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Analysis of Ribosome Inactivating Protein (RIP): A Bioinformatics Approach [View]
G. Edward Gnana Jothi, G. Sahaya Jose Majilla, D. Subhashini and B. Deivasigamani

In spite of the medical advances in recent years, the world is in need of different sources to encounter certain health issues. Ribosome Inactivating Proteins (RIPs) were found to be one among them. In order to get easy access about RIPs, there is a need to analyse RIPs towards constructing a database on RIPs. Also, multiple sequence alignment was done towards screening for homologues of significant RIPs from rare sources against RIPs from easily available sources in terms of similarity. Protein sequences were retrieved from SWISS-PROT and are further analysed using pair wise and multiple sequence alignment. Analysis shows that, 151 RIPs have been characterized to date. Amongst them, there are 87 type I, 37 type II, 1 type III and 25 unknown RIPs. The sequence length information of various RIPs about the availability of full or partial sequence was also found. The multiple sequence alignment of 37 type I RIP using the online server Multalin, indicates the presence of 20 conserved residues. Pairwise alignment and multiple sequence alignment of certain selected RIPs in two groups namely Group I and Group II were carried out and the consensus level was found to be 98%, 98% and 90% respectively.

Selectively Encrypted Pull-Up Based Watermarking of Biometric data[View]
Prof. S. A. Shinde, Mr. Kushal S. Patel

Biometric authentication systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their potential usage in information security. However, digital biometric data (e.g. thumb impression) are themselves vulnerable to security attacks. There are various me-thods are available to secure biometric data. In biometric watermarking the data are embedded in an image container and are only retrieved if the secrete key is available. This container image is encrypted to have more security against the attack. As wireless devices are equipped with battery as their power supply, they have limited computational capabilities; therefore to reduce energy consumption we use the method of selective encryption of container image. The bit pull-up-based biometric watermarking scheme is based on amplitude modulation and bit priority which reduces the retrieval error rate to great extent. By using selective Encryption mechanism we expect more efficiency in time at the time of encryption as well as decryption. Significant reduction in error rate is expected to be achieved by the bit pull-up method.

Reciprocal Continuity And Common Fixed Point For Two Pairs of Self-maps Satisfying A Generalized Inequality[View]

We obtain a common xed point for two pairs of self-maps on a complete metric space, one of which is reciprocally continuous and compatible, while the other weakly compatible, where all the four maps satisfy a generalized inequality. Our result is a signi cant generalization of that of Singh and Mishra.

Review: DNA oxidation, its consequences and efficacy of GC-MS and SPME-GC-MS for In Vitro quantification of DNA oxidative products[View]
Himansha Singh, Abhishek Udawat, Tony Franklin and Sai Partha Sarathi

DNA oxidation could be one of the main factors contributing to DNA damage, eventually leading to carcinogenesis, mutations or non-carcinogenic diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Only recently has the focus turned towards identifying oxidative products of DNA and their consequences. Metabolism activities in vitro produce reactive radicals, which can break DNA strands to cause lesions. These lesions could also act as biomarkers for diagnostic purposes. This review provides an insight of the DNA oxidation mechanism, its harmful consequences and the advantages/disadvantages of available techniques to quantify such DNA oxidative products, focussing mainly on the use GC-MS along with derivatization reaction. In addition, the review also discusses the use of Solid Phase Micro Extraction (SPME) before conducting GC-MS as a potential assay to overcome the discrepancies involved in using GC-MS alone for the identification of DNA oxidative products.

Politics of Implementation: A Study of Rural Development Programme (SGSY) In The Hill Areas of Manipur With Reference To Churachandpur District[View]
Vanthangpui Khobung, Prof. Rooplekha Borgohain

There could be variety of factors involves in the process of implementation of rural development programmes. Deeper analysis of these factors brings out fundamental questions involved in the implementation of rural de-velopment programmes i.e questions about conflict, decision making and who gets what, when and how in a society. This study examines the politics involved in the implementation of Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yo-jana (SGSY) programme and its influence on the programme's outcome among the tribal in Churachandpur District of Manipur. This study shows politics is a factor that pervades the implementation of most rural devel-opment programmes and also impedes the implementation of SGSY programme and has a negative influence on its outcome.

Growth and Studies of Halides doped Zinc Tris-Thiourea Sulphate (HZTS) Crystals[View]
P. Suveetha, P. Sathya, S. Sudha, M.B. Jessie Raj

Single crystals of Sodium chloride and Potassium iodide (Halides) doped Zinc tris-thiourea sulphate (ZTS) were grown from low temperature solution growth technique by slow evaporation method using water as solvent. The powder X-Ray diffraction pattern were recorded and indexed. The UV transmittance spectrum has been recorded. The optical band gap was estimated using Tauc's plot. The TGA/DTA studies show the thermal properties of the crystals.

Plastic Fibre Reinforced Soil Blocks as a Sustainable Building Material[View]
C K Subramania Prasad, E K Kunhanandan Nambiar, Benny Mathews Abraham

Solid waste management, especially the huge quantity of waste plastics, is one of the major environmental concerns nowa-days. Their employability in block making in the form of fibres, as one of the methods of waste management, can be investigated through a fundamental research. This paper highlights the salient observations from a systematic investigation on the effect of embedded fibre from plastic waste on the performance of stabilised mud blocks. Stabilisation of the soil was done by adding cement, lime and their combination. Plastic fibre in chopped form from carry bags and mineral water bottles were added (0.1% & 0.2% by weight of soil) as reinforcement. The blocks were tested for density, and compressive strength, and observed failure patterns were analysed. Blocks with 0.1% of plastic fibres showed an increase in strength of about 3 to 10%. From the observations of failure pattern it can be concluded that benefits of fibre reinforcement includes both improved ductility in comparison with raw blocks and inhibition of crack propogation after its initial formation.

The Effect of Cement Dust Exposure on Haematological Parameters of Cement Factory workers in Nalagonda, Andhra Pradesh[View]
Mohan Rao.Guguloth and Jagadishnaik. Mude

This study was measured on haematological parameters in workers exposed to cement dust in order to test the the hypothesis and to identify a simple, readily available, cost effective screening test that could help in identifying the presence of disease, its severity, that Cement dust exposure may perturb these functions related to their workplace.Assesment of haematological parameters were performed in 100exposed workers occupationally exposed to cement dust and 50 matched unexposed controls with ages ranging from 20-35, 35-50, 50-65 years. The blood samples were taken from them and percentage of hemoglobin, Lymphocytes / monocytes count were analysed.The hemoglobin percentage of exposed workers were significantly lower (P<0.05).Lymphocytes/Monocytes counts of exposed workers was insignificant (P<0.05).These results suggest that long term occupational exposure to cement dust may perturb haemopoietic function.

A Study On Market Efficiency of Selected Commodity Derivatives Traded On Ncdex During 2011[View]

The study aims at testing the weak form of Efficient Market Hypothesis in the context of an emerging commodity market - National Commodity Derivatives Exchange (NCDEX), which is considered as the prime commodity derivatives market in India. The study considered daily spot and futures prices of five selected commodities traded on NCDEX over 12 month period (the futures contracts originating and expiring during the period January 2011 to December 2011) The five commodities chosen are Pepper, Crude palm Oil, steel silver and Chana as they account for almost two-thirds of the value of agricultural commodity derivatives traded on NCDEX. The results of Run test indicate that both spot and futures prices are weak form efficient

Competency Mapping of the Employees[View]
N. Anisha

Human resource management is a process of bringing people and organizations together so that the goals of each other are met. Nowadays it is not possible to show a good financial or operating report unless your personnel relations are in order. Over the years, highly skilled and knowledge based jobs are increasing while low skilled jobs are decreasing. Competency Mapping is a process of identifying key competencies for an organization, the jobs and functions within it. Competency mapping, the buzz word in any industry is not complicated as it may appear. At the heart of any successful activity lies a competence or skill. In the recent years, various thought leaders in business strategy have emphasized the need to identify what competencies a business needs, in order to compete in a specific environment. In this article explains the why competencies needed and how is measured competency of employees in the organization.

Handshaking Problem Associated with Addressing Scheme for the Nodes of a Wireless Sensor Network[View]
Monjur Ahmed

This paper discusses a practical problem that arises when assigning ID to wireless sensor network (WSN) nodes. A WSN is consisted of a number of wireless nodes that collects information from environment by means of different sensors. A gateway server computer acts as a bridge between the WSN and the outside world. The gateway server can essentially have the capability to control any specific node. In any given context, it might be necessary to access any specific node from the gateway server. One of the ways to accomplish this is handshaking. In this paper, a problem with accessing any WSN node is discussed with a possible solution. A critical analysis of the approach is also carried out in conjunction with the suitability of different ways to adopt an addressing scheme for wireless sensor network nodes.

A Survey On Intrusion Detection In Manets[View]
P.BakeyaLakshmi, Mrs.K.Santhi

A mobile ad hoc network is an infrastructureless network that changes its links dynamically, which makes routing in MANET a difficult process. As Mobile Ad-Hoc Network (MANET) has become a very important technology, research concerning its security problem, especially, in intrusion detection has attracted many researchers. Feature selection methodology plays a vital role in the data analysis process. PCA is used to analyze the selected features. This is because, redundant and irrelevant features often reduce performance of the intrusion detection system. It performs better in increasing speed and predictive accuracy. This survey aims to select and analyze the network features using principal component analysis. While performing various experiments, normal and attack states are simulated and the results for the selected features are analyzed.

Utility of Wastage Material as Steel Fibre in Concrete Mix M-20[View]
Ashish Kumar Parashar, Rinku Parashar

Fiber Reinforced Concrete (FRC) is a composite material consisting of cement based matrix with an ordered or random distribution of fiber which can be steel, nylon, polythene etc. The addition of steel fibre increases the properties of concrete, viz., flexural strength, impact strength and shrinkage properties to name a few. A number of papers have already been published on the use of steel fibres in concrete and a considerable amount of research has been directed towards studying the various properties of concrete as well as reinforced concrete due to the addition of steel fibres. Hence, an attempt has been made in the present investigations to study the influence of addition of Lathe Ma-chines wastematerial as fibers at a dosage of 5% to 30% by weight of cement. The properties studied include compressive strength. The stu-dies were conducted on a M20 mix and tests have been carried out. The results are compared and conclusions are made.

Women Share In Science And Technology Education And Their Job Performance In Nigeria [View]
Simon Osezuah, Nwadiani C.O. (Mrs)

This investigation focused on women's share in Science and Technology education and their job performance in Nigeria. The investigation was conducted with two questions that were raised as a guide. A sample of 4886 was drawn through the questionnaire method. Analysis of the data was conducted through the use of frequency count. Findings obtained indicated that there was disparity between male and female gender in access to Science and Technology education in Nigeria, and also that there were no differences between women and men scientists and technologists in job performance. The conclusion was therefore reached that women do not have equal share with men in Science and Technology education even though the male and female scientists and technologists perform jobs equally in Nigeria. Recommendation was therefore made accordingly.

An Identity Based Key Exchange Protocol in Cloud Computing[View]
Venkateswara Rao Molli, Omkar Nath Tiwary

Workflow systems often use delegation to enhance the flexibility of authorization; delegation transfers privileges among us-ers across different administrative domains and facilitates information sharing. We present an independently verifiable delegation mechanism, where a delegation credential can be verified without the participation of domain administrators. This protocol, called role-based cascaded delegation (RBCD), supports simple and efficient cross-domain delegation of authority. RBCD enables a role member to create delegations based on the dynamic needs of collaboration; in the meantime, a delegation chain can be verified by anyone without the participation of role administrators. We also propose the Measurable Risk Adaptive decentralized Role-based Delegation framework to address this problem. Describe an efficient realization of RBCD by using aggregate signatures, where the authentication information for an arbitrarily long role-based delegation chain is captured by one short signature of constant size. RBCD enables a role member to create delegations based on the need of collaboration; in the meantime anyone can verify a delegation chain without the participation of role administrators. The protocol is general and can be realized by any signature scheme. We have described a specific realiza-tion with a hierarchical certificate-based encryption scheme that gives delegation compact credentials.

Study on Analysis of Variance on the indigenous wild and cultivated rice species of Manipur Valley[View]
Medhabati K., Rohinikumar M., Rajiv Das K., Henary Ch., Dikash Th.

The analysis of variance revealed considerable variation among the cultivars and the wild species for yield and other quantitative characters in both the years of investigation. The highly significant differences among the cultivars in year wise and pooled analysis of variance for all the 12 characters reveals that there are enough genetic variabilities for all the characters studied. The existence of genetic variability is of paramount importance for starting a judicious plant breeding programme. Since introduced high yielding rice cultivars usually do not perform well. Improvement of indigenous cultivars is a clear choice for increase of rice production. The genetic variability of 37 rice germplasms in 12 agronomic characters estimated in the present study can be used in breeding programme

A Note on Present Trends in Yoga Apart From Medicine Usage And Its Applications [View]
K V S K Murthy, N V Nagendram

In this paper, we studied together on yoga in regard with yoga acts as cure for various diseases viz., high blood pressure, sugar, chronic head-ache, back pains, spondlites, tensions and stress released by practicing yoga regular basis. Yoga is replacement for any sort of medicine to cure the diseases affected by mankind. On observation except high blood pressure and sugar these two are chronicle diseases so no cure but it is under control unless and otherwise regularly one hour yoga should be in practice. As a result it observed that if three months continuously and rigorously if one practices and involved in yoga totally controlled one's body and eligible for fitness in health which is ultimate goal for everybody. Apart from this if no disease affected even if they practice one hour yoga regular basis one need not take medicine for one's health care and also no question of facing any sort of disease. Mainly, In result high blood pressure to normal blood pressure , sugar bring down to normal sugar by doing pranayama, aasanas, kriyas, mudras and meditation, back pain, neck pain totally got relief by aasanas and exercises prescribed thereof.

An Evaluation of The Implementation of The Educational Reform In Kwara State: A Case Study of The Primary School Level[View]
Akanbi, Abdulrasaq Oladimeji, Ibrahim, I. A, Adebayo, S. A.

The aim of this study was to evaluate the implementation of the educational reform going on in Kwara State, Nigeria. One thousand six hundred 1600 teachers were selected from the 3 senatorial districts of Kwara State using simple random sampling technique. A researcher- designed questionnaire andchecklist were developed to collect relevant data on the educational reform going on in the state. Frequency count and the percentage were employed in analyzing the data collected. The results of the study revealed that the organizational set up, textbooks, procedure for the selection of the curriculum and teachers were quite appropriate. Instructional materials and utilization of human and material resources were moderately appropriate.Space and furniture for teaching was adjudged inadequate. It was recommended that more classroom, furniture and textbooks should be provided in the areas they are lacking and a learner-centred teaching method should be embraced in all schools.

The Relationship B/W Time and Energy[View]
Shiv Raj Aryan

Presented is a theory in fundamental theoretical physics that establishes the relationship between time and energy. This theory abandons the concept that mass is directly affected by relativistic motion and shows instead, that the energy related to an object undergoing such motion is a direct result of the effect time expansion has on velocity. In support of this concept, new equations are introduced for both kinetic and total energy that replace those of special relativity. Subsequent equations for momentum, distance, and acceleration are then derived that establish a direct link between time and energy. A final consequence of this theoretical analysis is the discovery of a new Law of physics, "the Law of acceleration", given in the order of its discovery.

Material Removal By Chemical Mechanical Polishing-A Review[View]
M.Sivanandini, Dr.S S Dhami, Dr. B S Pabla

Polishing, the most expensive machining processes, in terms time and labor costs depending on the required surface finish, optic size, and amount of surface roughness from preceding machining operations. A material could remain on the polishing system for hours to days. Thus, attempting to understand the underlying mechanisms and basic science associated with the polishing process is crucial to, in turn, develop methods and procedures to reduce cost, trim schedule, and bolster performance. With an increased need for low surface roughness optics, as in x-ray and enhanced ultra-violet applications, it is imperative to understand the impacts of changing system variables. This paper reviews mechanism of chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP),to provide some interlinking data that can be used to many fundamental aspects of the CMP mechanism ,in turn can predict process responses, e.g., material removal rate, non-uniformity across the wafer, dielectric erosion and metal dishing. This review will provide a new platform for further investigation in CMP mechanism of material removal.

The Growing Rural-Urban Disparity in India: Some Issues[View]
Dr. Dinesh Das & Minakshee Pathak

The paper critically examines the understanding, approach and indicators that have been used to measure the degree of disparity. It is fact that disparity exists everywhere. However, this paper highlights on disparities existing between rural and urban areas. In this context, it talks about 'why' and 'how' disparities exist between rural and urban areas. The study suggests that 'income' is not a sufficient indicator to capture the magnitude of disparities at any level. It is, therefore, necessary to develop some indicators representing human resource development and infrastructure facility to understand the growing rural-urban disparity in India.

ICT Integration in Nigeria and the Quest for Indigenous Contents: Prospects of the i-CLAP Model Design Initiative [View]
Dr. Azi, J. I.; Dr. Nkom, A. A. & Professor Schweppe, M.

Advances in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is transforming the 21st century learning environment, from its traditional face-to-face, structured curriculum, fixed location and teacher-centered nature, into a more flexible and self-directed process. For instance, variously designed and developed instructional multimedia contents and interfaces in forms of (i) productivity, (ii) educational or (iii) gaming software, enable active learning access as mobile or classroom technologies, interactive tutorials, online discussions, internet conferencing and online databases. However, while this article considers these recent developments such as Intellimedia, NEPAD e-School, OLPC and Intel Classmate projects and so on as trendy and groundbreaking. It observes with discontent that the design of their contents and interfaces seem to be targeted at cross-cultural audiences, with very little or no consideration for minorities like Africa. The authors opine therefore that if the challenge of ICT integration towards bridging the digital divides in Africa must be taken very serious, the task transcends merely supplying networked computer hardware to local schools. Digital contents are required that reflect the beauty and riches of Africa's culture and heritage like music, fashion, architecture, arts and crafts. Against which backdrop, the Interactive Child Learning Aid Project (i-CLAP) model was initiated as a potential indigenous resource, for enhancing pre-primary education in Nigeria adapting the ADDIE model structure. The researchers observe that while 'customization' of ICT applications targeted at local audience is commendable, integrating relevant indigenous contents has the potential to enhance efficacy and consequently raise the motivational level of local learners.

A Mppt Algorithm Based Pv System Connected To Single Phase Voltage Controlled Grid[View]
Sreekanth G, Narender Reddy N, Durga Prasad A, Nagendrababu V

Future ancillary services provided by photovoltaic (PV) systems could facilitate their penetration in power systems. In addition, low-power PV systems can be designed to improve the power quality. This paper presents a single-phase PV system that provides grid voltage support and compensation of harmonic distortion at the point of common coupling thanks to a repetitive controller. The power provided by the PV panels is controlled by a Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm based on the incremental conductance method specifically modified to control the phase of the PV inverter voltage. Simulation and experimental results validate the presented solution.

Pattern of India's Foreign Trade In Pre And Post Reform Era: An Empirical Investigation[View]
Amandeep Kaur

The study investigate the pattern of India's foreign trade and share of india's export and import in world's trade during the period 1960-2010. India's share in world's exports has shown a rising trend. Its share was only 0.5% in 1991. During the period from 1991 to 1997 its share was continuously rose from 0.50% to 0.62% and period of 2009- 2010 it is rise 1.25 %. Similarly, India's share in world imports has also shown a rising trend 1990-2010. It was 1.82% in 1960-61. But in 1969-70 It was 0.8%; it has shown the decreasing trend. The imports share in world imports in 2000-2001 is 0.7% and 2009-2010 the relative share is 1.9% show the increasing trend.The composition of India's exports and imports has grown up significantly. But the imports of food grains and consumer goods have decline due to adoption HYM technology in Indian agriculture.

Analysis of Double Slope Single Basin Solar-Still Using Photo-Catalysts[View]
MD Irfan Ali, S. Madhu Ali, T. Raja Siddhartha.

This paper presents the effect of two different photo-catalysts (PC's) on solar desalination. A double slope single basin solar-still with basin area 1 m2 is used for solar desalination. PC's are the chemicals which enhances the evaporation rate of water in solar-still in the presence of sunlight without reacting with water and without getting consumed. In this work, the performance of solar-still was investigated by using two different PC's 1) Granular activated carbon (GAC) and 2) PbO2, by varying the weight concentration. The performance of solar-still was investigated with 0.5 kg GAC, 1 kg GAC, and by coating the base of solar-still with 0.5 kg PbO2 and 1 kg GAC. The output from the still was considerably increased by the use of PC's.

The Conceptualizing Analysis of Materialize to Dimension of Customer Relationship Management and Brand Equity[View]
Kumar R, Dr Barani G and Jagadeesan S

This article reviews the various approaches to defining and Measuring Brand Equity. CRM strategy (Customer Relationship Management) is a business philosophy, stemming from relationship marketing that joins strategy and technology, with the aim of creating value for both customers and the company. In this paper we justify the interest of establishing a formal system to measure CRM performance. It analyses the diverse views regarding the set of attributes relevant for measurement of Brand equity. Existing measures of brand equity have been classified into three categories for the discussion in the paper. One set of measures are those focusing on outcome of Brand Equity at the product market level, the second category is that of measures related to customer mindset while the third set is based on measurement of financial parameters. The paper presents a comprehensive review of the work done by various researchers over the last few decades. It analyses the merits and limitations of the different types of measures. Based on the observations made by experts in related literature the authors suggest the scope for further research in the discipline.

0-1 Integer Interval Number Programming Approach for the Multilevel Generalized Assignment Problem[View]
Samir A. Abass

In this paper, an approach is suggested to solve the multilevel generalized assignment problem with 0-1 integer interval number programming. In the multilevel generalized assignment problem (MGAP) agents can perform tasks at more than one efficiency level. MGAP is the complicated form of the classical generalized assignment problem (GAP). A profit is associated with each assignment and the objective of the problem is profit maximization. In mathematical programming problem, the coefficients in the objective function and the constraint functions are always determined as crisp values. In practice, however, there are many decision situations where the objective functions and/or the constraints are uncertain to some degree. Over the last two decades, interval programming based on the interval analysis has been developed as a useful and simple method to deal with this type of uncertainty. The interval numbers will be in the constraints. A parametric study is carried out for the problem of concern.

Women Education in Nigeria: Predicaments and Hopes [View]
Dr. Francis Akubuilo

This paper is focused on women education in Nigeria. It traces the genesis of western education in Nigeria and bias that has existed from the traditional Nigerian society against women education. It identified and discussed barriers to women education in Nigeria. Recent trend in enrolment at various levels of education shows improvement in favor of women. In view of this realization, this paper argues that if the current momentum is sustained, women will not only achieve equal status to men in educational attainment but also have the tendency to surpass men within the next ten to fifteen years. The implications could be outreaching as the paper proffers some recommendations.

Battery Operated Auto-rickshaw and Its Role in Urban Income and Employment Generation[View]
Rana M. S., Hossain F., Roy S. S., Mitra S. K.

Battery operated auto-rickshaw has been playing significant role in urban income and employment generation since the very beginning of its introducing. Investment on this mode is highly economically beneficial as it involves an income-cost ratio of 1.85. On average, income of individual operators from their previous occupations was BDT 251.75 per day while driving of the mode has doubled it. In addition, around 21% of the operators were unemployed previously who are now provided with employment by the mode. Furthermore, around 38% of total operators were intended to migrate if the mode would not have been introduced in their towns. Driving of the mode having some clear benefits over other occupations available in local towns has become a popular medium of income to poor urban dwellers

Design of Interline Unified Power Quality Conditioner for Power Quality Disturbances using Simulink[View]
G.Kumaraswamy, Y.Rajasekhar Reddy,Ch.Harikrishna

Proliferation of electronic equipment in commercial and industrial processes has resulted in increasingly sensitive electrical loads to be fed from power distribution system which introduce contamination to voltage and current waveforms at the point of common coupling of industrial loads. The unified power quality conditioner (UPQC) is connected between two different feeders (lines), hence this method of connection of the UPQC is called as Interline UPQC (IUPQC).This paper proposes a new connection for a UPQC to improve the power quality of two feeders in a distribution system. Interline Unified Power Quality Conditioner (IUPQC), specifically aims at the integration of series VSC and Shunt VSC to provide high quality power supply by means of voltage sag/swell compensation, harmonic elimination and power factor correction in a power distribution network, so that improved power quality can be made available at the point of common coupling. The structure, control and capability of the IUPQC are discussed in this paper. The efficiency of the proposed configuration has been verified through simulation using MATLAB/ SIMULINK.

Industrial Based Migration In India A Case Study Of Dumdum –Dunlop Industrial Zone [View]
Biplab Das, Aditya Bandyopadhyay, Jayashree Sen

Migration is a very important part in our present society. Basically Millions of people moved during the industrial revolution. Some simply moved from a village to a town in the hope of finding work whilst others moved from one country to another in search of a better way of life. The main reason for moving home during the 19th century was to find work. On one hand this involved migration from the countryside to the growing industrial cities, on the other it involved rates of migration, emigration, and the social changes that were drastically affecting factors such as marriage, birth and death rates. These social changes taking place as a result of capitalism had far ranging affects, such as lowering the average age of marriage and increasing the size of the average family

ZnO/Ag Composite Nanoparticles for Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Sensor Application in UV-Vis Region[View]
Md. Ashraful Islam, Imran Khan

In this paper we have analyzed a composite nanoparticle (ZnO/Ag) to find out either it is compatible or not to use it as a surface plasmon resonance (SPR) based sensor. For this sensor we have considered the UV-Visible (UV-Vis) region. The surface plasmon resonance responses of the ZnO/Ag are found for sample-I at 363 nm and 453 nm and for sample-II at 355 nm and 455 nm. The surface plasmon resonance responses of other single nanoparticles are also discussed here for performance comparison in the UV-Vis region to distinguish a better SPR based sensor that works both in UV as well as in visible region.

Effect of Temperature on Viscosity of S-Substituted Triazinothiocarbamides In 60% Dioxane Water Mixture [View]
A. M. Kshirsagar, D.T. Tayade

S-triazine and thiocarbamide group containing drug create their own identity in the drug, pharmaceutical and medicinal sciences in last four decades. Hence, the viscometric measurements of recently synthesized drugs viz. 1-(4-hydroxy-6-methyl)-S-triazino-3-phenylthiocarbamide (L1) and 1-(4-hydroxy-6-methyl)-S-triazino-3-methylthiocarbamide (L2), were carried out at 60% various percentage of solvent to investigate effect of structure, on group of S-triazinothiocarbamides. The result obtained during this investigation directly through light on the dipole association of compound, intermolecular attraction between solute and solvent, dielectric constant of medium, polarizability and mutual compensation of dipoles and useful for drug absorption, transmission, stability, activity and effect of drug.

Cochlear Implant Using Neural Prosthetics[View]
Shweta Gupta , Shashi kumar Singh,Pratik Dubey

This research is based on neural prosthetic device. The oldest and most widely used of these electrical, and often computerized, devices is the cochlear implant, which has provided hearing to thousands of congenitally deaf people in this country. Recently, the use of the cochlear implant is expanding to the elderly, who frequently suffer major hearing loss. More cutting edge are artificial retinas, which are helping dozens of blind people see, and "smart" artificial arms and legs that amputees can maneuver by thoughts alone, and that feel more like real limbs.

"Voluntary Body Donation" The Gift That Lives On Forever[View]
Dr. S. Saritha, Dr.M.Vittoo rao, Dr. Sumangala, Dr. G. Supriya, Mr. Praveen Kumar

Body donation is a gracious act, Shankarcharaya firmly believed in concept of Body Donation or Organ Donation and said Iddham sharirum paropakarum i.e. the body is for use of others and death is not the end, it is the beginning. Anatomy is important basic subject for medical students, both U.G. & P.G. Best method of Anatomy learning is by dissection on human cadavers, which remains principle teaching tool. Human cadavers for purpose of study are a scarcity with mushrooming of medical institutions in this country. Unclaimed bodies are no more origin of cadavers. Whole Body donation is the need of the hour. A Voluntary Body Donation is defined as the act of giving one's Body after death for Medical research and education. In this article a survey was done in S.V.S. Medical & Dental Colleges Faculty members and medical exhibition visitors which include lawyers, engineers, teachers and others during the year of 2010. The body donation including organ donation and various factors such as age, religion, culture and donor's attitude are discussed. Body donation provides the students and medical researchers with unparalleled opportunities to study the human

Microcontroller based Fault Detector [View]
Nishith Joshi

Purpose: The aim of this research is to develop a device used to detect faults in the line and isolate the connected system or instrument connected to it. Scope: This device involves the use of microcontroller for detection and isolation of the system of instrument with proper use of programming. The instrument devised is economical and effective compared to other protective devices available in market. After the patent of the product a large scale production is also possible for consumer use!

Efficacy Of Indexing And Abstracting Services In The Dissemination Of Agricultural Information Resources In The Institute For Agricultural Research Library, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria [View]
Kasa, M.Gabriel

Purpose: The efficacy of Indexing and Abstracting service for effective organization, storage and retrieval of information resources for agricultural research in Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria necessitated examining the situation in Agricultural Library, Institute for Agricultural Research, Samaru. The study examines the processes, awareness and problems militating against the effective exploitation of the indexing and abstracting services in the Agricultural library established in 1975. The study was conducted ex post facto, data collected span from 2006-2010. Total sample sizes of 752 patrons and 20,236 intellectually indexed and abstracted resources were involved in the study. Data collected were subjected to descriptive and inferential statistics. The result revealed that a total of 644 articles were indexed and abstracted, 35% of these was done in 2010. Results for awareness show 452 (60.11%) to be aware in 2008. A total 584 articles were indexed and abstracted from which 167 (28.59%) was retrieved in 2006. Patrons, 270 (35.90%) attributed the poor use of the service to assumption it is a referral unit. The hypothesis testing revealed that there is significant association between articles indexed and abstracted with information consulted by patrons (χ2cal,100.31> χ2tab,9.488) at 5% level of probability and df, 4. In conclusion, enormous documents on Nigerian agriculture are indexed and abstracted in the unit, implying that the service is desirous and consistent. The study recommends that the unit should explore the use of modern technology, employ a permanent subject specialist, train and retrain the unit staff as well as intensify it general orientation campaigns to focus on awareness and use of the indexing and abstracting services.

Dynamism of Transportation and Land Use Interaction in Urban Context[View]
Rajesh J Pandya, Dr. B. K. Katti

Transportation in urban areas is highly complex and the urban transport system is intricately linked with urban form and spatial structure. Urban transit is an important dimension of mobility, notably in high density areas. The spatial separation of human activities which creates the need for travel and goods transport is the underlying principle of transport analysis and forecasting. To understand the complex relationships between transportation and land use and to help the urban planning process, several models have been developed. Many theories, models are developed by different authors on land use and transportation interaction, which clearly indicate that change in land use transformation have a greater impact on transportation. Similarly, introducing new transportation facility or strengthening of existing transport facility makes an impact on the abutting land. In cities like Delhi, Navi Mumbai, Ahmedabad, introducing of new mass transport system or strengthening of existing transportation system had given greater impact on surrounding development. In this Paper the major theoretical approaches to explain the two-way interaction of land use and transport in metropolitan areas are summarized. The paper also reviews research on the two-way interaction between urban land use and transport, i.e. the location and mobility responses of private actors (households and firms, travelers) to changes in the urban land use and transport system at the urban regional level.

Sustainable Energy Production from Jatropha Biodiesel[View]
Amit Kumar Yadav, Vijay Krishna

The demand for petroleum has risen rapidly due to increasing industrialization and modernization of the world. This economic development has led to a huge demand for energy, where the major part of that energy is derived from fossil sources such as petroleum, coal and natural gas. Continued use of petroleum sourced fuels is now widely recognized as unsustainable because of depleting supplies. There is a growing interest in using Jatropha curcas L. oil as the feedstock for biodiesel production because it is non-edible and thus does not compromise the edible oils, which are mainly used for food consumption. Further, J. curcas L. seed has a high content of free fatty acids that is converted in to biodiesel by trans esterification with alcohol in the presence of a catalyst. The biodiesel produced has similar properties to that of petroleum-based diesel. Biodiesel fuel has better properties than petro diesel fuel; it is renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics. Biodiesel seems to be a realistic fuel for future. Biodiesel has the potential to economically, socially, and environmentally benefit communities as well as countries, and to contribute toward their sustainable development.

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