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Effects of Plymetrics Training and Weight Training on selected Motor Ability Components among University Male Students[]

Introduction: The aim of this study was to find out the effects of plyometrics training and weight training among university male students. Procedure: 60 male students from the different colleges of the Burdwan University were randomly selected as subjects and their age were 19-25 years served as Weight training Group (WTG), second group served as Plyometric Training Group (PTG) and the third group served as Control Group (CT). Eight weeks weight training and six weeks plyometric training were given for experiment accordingly. The control group was not given any training except of their routine. The selected subjects were measured of their motor ability components, speed, endurance, explosive power and agility. ANCOVA was calculation for statistical treatment. Finding: Plyometric training and weight training groups significantly increase speed, endurance, explosive power and agility. Conclusion: The plyometric training has significantly improved speed, explosive power, muscular endurance and agility. The weight training programme has significantly improved agility, muscular endurance, and explosive power. The plometric training is superior to weight training in improving explosive power, agility and muscular endurance.

Investment Avenues[]

Investors are a heterogeneous group, they may be large or small, rich or poor, expert or lay man and not all investors need equal degree of protection (Mayya, 1996). An investor has three objectives while investing his money, namely safety of invested money, liquidity position of invested money and return on investment. The return on investment may further be divided into capital gain and the rate of return on investment as interest or dividend. Among all investment options available, securities are considered the most challenging as well as rewarding. Securities include shares, debentures, derivatives, units of mutual funds, Government securities etc. An investor may be an individual or corporate legal entity investing funds with a view to derive maximum economic advantage from investment such as rate of return, capital appreciation, marketability, tax advantage and convenience of investment

Hysteresis Control For Current Harmonics Suppression Using Shunt Active Filter[]

Recently wide spread of power electronic equipment has caused an increase of the harmonic disturbances in the power systems. The nonlinear loads draw harmonic and reactive power components of current from ac mains. Current harmonics generated by nonlinear loads such as adjustable speed drives, static power supplies and UPS. Thus a perfect compensator is required to avoid the consequences due to harmonics. To overcome problems due to harmonics, Shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF) has been considered extensively. SAPF has better harmonic compensation than the other approaches used for solving the harmonic related problems. The performance of the SAPF depends upon different control strategies. This paper presents the performance analysis of SAPF under most important control strategy namely instantaneous real active and reactive power method (p-q) for extracting reference currents of shunt active filters under unbalanced load condition. Detailed simulations have been carried out considering this control strategy and adequate results were presented. In this paper, harmonic control strategy is applied to compensate the current harmonics in the system. A detailed study about the harmonic control method has been used using shunt active filter technique.

Role of Self-help Group in Substance Addiction Recovery[]

The Narcotics Anonymous (NA)/Alcoholic Anonymous(AA) is based on the philosophy of self-help, where the former addicts and recovering addicts share experiences, provide emotional support and do active monitoring through mentoring. In mentoring, a former addict with longer duration of drug-free life acts as a guide to the newly recovering addict. Objective: The objective was to study the effect of involvement in self help group upon addict's level of depression, functional social support, and anxiety. Method: The size of the sample was 60. 30 addicts were taken from rehabilitation centre and 30 were taken from self-help groups. ANOVA was used to analyze the result. Result: In all the criteria it was found that there exists a significant impact of Self-help group. Conclusion: Self-help group provide clients with a social network of individuals with similar problems and experiences, since most of these individuals may be isolated from society due to the social stigma attached to their addictions. The transition from being help recipients to being helpers enables recovering addicts to build their self-confidence and feelings of being wanted and desired in society, which facilitates their self-confidence and positive self-esteem

Statistical approach for Dissolved Gas Analysis on power Transformer []

Determining transformer condition is useful in itself for making short term decisions regarding operation and maintenance. Dissolved gas analysis is the most important tool in determining the condition of a transformer. Transformer generates gases while subject to Electrical and Thermal stresses in operation Dissolved Gas Analysis used to diagnosis the fault based on this gases. In this paper Interpretation of Dissolved Gas analysis is discussed and A statistical approach is explained using support vector machine to diagnosis the Transformer fault.

Behavioural model of Spin Torque Transfer Magnetic Tunnel Junction, Using Verilog-A[]

A novel simple and efficient model of Spin Torque Transfer Magnetic Tunnel Junction (STT-MTJ) is presented. The model is implemented using Verilog-A. The model accurately emulates the main properties of an STT-MTJ which includes Tunnel Magneto resistance Ratio (TMR), its dependence on the voltage bias and the Critical switching current. The novelty of the model lies in the fact that the voltage dependence of TMR has been modeled using a single equation dividing it into three different operating regions. A register based on the model is also developed. The model can be used for faster simulations of hybrid Magnetic CMOS circuits and in various other wide range of applications. The models were verified using Synopsys Hspice 2010.

An Efficient 16-Bit Multiplier based on Booth Algorithm[]

Multipliers are key components of many high performance systems such as, microprocessors, digital signal processors, etc. Optimizing the speed and area of the multiplier is a major design issue which are usually conflicting constraints so that improving speed results mostly in larger areas. A VHDL designed architecture based on booth multiplication algorithm is proposed which not only optimize speed but also efficient on energy use.

Anti Theft Mechanism Through Face recognition Using FPGA[]

The use of vehicle is must for everyone. At the same time, protection from theft is also very important. Prevention of vehicle theft can be done remotely by an authorized person. The location of the car can be found by using GPS and GSM controlled by FPGA. In this paper, face recognition is used to identify the persons and comparison is done with the preloaded faces for authorization. The vehicle will start only when the authorized person's face is identified. In the event of theft attempt or unauthorized person's trial to drive the vehicle, an MMS/SMS will be sent to the owner along with the location. Then the authorized person can alert the security personnel for tracking and catching the vehicle. For face recognition, a Principal Component Analysis (PCA) algorithm is developed using MATLAB. The control technique for GPS and GSM is developed using VHDL over SPTRAN 3E FPGA. The MMS sending method is written in VB6.0. The proposed application can be implemented with some modifications in the systems wherever the face recognition or detection is needed like, airports, international borders, banking applications etc.

Effect Of Cutting Velocity / Stem Size On The Efficiency Of Nrcri Cassava Stem Cutting Machine[]

The developed NRCRI (National Root Crops Research Institute) cassava stem cutting machine was evaluated. The cassava stems from the variety TME 419 were used. The sizes of the stem used were 1.8, 2.0, 2.3 and 2.6cm. Also, different cutting velocities of 1.20, 1.23 and 1.32m/s were used. The stakes produced has length of 2.5cm. Analysis of variance in RCBD was used to evaluate the effect of the cutting velocity and the stem size on the efficiency of the cutting machine. The result of the analysis showed that the cutting velocity had very highly significant effect, while the stem size had no significant effect at 5% level on the efficiency of the cutting machine. The data obtained also showed that the highest and least cutting efficiencies of 99.42 and 94.71% were obtained with the machine cutting velocities of 1.2 and 1.32m/s respectively.

Synthesis and charcterization of Nanocrystalline NiCuZn Ferrite prepared by Sol-gel auto combution method.[]

Promising future applications of ferrite nanoparticles in medicine, making many devices like permanent magnets, memory storage devices etc. Ferrite nanoparticles have been the emerging focus of the recent scientific research. Therefore nanostructured powders of ferrites having chemical compositions [Ni0.8-xCu0.2Znxfe2O4], where x=0.3, 0.5, synthesised through nitrate citrate by sol-gel autocombustion method from stoichiometric mixture of their respective metal nitrate. The prepared powders were sintered at 400 0C and 600 0C for 4 hours. The structural, morphology, ferrite formation of powder were determined by X-ray powder diffractometry (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) photograph of the samples and Infrared (IR) spectroscopy technique. The X-ray revealed the formation of nano-sized ferrite particles with cubic spinel structure and the cubic phase in the ferrite matrix. The IR shows the characteristic ferrite bonds were confirmed. The average crystalline particles sized were calculated by Scherrer formula. The average crystalline size obtained from XRD was found between 40 and 44nm. The lattice parameters, X-ray density and bond length are different parameters are calculated from XRD patterns. The UV-Visible Spectroscopy of prepared sample shows that the band gap energy in the range of semiconductor materials. The Coercivity was found to change in proportionally and sintering temperature with the particle sizes of the investigated ferrites.

Efficient Preprocessing technique using Web log mining[]

Web Usage Mining can be described as the discovery and Analysis of user access pattern through mining of log files and associated data from a particular websites. No. of visitors interact daily with web sites around the world. enormous amount of data are being generated and these information could be very prize to the company in the field of accepting Customer's behaviors. In this paper a complete preprocessing style having data cleaning, user and session Identification activities to improve the quality of data. Efficient preprocessing technique one of the User Identification which is key issue in preprocessing technique phase is to identify the Unique web users. Traditional User Identification is based on the site structure, being supported by using some heuristic rules, for use of this reduced the efficiency of user identification solve this difficulty we introduced proposed Technique DUI (Distinct User Identification) based on IP address ,Agent and Session time ,Referred pages on desired session time. Which can be used in counter terrorism, fraud detection and detection of unusual access of secure data, as well as through detection of regular access behavior of users improve the overall designing and performance of upcoming access of preprocessing results.

On Double Integrals[]

The present paper is related with the study of the integration of certain products of -function [7], M-series [9] and a general class of polynomials [11]. During the course of finding, we establish certain new double integration involving to a product of a general class of polynomial, M- series and -functions. The results of this paper are believed to be new and basic in nature and are likely to find useful application in various fields notably electrical networks, probability theory and statistical mechanics etc.

Three Tier Unified Process Model for Requirement Negotiations and Stakeholder Collaborations[]

This research paper is focused towards carrying out a pragmatic qualitative analysis of various models and approaches of requirements negotiations (a sub process of requirements management plan which is an output of scope management's collect requirements process) and studies stakeholder collaborations methodologies (i.e. from within communication management knowledge area). Experiential analysis encompass two tiers; first tier refers to the weighted scoring model while second tier focuses on development of SWOT matrices on the basis of findings of weighted scoring model for selecting an appropriate requirements negotiation model. Finally the results are simulated with the help of statistical pie charts. On the basis of simulated results of prevalent models and approaches of negotiations, a unified approach for requirements negotiations and stakeholder collaborations is proposed where the collaboration methodologies are embeded into selected requirements negotiation model as internal parameters of the proposed process alongside some external required parameters like MBTI, opportunity analysis etc.

Empirical Analysis Of Effects Of Bank Mergers And Acquisitions On Small Business Lending In Nigeria []

Mergers and acquisitions are the major instruments of the recent banking reforms in Nigeria. The effects and the implications of the reforms on the lending practices of merged banks to small businesses were considered in this study. These effects were divided into static and dynamic effects (restructuring, direct and external). Data were collected by cross-sectional research design and were subsequently analyzed by the ordinary least square (OLS) method. The analyses show that bank size, financial characteristics and deposit of non-merged banks are positively related to small business lending. While for the merged banks, the reverse is the case. From the above result, it is evident that merger and acquisition have not only static effect on small business lending but also dynamic effect, therefore, given the central position of small businesses in the current government policy on industrialization in Nigeria, policy makers in Nigeria, should consider both the static and dynamic effects of merger and acquisition on small business lending in their policy thrust.

A global approach for detecting mass in Digital Mammograms[]

This paper proposes some image processing methods for detecting breast masses in mammograms. This approach is global in the sense the breast region along with the background and pectoral muscle is used as input for detecting mass. First, the mammogram is preprocessed for noise reduction and image enhancement. We introduce a thresholding method to obtain rough region of interest. Connected component labeling is then applied to the binarized image to get discrete regions or objects. The objects are subjected to various yes or no criterian which narrows down the region that are most likely to be the mass. The proposed work is done using the Mammography Image Analysis Society (MIAS) database. This work shows that connected component labeling can be used to detect masses in digital mammograms effectively.

Design of Dual band Modified Inverted F-Antenna for Military and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) Applications by Numerical Analysis []

A design of single feed Dual Band Modified Inverted F-Antenna (IFA) operating at 4.45 GHz (4.4-4.7GHz) and 5.9 GHz (5.850-5.925 GHz) has been proposed in this paper. The design is initiated by trial and error method of Numerical Analysis and method of moments (MoM's) in Numerical Electromagnetic code (NEC) is used to design, simulate and analyze this antenna. The results exhibit a proper operation of the antenna in terms of return loss, bandwidth, efficiency, VSWR, and gain at both bands. Proposed antenna is designed to achieve multi-serving purposes. Military applications and applications in the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are the most important applications within the above mentioned frequency bands respectively. The simulated results including performance parameters of antenna are presented and all are acceptable for the standard antennas.

CRM as a General Practice of Every Business Organization []

Every business unit emphasizes on spurting a long term relationship with customers to nurture its stability in today's blooming market. Customer's expectations are now not only limited to get best products and services, they also need a face-to-face business in which they want to receive exactly what they demand and in a quick time. Customer Relationship Management is an upright concept or strategy to solidify relations with customers and at the same time reducing cost and enhancing productivity and profitability in business. An ideal CRM system is a centralized collection all data sources under an organization and provides an atomistic real time vision of customer information. A CRM system is vast and significant, but it be can implemented for small business, as well as large enterprises also as the main goal is to assist the customers efficiently.

A New Approach to Design of an optimized Grid Tied Smart Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System[]

Energy is the key element for the economical development of a country. With the increasing concern about the global demand for Renewable Energy (RE) energy, it is very much important to reduce the cost of the whole solar photovoltaic (PV) system. Still now most of the solar photovoltaic (PV) system is highly expensive. In this paper we have shown that grid tied solar system can be developed by omitting the energy storage device like large capacity battery bank. It will not only reduce the internal losses for charging and discharging of battery bank but also at the same time a large amount of cost of the battery will be reduced. So, the system maintenance cost will be reduced also. We have proposed a new approach to design a photovoltaic (PV) solar power system which can be operated by feeding the solar power to the national grid along with the residential load. Again if there is an extra power demand for residential load along with the solar power then this system can also provide an opportunity to consume the power from the national grid. The total system is controlled with the help of some the sensors and a microcontroller. As a whole a significant reduction in the system costs and efficient system performance can be realized.

Comparative analysis between direct Conventional Mandibular nerve block and Vazirani-Akinosi closed mouth Mandibular nerve block technique []

Introduction: Over the years different techniques have been developed for achieving mandibular nerve anaesthesia. The main aim of our study was to carry out comparison and clinical efficacy of mandibular nerve anaesthesia by Direct Conventional technique with that of Vazirani-Akinosi mandibular nerve block technique. Materials and Methods: 50 adult patients requiring surgical extraction of premolars, mandibular first, second and third molars were selected randomly to receive Direct Conventional technique and Vazirani- Akinosi technique for nerve block alternatively. Results: No statistically significant differences were observed regarding complete lip anaesthesia at 5 minutes and 10 minutes, nerves anaesthetized with single injection, effectiveness of anaesthesia, supplementary injections and complications in both the techniques. However, onset of lip anaesthesia was found to be faster in Vazirani-Akinosi technique, patients experienced less pain during the Vazirani-Akinosi technique as compared to the Direct Conventional technique. Post injection complication complications were less in the Vazirani-Akinosi Technique. Conclusions: Except for faster onset of lip anaesthesia, less pain during injection and fewer post injection complications in Vazirani-Akinosi technique all other parameters were of same efficacy as Direct Conventional technique. This has strong clinical applications as in cases with limited mouth opening, apprehensive patients Vazirani-Akinosi technique is the indicated technique of choice.

Performance of Styrene Butadiene Rubber as a Concrete Repair Material in tropical climate[]

Deterioration of Concrete due to variety of reasons like corrosion of steel, inferior quality of materials as well as workmanship and exposure to aggressive environment like thermal cycling affect the performance or damage a number of Reinforced cement concrete structures. In order to repair these structures for enhancing the service life, number of methods and materials are available. But the degree of success of any repair in concrete depends mainly on the correct choice and the method of application of repair materials. This paper discusses the details of an experimental investigation on the performance of Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) as a concrete repair material in tropical climatic conditions. Resistance to water penetration and tensile cracking are two important performance criteria for any repair material. Cement mortar cubes of mix proportion 1:3 with SBR added at the rate of 20% of the weight of cement, and control specimens without SBR were made. Compressive strength and sorptivity values of the cubes were determined. Shear Bond strength (by slant shear test) and splitting tensile strength of the repaired cylinder specimens of standard dimensions, in which SBR used as a bonding agent were determined. These values were compared with the values obtained for the similar specimens, in which the bonding agent applied was conventional cement slurry. The influence of thermal cycling on the properties of repaired concrete specimens were also studied. A comparison has also been made with the values required to meet the standard specifications of a repair material.

Consumer Perception and Buying Decisions(The Pasta Study)[]

The project "consumer perception and buying behavior (the pasta study") is basically measures the development of perception through different variables and identify those factors which stimulate buying decision of consumer. Among various variables which effect consumer buying pattern I choose AWARENESS and AVAILABILITY of the product as two main variables which have strong effect on popularity and sale of pasta product. As my research is totally based on qualitative method that's why I choose quota sampling technique and collect data by interviewing house wives resides in different areas of Karachi. The reason of choosing only house wives as respondent is that house wives can give true insight factors which hinder the popularity of pasta products in Pakistan. Focus group discussions have been conducted to extract findings out of the whole prolem.30 house wives have been interviewed and their responses have been analyzed.

Synthesis and Electro Chemical Application of NixCo(1-X)O Nanocomposites[]

The electrode material of NixCo (1-x)O nanocomposites were prepared by using microwave assisted solvo-thermal method .The NixCo(1-x)O composites were prepared for different ratios as follows (X=0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0).The prepared samples were characterized by Powder X-ray Diffraction spectra (P-XRD),Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR),UV-Visible spectroscopy and Scanning electron microscope (SEM). The electrical conductivity of pelletised samples were measured for different temperatures ranging from 40-150oC at various frequencies viz.,100Hz, 1kHz,10kHz,100kHz and 1MHz.

Educational Status of the Married Women and Their Participation at Household Decision Making in Rural Bangladesh[]

The key focus of this study is to explain the level of education of married women and their participation in decision making process at different arena of rural household. To find out the nature of the reality, survey research design was used for this study. The study was conducted at Maharajpur, one of the unions of Jhenidah district in Bangladesh in 2011. The respondents of the study consisted of 120 married women who were purposively selected from the study area. Data were collected through direct interview method using an interview schedule. Data were shown on univariate, as well as bivariate statistical tables and then analyzed. The study reveals that a significant percent (93.3) of higher level of education completed women had their consent of getting married whereas no consent was made by illiterate women. In the same way 46.7 percent higher level of education completed women had high level of purchasing power in compare to illiterate (.0%) and primary (14.6%) level completed women for the same level of purchasing. In the political decision making 86.7 percent higher level of education completed women had own consent to vote for election in contrast to 77.8 percent illiterate and 70.7 percent primary level completed women were influenced by their husband to decide voting.

A Hybrid Complex Method for Optimization of Rigidly Jointed Plane Frames[]

An efficient and reliable procedure is presented for the minimum weight design of moment-resisting plane steel frames subjected to the stress constraints of the AISC-LRFD specifications. The cross-section of a typical member consists of a symmetrical I-section whose web and flange dimensions are considered as design variables. In order to achieve computational economy the problem is decomposed into two sets of variables. The more sensitive variables are found by modified Complex Method of Box and the less sensitive variables are determined by fully-stressed design procedure. To evaluate the performance of the developed algorithm two numerical problems are solved.

Equation for Consciousness in terms of Physics[]

Based on the concepts 'Double Relativity Effect'. 'Film theory of the Universe ','Heart of the God model of the universe' and 'Space time equivalence', it is concluded that consciousness is defined in terms of physics as "the electromagnetic field containing electromagnetic waves of velocity greater than that of light velocity." Also it is concluded that because of this high velocity the cell or any living organism will get the perception of events before their happenings. This phenomenon is one of the properties of feeling which is a constituent of consciousness. The degree or strength of consciousness can be measured and defined as the distance of point of generation of conscious wave from the center of space time fluid related to consciousness (d). It can be measured by the equation VCW3.d2 = Constant. Where 'VCW' is the velocity of consciousness wave observed. The unit of measurement for degree or strength of consciousness is 'conscious meter'.


The main aim of the research was to get the knowledge of present trends and technologies used in it field. Virtualization Allows multiple applications to run in isolation within virtual machines on the same physical machine. Virtualization provides direct access to the hardware resources to give you much greater performance than software emulation. VMware provides hardware virtualization that presents a complete x86 platform to the virtual machine. By doing this project we get an opportunity to learn about an emerging field of IT Sector. They also gave us the details of project like 'Storage Vmmotion' on which HP is currently working.

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