing a percent decrease of 14.38. After 7th day, significant increase in Plasma T4 observed showing a percent increase of 14.56, 47.02, 52.27 and 64.28 at the end of 14th,21st, 28th, 35th days. Where as plasma triiodothyronine(T3) level was increased throughout the exposure period showing percent increase of 20.00, 25.00, 33.33, 47.05 and 75.00 at the end of 7, 14, 21, 28 and 35 days.

A Model Calculation Of Photofield Emission By Using Vector Potential And Group Theory[]

A model calculation of photofield emission is discussed in which initial state wave function has been deduced by using projection operator method of group theory. A spatial dependent vector potential is used to evaluate the matrix element for calculating the photofield emission current density.

The Effect of Heat-Loss Function on the Self- Gravitational Instability of Gaseous Plasma in the Presence of Fine-Dust Particles and Magnetic Field[]

The effect of heat-loss function on the self-gravitational instability of gaseous plasma in the presence of fine-dust-paticles and magnetic field has been studied, with the help of linearized MHD equations, a general dispersion relation is obtained using normal mode analysis. The conditions of modified Jeans instability and stability are discussed in the different cases of our interest. We found that the presence of arbitrary heat-loss functions and thermal conductivity modifies the fundamental Jeans condition of gravitational instability into a radiative instability condition. It is found that the radiative mode of instability arise in the medium depends on the arbitrary radiative heat-loss functions on the local density and temperature of the system. Applying Routh-Hurwitz, the stability of the medium is discussed and it is found that Jeans criterion determines the stability of the medium. Thermal conductivity modifies the Jeans criterion and the viscosity and permeability has damping effect. It is found that the effect of fine-dust-particles is to destabilize the system. It is also found that the condition of instability for propagation parallel to the magnetic field is independent of the magnetic field strength. For transverse propagation, however the condition for instability depends on the magnetic field strength.

Economic empowerment of women through participation in fish farming[]

Fishery is one of the most important sub-sectors of Agriculture. It has been recognized as a powerful income and employment generator as it stimulates growth of a number of subsidy industries and is a source of cheap and nutritious food besides a foreign exchange earner. This sector is also a principal source of livelihood for a large section of economically underprivileged population of the country. As fishery is an important component of Indian economy, so involvement of women in this sector is very essential. The present study was conducted to explore the involvement of women in fish production. The study was conducted in Nowboicha Development Block of Lakhimpur district of Assam. Ten women from five selected villages and whose pond area was of minimum 1 bigha and having minimum 2 years fish farming experience had been identified for the present study. An interview schedule was used to study the background characteristics as well as the practices where women were involved. Findings showed that 66 per cent respondents were middle aged women, majority were married (94 per cent), nuclear family (72 per cent), no formal education (70 per cent), small sized family (54 per cent), low level of extension contact (86 per cent), low level of mass media exposure (84 per cent), katcha house (56 per cent), membership in any one organization (72 per cent) and no participation in fish farming training (80 per cent). Finding revealed that all the respondents were involved in aquatic weed removal, 94 per cent were involved in drying bottom of the pond, 86 per cent removed unwanted fish from their pond bottom, 82 per cent involved in application of lime, 74 per cent were involved in application of organic fertilizer (cow dung). It is evident from the study that all the respondents were involved in cleaning of pond and 60 per cent were involved in cleaning of surrounding of pond. Majority of the respondents (84 per cent) were involved in releasing the fingerlings in the pond and all the respondents were involved in feeding fingerlings. All the respondents were involved in feeding of fish and feeding used to feed fish like mustard oil cake, cowdung, rice bran and grass. 80 per cent take care of fish from migratory birds. All the respondents were involved in harvesting of fish. 80 per cent of the respondents were involved in decision making activities like site selection, selection of fish seed, rearing proportion, harvesting time of fish.

The Effect of Critical Thinking Strategies Instruction on Iranian EFL Learners’ Writing Performance across genders[]

The present study has tried to find out whether critical thinking strategies instructions affect Iranian EFL male and female students’ writing performance. After administering Oxford Quick Placement Test (2001) to 120 participants in Shokuhe Iran Language Center in Tabriz Iran, 80 participants were chosen, 40 male and 40 female. Then All 80 participants were divided into control and experimental groups. 40 in control group including 20 males and 20 females and 40 in experimental group including 20 males and 20 females. Control group did not receive treatment about critical thinking strategies, only CLT was the main method in control group. But experimental group received eight weeks of instruction about critical thinking strategies within their learning syllabus. T-test was conducted to compare the subjects’ means and to determine the effect of gender. The results showed that critical thinking strategies had a significant effect on improving Iranian EFL students’ writings across genders, (p<.05). Both male and female performance improved after the instruction of critical thinking strategies.

Human Evolution-we humans, evolved?[]

This is a basic introduction to the human evolution to make people realize the specialty of our species. Also to put forth the challenges faced by our species both in the past as well as in the future. In this project, the author is mentored and supported by Miguel Angel Queiruga and research work done by sanjay L (sanjay lakshminarayana). The research took about eight months to collect invaluable data and the experience has been splendid. It’s an eye opener if I can imagine how I used to see that world before to now I have lot of respect and proud feeling about our species and fore fathers who laid the basic foundation for our species to get to where we are.

Nurse cell Biology of Trichinella spiralis[]

Trichinella spiralis is unique among all known nematodes in being the only species to occupy an intra-multicellular niche in the body of its host. Like developing tumours they also need to recruit new blood vessels towards the developing nurse cells to meet the ever-growing demand of nutrients. Like viruses they highjack the cell machinery and physiology so as to ensure their growth. Thus, interfering with the key steps in their development of nurse cells like angiogenesis and collagen synthesis can effectively control Trichinellosis.

Optimized Route Selection with Energy Constraint in MANET[]

The Mobile ad hoc network (MANET) are infrastructure-less, self-organizing, rapidly deployable wireless networks, they are highly suitable for applications involving special outdoor events, communications in regions with no wireless infrastructure, emergencies and natural disasters, and military operations. Routing is one of the key issues in MANETs due to their highly dynamic and distributed nature. In particular, energy efficient routing is the most important design criteria for MANETs since mobile nodes will be powered by batteries with limited capacity. The routing mechanism is based on minimum hop counts, the distance between each pair of nodes becomes larger and hence higher transmission power is required for the communication. Power failure of a mobile node not only affect the node itself but also its ability to forward packets on behalf of others and thus the overall network lifetime. The low residual energy might be one of the reasons of route breakage. Also the mobility of nodes makes link failure and retransmission of packet. In this paper we have modified the Energy Conscious DSR protocol which has basic protocol Dynamic Source routing (DSR). The paper focuses on the mobility of nodes, low residual energy which is the cause of route breakage and packet retransmission, which get solved and communication is keep going without any interruption and the network lifetime increases. We have validated our proposed protocol through ns-2.34 and evaluated the performance of the networks by considering few energy metrics. We got the results as our modified ECDSR outperforms DSR in performance analysis.

Attitude Towards Obesity In Adults[]

The obesity epidemic is a major problem globally. Body image and attitudes towards obesity are the two important areas to understand. The purpose of the study was to explore the attitude towards obesity and self-perceptions about body image among adults who were obese and non- obese of different age group. Data were obtained through structured questionnaire. The method of data collection was done electronically; via sending mails and by providing hand copies according to their convenience. The samples were specially selected from health related courses of Bedfordshire University. The incidence of male and female participants in this study was found to be 59% with a mean BMI 23.69±4.70 Kg/m2 and 41% with mean BMI 22.52±5.71 Kg/m2 respectively. Age of the male and female participants in the present study varied from 20-40 years. Each respondent underwent BMI determination. Based on our study male participants were more likely to be having higher BMI than female. In the present study when the male and female participants were questioned about their attitude towards obesity, no significant difference was observed between the genders. Their answers regarding attitudes towards obese people were significantly similar. Statistically significant difference (p<0.001, p<0.01 and p<0.05) was observed among the participants of different BMI group when they were asked about their attitude towards obese people through 20 different questions. Among male and female participants selecting the silhouette representing their perception of which body image they would like to be, most participants selected silhouette with a mean BMI 23.69 kg/m2 (male) and 22.52 kg/m2 (female).

Investigation of Performance of Mixing Ventilation Systems for Operating Room in the view of Infection Control []

Effective ventilation system of operating room plays an important role in contamination control resulting in reduced possibility of post operation infection. The best way to treat an infection is to stop it from occurring in the first place. Towards the same objective, traditional mixing ventilation systems have been used since long period. Mixing room air distribution aims for dilution of polluted and warm/cool room air with cleaner and cooler/warmer supply air. In the present investigation, performance of two types of mixing ventilation systems i.e. one with “high supply low exhaust” (HSLE) and another with “low supply high exhaust” (LSHE) have been studied using Computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Technique.It have been observed that contaminant control has been found more effective in case of low supply and high exhaust ventilation as thermal plumes are playing the dominant role.

Bio-inspired Routing Protocol For Vehicular Adhoc Networks[]

Vehicular ad hoc networks are highly mobile wireless networks that are designed to provide vehicle safety, monitor the traffic etc. In VANET mobility of vehicles cause the communication links between the vehicles to frequently be broken. So in order to improve road safety by providing timely and accurate information to drivers various routing protocols have been implemented. We present Bio-inspired routing protocol for VANET. It is based on continuous learning paradigm in order to take consideration of dynamic environmental changes. Hybrid protocol is based on urban as well as rural scenarios which gives road safety services by transmitting packets with minimum delay and high packet delivery ratio.

A Study of Religiosity in Relation to Spirituality and Anxiety[]

Religion, spirituality and mental health are increasingly being examined in psychiatric research. Religious beliefs and practices have long been linked to hysteria, neurosis, anxiety and psychotic delusions. Recent studies, however, have identified another side of religion that may serve as a psychological and social resource for coping with stress and anxiety. After defining the term religion and spirituality, this paper reviews research on the relationship between religion, spirituality and mental health, focusing specially on anxiety. The study participants were two age groups of people: one from 20 to 40 years of age, and the other of 60 to 80 years. ‘Religiosity scale’ by Bhushan (1971) was used to measure the religiosity of both the groups while ‘Daily spiritual experiences scale’ by Underwood & Teresi (2002) was used to measure the spirituality; and anxiety scale by Sinha (1968) was used to measure the anxiety of both the groups. The main results of the study were: (a) there was a significant positive relationship of religiosity with anxiety but no relationship with spirituality overall as well as among old and young age participants. (b) No significant difference was found between the old and young age groups on the religiosity scale. (c) There was remarkable distinction evident amongst the two groups on the spirituality scale—age group 55 to 70 was found to be highly spiritual. (d) There was yet again significant difference visible between the two groups on the anxiety scale—age group 55 to 70 was found to be highly anxious as compared to the other group due to the increase in reliability of this age group on religious beliefs. (e) A significant mean difference was found on religious aspect and anxiety between male and female participants. It was found that females were more religious and anxious than the male participants; and (f) both male and female groups were not different on the spiritual aspect.

The Importance of Business Ethics In Globalisation -a Study[]

Globally,Every business is on a wild race to acquire more and more mostly by short cut means. In the process of acquire they are doing the things which are not acceptable by society. The term business ethics should be understood from all angles of the society. The sense of deceit always breeds a sense of distrust and skepticism that kills the business image. Trust breeds trust and a natural goodwill in the heart, good business ethics are necessary for such natural trust and goodwill. The productivity can be defined as a day to improvement and zeal to perform better to-day then yesterday this is possible when there is ethics. Therefore business ethics must be charted out very carefully, commercially and they should sound in value that should be valuable to the society. In this context of this paper presents ethics need, views of eminent and facets of ethics for creative Human Resource.

The metaphysical anthropology of Islamic spirituality []

Man is not an eradicable being which can be easily casted into the terrestrial existence, on the contrary he is a transformer; one who has captivated the undefined state and has embroidered it with rationalization. As a result man has made the world coherent. Thereof one can conclude that with the ending of man’s existence the stages of humankind’s overall existence also cease to exist. Man ought to be present in the establishing and representing elements of the universe in order to interpret it in existence. If one would delineate in the theosophical Islamic language, one would have said that man is a being with himself and in him has crystallized the unification of the world’s thought and shape. Mawlana in an unparalleled manner, in his poetry, has conveyed the longing of man for his origin and his celestial belonging. He has elaborated the idea of man without detaching him from his physiognomy. He speaks of art, science and philosophy which have not abandoned their correspondence with the principles of nature, respectively logos. Even the characterized substances in his poetry are addressed to those who use their sensory. This text seeks to convey and gives effort to elaborate and analyze the spiritual anthropology of the Islamic metaphysics, with clear focus on Mawlana Jelal al-Din Rumi’s work, Masnawi.

The Influence of Confined Energy on the Carrier Heating in Quantum Dot Semiconductor Optical Amplifiers[]

Research is involve the study of carriers heating phenomena in semiconductor materials for nano-structures. The relation between these structures and energy levels have been estimated by deriving the nonlinear gain coefficients. the theoretical results is shown that the effect of carrier hating is increase with increasing of dot size. This is agree with experiment results

A Study Of Morphology And Variations Of Lungs in Adults And Foetus[]

In the light of increase in incidence of pulmonary diseases, there is a concomitant increase in study of lungs and bronchial tree morphological and clinically. The knowledge of this study is of immense value in endoscopic procedures for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Lung is more a space than an organ (Spencer). The lungs are vital organ of respiration. In newborn the lungs are rosy pink, in children yellowish pink. The lungs from fetuses that have not respired differ from those infants who have taken a breath.

Implementation Of Morphological Binary Image Processor[]

Binary Image Processing is a powerful tool in many image and video applications. A Reconfigurable Processor is presented for binary image processing. The processor's architecture is a combination of Reconfigurable Binary Processing module, Input and Output Image Control Units and peripheral circuits. The Reconfigurable Binary Processing Module, which consists of mixed- grained reconfigurable binary compute units and output control logic, performs binary image processing operations, especially Mathematical Morphology operations and implements related algorithms more than 200 f/s for a 1024x1024 image. The periphery circuits control the whole image processing and dynamic reconfiguration process. The processor is implemented on an EP2S180 field-programmable gate array.The experimental results demonstrate that the processor is suitable for real-time binary image processing applications. In addition, in embedded or mobile applications, these systems require low power consumption and low memory requirements.

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