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Design and Analysis of Piezoelectric Smart Beam for Active Vibration Control[] pp 1-5

This paper deals with the Active Vibration control of beam like structures with distributed piezoelectric actuator and sensor layers bonded on top and bottom surfaces of the beam. The patches are located at the different positions to determine the better control effect. The piezoelectric patches are placed on the free end, middle end and fixed end. The study is demonstrated through simulation in MATLAB for various controllers like Proportional Controller by Output Feedback, Proportional Integral Derivative controller (PID) and Pole Placement technique. A smart cantilever beam is modeled with SISO system. The entire structure is modeled using the concept of piezoelectric theory, Euler-Bernoulli beam theory, Finite Element Method (FEM) and the State Space techniques. The numerical simulation shows that the sufficient vibration control can be achieved by the proposed method.

Performance appraisal & promotion process: A measured approach[View] pp 6-11
Jitendra Kumar

Most of the companies have yearly performance appraisal process for their employees. This process involves rating of employees by their manager. And Companies rely purely on manager's state of thinking and perception. Humans have tendency to become biased, corrupt, give favor to some employees whom they like. This favor is due to some other reasons e.g. personal reason, social reason, political reason, flattering. All these reasons are not related to the work that the employee is doing for the organization.

On New Separation Axioms Via -Open Sets[View] pp 12-14
Hariwan Z. Ibrahim

In this paper, we introduce two new classes of topological spaces called ?-R0 and ?-R1 spaces in terms of the concept of ?-open sets and investigate some of their fundamental properties.

Temperature Based Condition Monitoring of Rail and Structural Mill [View] pp 15-19
Lakhan Patidar, Chitragupt Swaroop Chitransh, K.U. Rao

Today in this competitive market it is necessary to reduce shutdowns and to increase our production rate. For this purpose we apply Condition Monitoring Methods. SAIL is the world's largest producer of rails with an installed capacity to produce 500 000 tons of rails and 250 000 tons of structural's. Bhilai is also the sole supplier of the country's longest rail tracks of 260 meters. Infrared Thermography is the latest Condition Monitoring technique that is adopted in Bhilai Steel Plant. Predictive Maintenance schemes are being practiced in Bhilai Steel Plant to monitor the health of the equipment and identify potential problems well in advance and plan remedial measures, thereby avoiding unwanted failures.

Design and realization of a quantum Controlled NOT gate using optical implementation [View] pp 20-28
K. K. Biswas, Shihan Sajeed

In this work an optical implementation technique of a Controlled-NOT (CNOT) gate has been designed, realized and simulated. The polarization state of a photon is used as qubit. The interaction required between two qubits for realizing the CNOT operation was achieved by converting the qubits from polarization encoding to spatial encoding with the help of a Polarizing Beam Splitter (PBS) and half wave plate (HWP) oriented at . After the nonlinear interference was achieved the spatially encoded qubits were converted back into polarization encoding and thus the CNOT operation was realized. The whole design methodology was simulated using the simulation software OptiSystem and the results were verified using the built-in instruments polarization analyzer, polarization meter, optical spectrum analyzer, power meters etc.

Dwarj Rail[View] pp 29-31
Deepak Chhabra, Kapil Narwal, Pardeep Singh

The paper entitled "Dwarj Rail" is about a new generation high-speed rail engine. Transportation plays a key role in todays's 'fast moving' life so that we, the humans, can reach our destination instantly. According to my research (to the best of my knowledge), such project is not available globally. Its most fascinating fact is the speed because it may attain a speed of about (700-950) km/h. Also there will be an advanced braking installed in it which may bring the train from the state of motion to the state of rest within few minutes with very less effect of glide. More details about the project has been discussed in further sections.

To Assess the Effect of Maternal Bmi on Obstetrical Outcome[View] pp 32-70
Dr.Shuchi Lakhanpal, Dr Asha Aggarwal, Dr. Gurcharan Kaur

To assess the effect of maternal BMI on complications in pregnancy, mode of delivery, complications of labour and delivery.

Organizational Theories And Analysis: A Feminist Perspective [View] pp 71-97
Mrs. Peace Irefin, Professor S.S. Ifah, Dr. M.H. Bwala

This paper is a critique of organization theories and their failure to come to terms with the fact of the reproduction of labour power within a particular form of the division of labour. It examines feminist theory and its aims to understand the nature of inequality and focuses on gender, power relations and sexuality part of the task of feminists which organizational theories have neglected is to offer an account of how the different treatments of the sexes operate in our culture. The paper concludes that gender has been completely neglected within the organizational theory which result in a rhetorical reproduction of males as norms and women as others. It is recommended that only radical form of organization theory can account for the situation of women in organisational setting.

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