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Lab View Based Exhalation Monitoring System[]

Respiration is a process in which inspiration and expiration occurs. Oxygen is both inhaled as well as exhaled along with carbon-di-oxide and other gases. During this process the percentage of Oxygen that is given out by a person is also a cause for a majority of the pulmonary diseases. The main idea of our project is to monitor the amount of oxygen expired by a patient compared to the intake and identifying the disease related to it. The proposed project uses an O2 sensor and a pressure sensor, which receives a signal that has to be processed from a differential breath flow sensor. The differential breath flow sensor contains an orifice which creates a difference in the pressure thus monitoring the flow rate of each breath of the subject using a pressure sensor. The O2 sensor also gets the input from the differential breath flow sensor and it monitors the amount of oxygen inspired and expired. The net flow from the pressure sensor and the oxygen percentage from the O2 sensor is fed to the NIDAQ as analog and digital signals and the final output is given based on comparison with the normal ranges that are stored in the database.

Growth Scenario And Marketing Strategies Of Life Insurance Industry[]

India ranked 9th among the 156 countries in Life insurance business. Life insurance market is expanding at a rapid speed and continue to grow in the coming decades since India has a very large untapped market and all the major drivers like women entry into organised and unorganised sector, enhanced income, rising middle class income, awareness of risk in the life, increased standard of living, development of micro families, disposableness of personal income etc., all are supporting the cause of making life insured. Besides the LIC some important private players are also picking up slowly and are giving tough fight to LIC. Looking at the trends in insurance industry one can predict that public and private sectors shall continue to exist and serve the masses more competitively than previous. Customer satisfaction is most important to stay in competition because satisfied customers enhance profitability.

Devices of Computer Network Security and Visualization Control System: Design and Implementation[]

Depending on the applications of analysis for the control technology in the computer visualization network security protection and security procedures, from the corners of the natural / physical environment and software of the network system and environmental security. This article offers a security system monitoring solution recognize the network using the tools of Internet (TOI), communications and other visualization technologies. Security perceptions of Control System In environments of computer network, using radio frequency identification (RFID) of TOI and integration of communication technology for the implementation of systems integration design. In the security environment of network physical, gas, temperature, humidity , and visualization technologies to do overseeing all environmental data, technology is used dynamic visualization environment security network system, and a user-defined security some impact items , used record protection for data analysis fast, and extends control of the interface I/O through the evolution of the API and the AT command, computer and network security monitoring imagine based on the Internet and GSM/GPRS is obtained. That enables the users to perform interactive visualization and control of network security an environment by E-MAIL, WEB, also PDA, mobile phone a short message and the Internet. In testing system, through the intermediate server, security data visualization and information in real time with the deflection has been achieved 3-5% that has proven the feasibility of the computers network security, Awareness system control.

Insight on Protection of Universities Networks Information Security: The Problems and the Solutions[]

In the current age of information and progress technology, network education has been boosted and leap toward develop m occasionally especially in its applications of IT and ICT technology as well as enhancing and increasing the talents in le learning and training , which makes learning in education more of privatization and of opening up. In order to better enable learners to go beyond the constraints of space and time to attain the knowledge; to provide an effective learning environment for greater freedom and greater multi choice of learning activity space, the project to build university network high security become the basis of all university building work. The university network has a number of tasks such as teaching, learning, training, research, management, and communication with each other and outside of universities. Therefore, the related issue of network security has become a priority to each university network administration. Unquestionably and obviously, the current internet is very convenient, but at the same time it is unsafe. As part of the internet and unparalleled attributes of university network, it is liable to more easily attacked when exploring and enjoying the service provided by the internet. This study begins from the current security status of the university network, threatens to analyzing university network security and strategies to continue maintenance of network security systems. In addition to establish a suitable university network security system, to explain and introduce and highlight on some current public problems and university network information security solutions.


In this paper we examine the problem of defending privacy for publishing search engine logs. Search engines play a vital role in the navigation through the enormity of the Web. Privacy-preserving data publishing (PPDP) provides techniques and tools for publishing helpful information while preserving data privacy. Recently, PPDP has received significant attention in research communities, and several approaches have been proposed for different data publishing situations. In this paper we learn privacy preservation for the publication of search engine query logs. Consider a subject that even after eliminating all personal characteristics of the searcher, which can serve as associations to his identity, the magazine of such data, is still subject to privacy attacks from opponents who have partial knowledge about the set. Our tentative results show that the query log can be appropriately anonymized against the particular attack, while retaining a significant volume of helpful data. In this paper we learn about problem in search logs and why the log is not secure and how to create log secure using data mining algorithm and methods like Generalization, Suppression and Quasi identifier.

Non-Homogeneous Unsteady-State Problem of an inverse of thin annular disc with internal heat source[]

The present paper deal with the determination of an inverse unsteady state thermoelastic problem of thin annular disc with internal heat source applied for upper plane surface By applying Marchi-zgrablich and Laplace integral transform technique .To study inverse response of finite length thin annular disc with internal heat sources with third kind boundary conditions to determined linear temperature, displacement and stress function. The results are obtained in terms of infinite series and the numerical calculations are carried out by using MATHCAD -7 software and shown graphically.

The Challenges of Multi-Core Processor[]

One of the most important trend of increasing the speed of processor to get a boost in performance is Multi-core. Multi-core processors are the new direction manufacturers are focusing on. A multi-core processor has many advantages especially for those looking to boost their multitasking computing power of system. These kinds of processors provide few complete execution cores instead of one, each with an independent interface to the front side bus. Since each core has its own cache, so the only one operating system which has sufficient resources and provides a noticeable improvement to multitasking can handle intensive tasks in parallel. But in fact there are some pluses and minuses when we add new cores. In this article, our main goal is describe some of the important challenges of multi-core. In addition, the paper describes its basic concept, advantages, and a sample of Dual-core Processors in Intel and AMD.

Dowry as a factor of violence in Marriage: A study of Women seeking help in Family Counseling Centers in Chandigarh[]

A review of cases reported at the Family Counseling Centers (FCCs) in Chandigarh shows that dowry is a significant factor for marital discord. 36.2% of the married women who approached the FCCs complained of dowry-related violence. This violence manifested itself in physical, emotional and economic forms. Most women turned to their parental families for help against this violence (29.3%), and only 12.1% approached the police and even fewer, 10.3%, approached NGOs. In an overwhelming majority of cases (44.8%), the parents submitted to the dowry demand; only 12.1% filed a complaint with the police and just over 15% sought separation or divorce. Clearly, dowry is a deep-rooted social evil, whose victims are either reluctant or unable to get redress from the law enforcement agencies meant to support them or the NGOs.

Dynamic Honeypot Construction[]

System security personnel fight a seemingly unending battle to secure their digital assets against an ever-increasing onslaught of attacks. Honeypots provide a valuable tool to collect information about the behaviors of attackers in order to design and implement better defenses, but most current configurations are static setups consisting of either low interaction or high-interaction environments. Although static honeypots help address this issue, the ability to construct dynamic honeypots easily would enable security personnel to identify potential security vulnerabilities in the attempt to build better defenses. This research effort describes a method to automatically and dynamically configure honeypots based on the results of network scans. These dynamically constructed honeypots then emulate a system or network of systems in order to collect information to better protect that network. This dynamic honeypots configuration methods has been implemented and tested, and can now enhance the ability of system administrators to identify system vulnerabilities.

Experimental Aerodynamic Static Stability Analysis of Different Wing Planforms[]

This paper presents a simple approach to experimenting an aerodynamic static stability analysis of different types of wing planforms. NACA 0016 chosen as airfoil of all the wings, which had the chord length of 0.100 m and span of 0.250 m. The reduced scale size of wings of different shapes like rectangular (B1), rectangular with tip curved (B2), Tapered (B3), Tapered with tip curved wing (B4) were chosen for this analysis. The wings manufactured by Teak wood. All the wings were tested using low speed subsonic wind Tunnel at different airspeeds and different angles of attack. The variation of coefficient of moment with respect to the angles of attack and the Airspeed was calculated. By performing this experiment it was clearly evident that the tapered wing with curved tip (B4) was found to be the most stable at different speeds and range of working angles of attack.

MARS TRISOMY HUMAN - Prehistoric Life Origin[]

Trisomy human shall be considered as the prehistoric human lived in MARS planet before started living on the Earth. The prehistoric human when lived in MARS have different genetic characteristic. Subsequently due to continuous expanding universe and different climatic condition the Trisomy population lived in MARS probably have become completely extinct and new generation started living on the Earth planet by natural selection under different environment condition on the Earth planet. It is focused that human ancestor have more genetic value than APES.

Pattern Classification for Handwritten Marathi Characters using Gradient Descent of Distributed error with Genetic Algorithm for multilayer Feed Forward Neural Networks []

In this paper the performance of feedforward neural network with descent gradient of distributed error and genetic algorithm is evaluated for the recognition of handwritten characters of 'Marathi' script. The performance index for the feedforward multilayer neural networks is considered here with distributed instantaneous unknown error i.e. different error for different layers. The genetic algorithm is applied here to make the search process more efficient to determine the optimal weight vector from the population of weights. The genetic algorithm here is applied with distributed error and the fitness function for the genetic algorithm is also considered as the mean of square distributed error that is different for each layer. Hence the convergence is obtained only when the minimum of different errors is determined.

Photovoltaic Driven Dual Purpose Thermoelectric Refrigerator for Rural India[]

This paper outlines the implementation of photovoltaic driven refrigerator cum heating system powered from solar panels with a battery bank. Different from conventional refrigeration systems, thermoelectric refrigeration, based on the Peltier effect, does not require any compressor, expansion valves, absorbers, condensers or solution pumps. Moreover, it does not require working fluids or any moving parts, which is friendly to the environment and results in an increase in reliability. It simply uses electrons rather than refrigerants as a heat carrier. Nowadays, thermoelectric refrigeration devices have a distinct place in medical applications, electronic applications, scientific equipment and other applications, where a high-precision temperature- -control is essential We demonstrate a Novel, Refrigeration cum Heater utilizing 3 Thermoelectric (Te) modules mounted around a load cabinet. The Performance of this model is Experimentally Evaluated with an Aluminium cabinet. The device is powered by a Non-conventional energy resource, here PV Cells. The cabinet can attain a temperature of about 8°C(min) till 200°C(max).The difference between the existing methods and this model, is that a thermoelectric cooling system refrigerates without use of mechanical devices(Conventional Condenser fins and Compressor) and without refrigerant too. Since the Peltier module is compact in size, a refrigeration or heating system can be designed according to the user's requirements (in desired size and shape).

Compositional and Structural Characterization of Three Basic Indigenous Salts Used in Kenya: A Case Study of 'Ebara', 'Magadi' and 'Lebek' Crystalline Salts[]

Compositional analysis was carried out on three indigenous basic salts from Lake Magadi, Shores of Lake Victoria and the Hot Springs of the Kerio Valley which are different parts of Kenya. All treatments were done in triplicate in complete randomized block design. Fresh and dry weights were recorded at the end of the experiment and analysed for K, Na, Ca, Mg, Co, Fe, Mn, Cu, Pb, Cd , Zn cations and CO32-, and HCO3- anions. The three different indigenous basic salts are commonly refered as 'magadi', 'Para', and 'Lebek' respectively from the three areas. pH, quantitative and qualitative analysis was done using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Flame Photometry, FTIR and the wet methods; Gravimetry and titrimetry. A wet digestion procedure was adopted to dissolve the salts. In general, the concentration of heavy metals in the salts followed the order: magadi; Fe > Co > Pb > Cd Mn> Zn > Cu; Para; Fe > Mn > Co > Zn> Pb > Cu>Cd; Lebek; Fe > Mn > Zn > Co> Cu > Pb>Cd. Sodium, Potassium and calcium content was found to be very high in all the samples. Sodium concentration was recorded to be 71.52 mg/g in 'Magadi', Potassium concentration was found to be 2.69 mg/g in 'Para', and calcium concentration was found to be 166.09 mg/g in 'Lebek'. Samples of 'Para' and 'Lebek', contained comparatively higher amounts of Fe as compared to 'magadi'. Lead is present in higher levels in all the samples than minimum levels. The pH values ranged from 9.98±0.01 to 11.26±0.03, an indication of the alkaline nature of these salts.

Thermal Deflection in a Semi- Infinite Hollow Cylinder with Heat Source inside the Cylinder[]

This paper is concerned with the determination of temperature and the thermal deflection in a semi infinite hollow cylinder due to internal heat generation within it. The conduction equation has been solved by using March -Zgrablich and Fourier transform technique.

Effectiveness of Brain Based learning Strategies on Enhancement of Life Skills among primary school students with internal and external Locus of Control.[]

The biggest challenge before the country today in the field of education is not only education expansion and universalisation of education but to improve the overall quality of education. Quality of education is possible only if students remain active in classroom throughout the teaching process. For this, we should apply those techniques in our teaching process which should be according to the interests of the pupils. It means that teaching learning process should be pupil centered rather than teacher centered. To many, the term "Brain Based Learning" sounds redundant. Isn't all learning and teaching brain based? Advocates of Brain Based teaching insist that there is a difference between "Brain Compatible" education and "Brain Antagonistic" teaching practices and methods which can actually prevent learning.

BIOACTIVITIES of ETRACTS from Tinospora crispa STEMS, Annona squamosa LEAVES, Musa sapientum FLOWERS, and Piper sarmentosum LEAVES in DIABET-IC RATS[]

The present study was performed to investigate the activities of the Thai medicinal plant extracts from T. crispa stems, A. squamosa leaves, M. sapientum flowers, and P. sarmentosum leaves on haematological values and bioactivities in strep-tozotocin (65 mg/kg)-induced diabetic rats (6 weeks). An acute toxicity of the extracts was also examined by oral admin-istration at 1000, 1500 and 2000 mg/kg. The results revealed that the extracts (250 mg/kg) decreased the blood glucose level but increased the body weight of rats. However, the extracts did not produce any alteration of chemical properties of urine in the diabetic rats. Moreover, decreasing of white blood cell, red blood cell, hemoglobin, hematocrit, total cholesterol, triglyceride, low density lipoprotein, blood urea nitrogen, and creatinine, but increasing in mean corpuscular volume, mean corpuscular hemoglobin, lymphocytes, monocytes, high density lipoprotein, and serum insulin, and no altering of mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration were recorded in the diabetic treated rats. The extracts have non-acute toxicity within 24 h and 14 days after administration (LD50>2000 mg/kg), but possess hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic and hyperinsulinemic activities. The stem extract from T. crispa is likely to be the most effective extract on lowering the blood glucose level in this study via increasing serum insurin.

Performance Evaluation of OFDMA in Frequency Selective Fading Channel in 3GPP LTE Downlink Interface Air[]

The paper evaluates the performance of orthogonal frequency division multiple access in mitigating the inherent attributes of multipath channels that is characterized by frequency selective fading. The performance of bandpass modulation in flat fading channel was investigated for different modulation schemes. The varying channel was simulated using 6 ray ITU Pedestrian frequency selective channel B model for 3GppLTE downlink interface air. The performance of OFDM for different modulation scheme on the channel was compared to the results obtained for flat fading channel. The comparison results for different schemes show that OFDM transforms the characteristics of the frequency selective fading channel to flat fading channel. This shows that OFDMA is a suitable data access technique of transforming wideband frequency selective channel into flat fading narrow bands at high data rate.

Re-ranking the Results Based on user profile[]

Search engines have become indispensable gateways to the huge amount of information on the Web. Because users typically look only at the first few pages of search results, ranking can introduce a significant bias to their view of the Web and their information gain. This work addresses two common problems in search, frequently occurring with underspecified user queries: the top-ranked results for such queries may not contain relevant documents to the user's search intent, and fresh pages may not get high rank scores for an underspecified query due to their freshness and to the large number of pages that match the query, despite the fact that a large number of users have searched for parts of their content recently. Such problems can be solved if users' search goals are well understood. Here re-ranking method is proposed which employs semantic similarity to improve the quality of search results. By fetch the top N results returned by search engine, and use semantic similarities between the candidate and the query to re-rank the results. First convert the ranking position to an importance score for each candidate. Then combine the semantic similarity score with this initial importance score and finally get the new ranks. This re-ranking method work on User profile Data (USD). After getting this new rank, we re-rank the data according to the relevance of USD.

Fast String Matching Method Based on Histogram[]

This paper presents an efficient algorithm to locate all occurrences of any finite number of keywords in a string text, selec-tively in matching. It is a frequency-based method because it depends on the frequency of occurrence of the first letter of each keyword listed in the text. The idea of the search and matching is similar to that of searching a word in a dictionary. The mechanism of the proposed method is to alphabetically sort the keyword list, and the keywords have the same leading letter are considered as subsets and they may also be called as search intervals since the search of each input keyword is applied, only, within its corresponding alphabetical interval. In other words it is a sort of clustering words. The results show that applying this method has fastened the retrieval of information about 16.6% in an information retrieval, in contrast to the traditional exhaustive search.

Inflectional Stemming Effect on Evaluation Measures on an Information Retrieval System[]

With the abundance of textual information available electronically, it is necessary to develop methods that retrieve the most relevant information according to users' needs. These retrieval methods may benefit from natural language constructs, to enhance their results by achieving higher precision and recall rates. In this study, the effect of the inflectional stemming over an English text is experimented. The stemming in the information retrieval system helps in two different places; first; it helps increasing the precision of the retrieved information, second, it helps increasing the elimination of stop words, by storing the stems only in the negative dictionary and then, all derivatives eliminated according to stored stems, this also helps to reduce the storage. So, test results have shown that removal of stop words increased after stemming about 56%. On the other hand, tests have shown also that applying inflectional stemming (with removal of stop words) has increased precision about 9.5% and recall about 10.7%.

Text-Based Information Retrieval System using Non-Linear Matching criteria[]

The Web has a huge amount of information, which retrieved using information retrieval systems such as search engines, this paper presents an automated and intelligent information retrieval system that retrieves the HTML files and ranks them according to the degree of their similarities with the query HTML document. The most similar documents are top ranked. The developed system depends on the textual content of documents. The frequency of occurrence of each word, its printing attributes, and its critical position in the Web document were all used to determine the degree of significance of each word. The main challenge in the retrieval process is the matching task; the highly scored keywords may cause a biasing on the matching decision, so to handle this process, a non linear mapping function utilized. The test results indicated that the precision is increased about 5.6%, while the recall increased about 2.63%.


The emerging trend of the mobile communication is to communicate with a person, at any time, at any place. This will be possible only when the service providers select the best out of the standard digital cellular mobile communication systems namely (i) GSM: The European TDMA Digital Cellular Standard, (ii) IS-136: The North American TDMA Digital Cellular Standard (D-AMPS) and (iii) PDC: The Japanese TDMA Digital Cellular Standard. With the rapidly increasing penetration of laptop computers which are primarily used by mobile users to access Internet services like e-mail and World Wide Web (WWW) access, support of Internet services in a mobile communication system is very important service aspect. To meet the demands, mobile computing will use standard networks. Thus, in this study the author is trying to highlight a comparative picture of the three standard digital cellular mobile communication systems based on service aspects.


The aim purpose of this research was to find out a family relationship and social behavior in children relation to their birth order. The total sample consisted of 60 children (30 first born and 30 second born). The research tool for family relationship was measured by Dr. (Smt.) Alka Devid Translated into Gujarat by Dr. Yogesh A. Jogsan. While the tool for social behavior Merrell, K. W. translated into Gujarati by Dr. Yogesh A. Jogsan. Here t-test applied to check the significance of family relationship and social behavior in children relation to their birth order and check the correlation method is used. Result revealed that there is no significant difference in family relationship among first born and second born children. There is no significant difference in social behavior among first born and second born children. While the correlation between family relationship and social behavior reveals 0.18 positive correlations.

Preoperative Anxiety as related to religious belief amongst patients going for surgery : A co-relational study[]

The relationship between religion and mental health has been debated for centuries. History shows that religious organizations were often the first to offer compassionate care to the vulnerable groups, including the medically ill, the elderly and the disabled. Over the past two decades, a lot of studies have uncovered a strong positive association between religiousness and mental health. This association has extended across various populations, including samples of the young, adults, older people, general community residents, immigrants and refugees, college students, the sick, addicts, homosexuals, persons of parenthood, individuals with mental health problems and personality disorders (Alvarado, et al., 1995; Baline & Croker, 1995; Braam et al., 2004; Chang et al, 1998; Donahue & Benson,1995; Idler & Kasl, 1997; Jahangir et al., 1998; Kendler et al., 1996; Koenig, George & Titus, 2004; Levin & Taylor, 1998; Mickley et al., 1995; Miller et al., 1997; Pardini et al. 2000)

A Mathematical Attack Based Algorithm to Challenge the Security of RSA Cryptosystem[]

The ubiquity of RSA (named after its inventors Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir, and Leonard Adleman) has placed it at the heart of modern information security. It would not be an overstatement to say that Internet security relies heavily on the security properties of the RSA cryptosystem. While no devastating attack has ever been found, years of cryptanalysis of RSA have given us a broad insight into its properties and provided us with valuable guidelines for proper use and its implementation. RSA is an algorithm for public key cryptography, based on presumed difficulty of factoring large integers. Access to powerful cluster based parallel computing machines for adversaries, may lead to breaking RSA security through many of the attacking techniques highlighted in this paper. Based on binomial theorem and AKS algorithms, we present a mathematical attack based algorithm that challenges the security of RSA cryptosystem, necessitating improvement over existing cryptosystems, against any type of possible attacks.

Engineering Insect Resistance in Brinjal against Fruit and Shoot Borer Leucinodes orbonalis[]

The Brinjal fruit and shoot borer(FSB) is the most destructive insect pest for Brinjal which causes yield losses of 60-70%.To reduce the effect of the pest in brinjal, Genetic transformation study was carried out using CO2 variety of brinjal explants with Agrobacterium tumifacience to transfer the cry2Ax1 synthetic gene to develop resistance against Leucinodes orbonalis. EHA 105 strain of Agrobacterium harbouring pCAMABIA 2301-cry2Ax1 vector which contains nptII (neomycin phosphotransferase), 35S promoter and nos (nopaline synthase) terminator was used for the transformation. Thidiazuron (0.1 mg/l), used for induction of calli. Kanamycin (100 mg/l) used as a selectable marker, Cefatoxime (500 mg/l) controls the overgrowth of Agrobacterium in the selection medium. N6-benzylaminopurine (3.0 mg/l) and indole butyric acid (3 mg/l) used for the shoot and root induction, respectively. PCR analyses of transformed plant showed that the presence of transgene in the plant genome.


In this paper we are artificiating NFC technology to share files among two devices .NFC (NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION), is a technology used to share data or files among devices supporting it. The big plus of NFC is, it makes sharing very easier for users, which happens just by touching two devices and file is transferred. This is to implement same concept using Bluetooth technology. The notion is to implement it using accelerometer, in accelerometer powered android devices. When two android devices are touched, application detects accelerometer's activity of the device which are touched and stores respective timestamps in devices. After matching the timestamps of the two devices tucked , the required file will be sent to the respective device.

Drought management by small holder farmer in Angul district of Odisha[]

People subjected to the extreme climate have been forced to cope with the situation with management schedules. Climate risk studies have largely neglected household coping and adaptation strategies. In this paper we analyze drought impacts, drought risk management, and resulting drought resilience in Rainfed patches based on socio-economic data collected from 25 randomly selected farmer’s Associations. We find that severe drought periods have led to a significant depression of crop yields and declining productivity of livestock in the past. Drought periods have drastically increased the proportion of food insecure households and lengthened the duration of food insecurity in the area. Since, with climate change, drought periods are predicted to become more frequent in this region in the future, the problem of food insecurity is likely to become even more severe. Ex-ante adaptation strategies are widely practised in the area and include the storage of crop residues as fodder for livestock, the rearing of drought tolerant varieties, mixed cropping, the use of short duration crop varieties, integrated farming system and the adoption of soil and water conservation practices. Ex-post coping strategies utilized to manage the consequences of drought include the sale of assets and the reliance on consumption loans and support offered by rural microfinance. The two coping strategies seen in the district are diversification of income sources especially non-agricultural ones and sale of assets. Therefore, suitable policies are urgently needed to strengthen farmers’ capacity to adapt to and cope with drought. Training farmers in the production and conservation of livestock fodder as well as in soil and water conservation practices appear to be key policy options relevant in the area. Moreover, improving farmers’ access to climate related information, especially drought forecasts, could improve the timely adoption of effective adaptation measures.


Measuring satisfaction provides an indication of how successful the organization is at providing products and/or services to the marketplace. “Satisfaction is a summary, affective and variable intensity response centered on specific aspects of acquisition and/or consumption and which takes place at the precise moment when the individual evaluates the objectives” (Giese and Cote, 2000). Education is one of the key drivers of economic growth. A university is an institution of higher education and of research, which grants academic degrees at all levels (bachelor, master and doctor) in a variety of subjects. Student’s satisfaction is defined by Wiers-Jenssen, Stensaker and Grogaard (2002) as students? assessments of the services provided by universities and colleges. As per Seymour (1993), developing satisfied student should be a primary goal of higher education. Developing student satisfaction at universities level is crucial. If this is achieved, it will facilitate the strategic objectives of the university more effectively. Student satisfaction plays a crucial role for the success of a university. As argued by Berry (1995), service is one of the important factors enhancing value, and can positively influence a college?s success. The student perception about satisfaction can act as an essential tool to enhance the universities service quality.


Management is the youngest of sciences and oldest of arts and consumer behavior in management is a very young discipline. Various scholars and academicians concentrated on it at a much later stage. It was during the 1950s, that marketing concept developed. Marketing starts with the needs of the customer and ends with his satisfaction. It starts with the buying of goods. Every customer shows inclination towards particular products and services. Consumer interest is nothing but willingness of consumers to purchase products and services as per their taste, need and of course pocket. The study is about how customers make decisions to spend their available resources time, money, effort on consumption related items and specially during buying Products. It includes the study of why they buy, when they buy it, how often they buy it, and how often they use it.

Design of Temperature Control Simulation System with FPGA[]

This paper describes FPGA implementation of a Fuzzy Logic Controller (FLC) using VHDL for temperature control (FTC). This paper describes the implementation for a basic fuzzy logic controller in Very High speed integrated-circuit Hardware-Description Language (VHDL). It is not intended as an introduction to fuzzy logic control methodology; instead, we try to demonstrate the implementation of a fuzzy logic Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). The main advantages of using the HDL approach are rapid prototyping, and allowing usage of powerful synthesis controller through the use of the VHDL code. Use of the hardware description language (HDL) in the application is suitable for being implemented into an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) and Field tools such as Xilinx ISE,The system is built up with major modules namely fuzzification, inference, implication and defuzzification. The VHDL code is downloaded into FPGA board of SPARTAN.

Micropropagation Studies In Cochlospermum Religiosum (LINN.)[]

In the present investigation, an attempt was made to study the effect of different growth regulators viz., BAP, KIN, IBA, IAA, NAA, and 2, 4-D on in vitro multiplication and callus induction, in an important medicinal plant, Cochlospermum religiosum. Use of apical shoots and nodal explants, and different combination of cytokinins and Auxins, in the basic medium, have resulted in maximum multiple shoot formation. Supplementation of MS basic medium with 1.4 mg/l BAP along with 0.2 mg/l IBA, has resulted in production of maximum 10 shoots and supplementation with 1.0 mg/l KIN, 1.0 mg BAP and 1.2 mg/L2, 4-D was responsible for Callus induction. Cochlospermum contains important medicinal properties, secondary metabolites and gum katira which is important in human welfare. Therefore the present investigation was carried out to conserve the valuable deciduous tree Cochlospermum religiosum.

Biomass - Resource for Sustainable Development[]

Renewable energy generation from the Biomass is and will become a primary source substituting energy generation from fossil fuel. Biomass available in abundance can be used for energy generation using different technology. In the present paper biomass energy sources including biofuel generation in the first generation, second generation and third generation have been highlighted. Biodiesel productions from algal species employing latest technology are also discussed. Few case studies have been cited in the paper. Different technology can be developed to generate a renewable energy using Biomass.

An Approach To Reduce Oversegmentation In Watershed Ridge Line Observation[]

This research article presents an effective approach of digital image segmentation with watershed algorithm for reducing over segmentation problem. The implementation is actually intended for digital color image processing. In mathematical morphology, the watershed algorithm is a tool for segmentation of a query image in its original version. The proposed approach is tested on two real life images for getting the desired results.

Study of Prescriptive Patterns Of Antihypertensive Drugs In South India[]

The current study aimed to provide incite in to the prescriptive patterns of antihypertensive drugs in a south Indian super-specialty hospital.This prospective study was conducted in multi specialty hospital in southern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh from June 2012 to September 2012. Data was obtained from a prospective series of 205 patients of either sex by scrutinizing the outpatient cards and laboratory reports of inpatients attending the hospital. The data collected were analyzed for prescribing patterns of antihypertensive drugs and demographic profiles of the patients suffering from hypertension. The results were analyzed and tabulated statistically by student’s t test. P value <0.05* is considered. The present study revealed that calcium channel blockers were the drugs of choice for hypertensive patients as a single drug therapy and overall utilization. Utilization of diuretics in the present study was 5.1% as mono therapy which is lesser even though they are available at lower cost. The study showed that a higher percentage of patients (56.09%) were found to be on dual therapy and among them 73(63.4%) were found to be treated with fixed dose combination i. e ARB+ Diuretic followed by beta blockers +CCBs and the reduction of SBP and DBP was found to be significant with these combinations and the pattern is according to JNC guidelines. The study revealed that the prescription of antihypertensive medication is according to JNC guidelines, except monotherapy of diuretics.

An Approach To Reduce Oversegmentation In Watershed Ridge Line Observation[]

This research article presents an effective approach of digital image segmentation with watershed algorithm for reducing over segmentation problem. The implementation is actually intended for digital color image processing. In mathematical morphology, the watershed algorithm is a tool for segmentation of a query image in its original version. The proposed approach is tested on two real life images for getting the desired results.

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