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A Study Of Self-concept And Interest In Teaching Of Pre-service Teachers Of Secondary Level[]

The present research paper is devoted to provide a summary of the entire study, which includes a SKITT out line of the major objective. Methodology and procedure followed in different phase of study. This study was undertaken to know the Self-concept and interest in teaching of pre-service teachers of middle level Shri Kanwartara institute for treacher's training Mandleshwar Dist-Khargone (M.P.) efforts was made to find out the difference and relationship between the above two variables. The physical self-image is usually formed first and is related to the student physical appearance, psychological self-image is based on thoughts-feelings and emotions. They consist of the qualities such as courage, honesty, independence, self-confidence, aspiration and abilities of various kinds. A man's day-to-day life is shaped by his interest and attitudes. His day-to-day relations with other member of the society, his educational and vocational adjustment, his attitudes and values depend upon his interest. There are various objects in this universe. Those which are pleasant and appealing to our instincts and sense become the centre of our Curiosity. interest differs from individual to individual and as such they are quite subjective.

Medical Information & Technology : Rapidly expanding vast horizons []

The Information technology revolution era, is in process of virtual invasion of all Fields of Health care systems. Computerization with definite convincing benefits of Improved efficiency, accuracy, effective time and financial management, led to better utilization of resources, with rewarding advantage of modernization of health services image, Found definitive , diverse applications in the large consumer oriented field of Health sector.

Deep drawing of 304 L Steel Sheet using Vegetable oils as Forming Lubricants[]

The study involves the evaluation of deep drawing process using two non edible oils, Pongam (Pongammia pinnata) and Jatropha (Jatropha carcass) as metal forming lubricants. Experiments are conducted on 304L steel sheets under the raw and modified oils with suitable punch and die on a hydraulic press of 200 ton capacity. The punch load, draw-in-length and wall thickness distribution for deep drawn cups are observed. The drawn cups are scanned using laser scanning technique and 3D models are generated using modeling package. The wall thickness profiles of cups at different sections (or height) are measured using CAD package. Among the two raw oils, the drawn cups under Jatropha oil, have uniform wall thickness profile compared to Pongam oil. Uneven flow of material and cup rupturing is observed under methyl esters of Pongam and Jatropha oil lubricated conditions. However, the results are observed under epoxidised Jatropha oil with uniform metal flow and wall thicknesses compared to mineral and other versions of vegetable oils.

Causes and Impacts of Landholdings Fragmentation in Rural Areas of Punjab: A case study of Mailsi district[]

This paper analyses that there is an inverse relationship between land holding fragmentation and sustainable agriculture. The size of landholdings gradually decreases and they are fragmented into parcels and it is more problematic when a fragmented landholding is further fragmented into several parcels at the same time. In Pakistan farmlands are undergoing fragmentation, resulting in gradual deterioration of their quality and productive efficiency. According to Asian Productivity Organization the number of landholdings had increased form 4.07 million in 1980 to 5.07 million in 1990 in Pakistan. This paper also constitute that there are several driving forces behind the on -going fragmentation of landholdings in Pakistan. The study is based on a village survey conducted in Pakistan, Punjab containing 100 households. Required data has collected by questionnaire. The findings indicated that the fragmentation of landholdings is accelerated by various social, cultural, economic and physical aspects. After the analyses of the influence of these factors it is indicated that Average annual income, per capita arable land, size of land rented by household, labour force of household, family size, number of crop planted by household and size of land rented out contributing to land fragmentation. At the end, paper examines that technical efficiency of farm production is significantly related to farm size.

Performance Analysis of a Parallel Computing Algorithm Developed for Space Weather Simulation []

This work presents performance analysis of a parallel computing algorithm for deriving solar quiet daily (Sq) variations of geomagnetic field as a proxy of Space weather. The parallel computing hardware platform used involved multi-core processing units. The parallel computing toolbox of MATLAB 2012a were used to develop our parallel algorithm that simulates Sq on eight Intel Intel Xeon E5410 2.33GHz processors. A large dataset of geomagnetic variations from 64 observatories worldwide (obtained for the year 1996) was pre-processed, analyzed and corrected for non-cyclic variations leading to [366 x 276480] partitioned matrix, representing 101,191,680 measurements, corresponding to International Quiet Day (IQD) standard for the longitude, latitude and the local time of the individual stations. The parallel algorithm was four times faster than the corresponding sequential algorithm under same platform and workload. Consequently, Amdahl and Gustafson's models on speedup performance metric were improved upon for a better optimal result.

Assessment of Wireless Network Reliability based on Evaluation of Power Model Robustness[]

This paper presents the assessment of the Power system model on the North West Region section of Zain Nigeria network for a period of one year and the reliability of the power subcomponents was determined. Analytic Model of the Operating Power setup at Hierarchical sites is described. The Quantitative Reliability models of each of the subsystem in the Power System are formulated based on the redundancy topology of the subsystem .Assessment of the Impact of variation in reliability parameter under optimal environmental condition was discussed. Verification and the validation of the reliability standards of power subsystem were elaborated. Criteria for the appraisal of the effectiveness of the Power Model and recommendation for the efficiency of Power Model were provided.

Efficiency Of Intergeneric Recombinants Between Bacillus Thuringiensis And Bacillus Subtilis For Increasing Mortality Rate In Cotton Leafworm []

In this study , two strains of Bacillus belonging to two serotypes and four of their transconjugants were screened with respect to their toxicity against lepidopterous cotton pest. . Bacterial transconjugants isolated from conjugation between both strains were evaluated for their transconjugant efficiency caused mortality in Spodoptera littoralis larvae . Two groups of bioinsecticides ; crystals , crystals and spores have been isolated within Bacillus strains and their transconjugants. This insecticidal crystal protein ( ICP ) was specific for lepidopteran insects because of the toxin sufficient both for insect specificity and toxicity . The toxicities of these two groups against larvae of Spodoptera littoralis was expressed as transconjugant efficiency , which related to the mean number of larvae died and mortality percentage . The results showed transconjugant efficiency in reducing the mean number of Spodoptera littoralis larvae feeding on leaves of Ricinus communis sprayed with bioinsecticides of Bt transconjugants . Most values of positive transconjugant efficiency in increasing mortality percentage due to toxicological effects appeared in response to the treatment of crystals + endospores than that of crystals alone . This indicated that crystals + endospores was more effective for increasing mortality percentage than that resulted by crystals . Higher positive transconjugant efficiency in relation to the mid parents and better parent was appeared at 168 h of treatment . The results indicated that recombinant Bacillus thuringiensis are important control agents for lepidopteran pests , as well as , susceptibility decreased with larval development . The results also suggested a potential for the deployment of these recominant entomopathogens in the management of S. littoralis larvae .

Inverse Thermoelastic Problem of An Elliptical Crown of Thin Plate[]

This paper is concerned with inverse thermoelastic problem of an elliptical plate to determine the temperature distribution and unknown temperature gradient at point for all time (t > 0) with the help of Mathiue transform and integral transform techniques.

A New subset I2C protocol for interfacing Camera module with baseband processor []

High speed serial interface between camera sensor and mobile baseband processor it shall support 3.4 MHZ operation and 7-bit Slave addressing according to a new industry Standard that support unidirectional transmission of capture image from sensor to memory of baseband processor for controlling the sensor from baseband processor, we need to have an interface that exchange control signals between the two sides .We use Camera control Interface (CCI) protocol for the same .A receiver shall be configured as a CC I master and a CSI-2 transmitter shall be configure as a slave on the CCI bus.CCI is a two-wire ,bi-directional ,half duplex, serial interface for controlling the transmitter.CCI is compatible with the fast mode variant of the I2C interface .CCI support400khz operation and 7-bit Slave Addressing. CCI is capable of handling multiple slaves on the bus. However, multi-master mode is not supported by CCI. Any I2C commands that are not described in this section shall be ignored and shall not cause unintended device operation. Typically, there is a dedicated CCI interface between the transmitter and the receiver. CCI is a subset of the I2C protocol, including the minimum combination of obligatory features for I2C slave devices specified in the I2C specification. Therefore, transmitters complying with the CCI specification can also be connected system to I2C bus.The data protocol is presented in the following section.

Youth Restiveness in Niger Delta rural areas: Lesson for .Contemporary Nigerian Society[]

This study reviewed the youth restiveness in Niger Delta rural areas as lesson for the contemporary Nigerian society. The study was based on secondary sources of information. The study identified youths in the area as people between the ages of 15-40 years. Youths possess viable characteristics for rural development which if mismanaged results into restiveness. The study showed that the primary causes of youth restiveness in the area were proliferation of arms, misuse of the military to suppress protests, misappropriation of benefits from crude oil, youth unemployment and environmental degradation. Consequences of youth restiveness among others included loss of life and properties, rural-urban migration of the farm families, breeding defective future leaders, disruption of oil and gas activities and food insecurity. In order to eradicate youth restiveness, the contemporary Nigeria society should check the rate of arm proliferation, misuse of the military to suppress youth protests, misappropriation of benefits accruing to the communities, youth unemployment and environmental degradation.

Diabetic Prevalence in Bangladesh: The Role of Some Associated Demographic and Socio-economic Characteristics[]

The study attempts at examining the association of a few selected socio-economic and demographic characteristics on diabetic prevalence. Nationally representative data from BIRDEM 2000 have been used to meet the objectives of the study. Cross tabulation, Chi-square and logistic regression analysis have been used to portray the necessary associations. Chi- square reveals significant relationship between diabetic prevalence and all the selected demographic and socio-economic variables except "education" while logistic regression analysis shows no significant contribution of "age" and "education" in diabetic prevalence. It has to be noted that, this paper dealt with all the three types of diabetes- Type 1, Type 2 and Gestational.

Molecular detection of Fasciola hepatica in water sources of District Nowshehra Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan[]

Fascioliasis is spread through contamination of water sources and cause morbidity throughout the world. In the current study 300 water samples were processed by PCR for detection of Fasciola hepatica. The overall prevalence in different water sources was 9.66 % (29/300). Highest prevalence was recorded in drain water16 % (16/100) followed by tube well water 10% (4/40), open well water 8 % (8/100) and the lowest was recorded in tap water 1.66 %(1/60). The significant difference P < 0.05 was recorded during data analysis. The highest prevalence was recorded in summer. It was concluded from the study that cleaning and filtration should be adopted to avoid the health hazards against water borne zoonotic parasites.

Cybernetics- The New Era Arrives[]

The paper basically deals with the study of Cybernetics I, the history of evolution of this theory of this cyborg technology from the base to planting its roots in the future. The paper also presents a brief description about the use of this cyber technology in various felids known to the human world. Along with this is a description about the evolution of cybernetics as a cure to various medical problems.

Prevalence of Giardia lamblia in Different Water Sources of District Nowshehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan[]

Giardia lamblia is a cosmopolitan parasite that occurs worldwide and generally effects gastrointestinal tract. Water played a media for transmission of Giardia to different hosts. A total of 300 water samples were examined from different water sources, i.e. tap, open well, bore well and drain waters and DNA was extracted by trizol method through prescribed protocol. DNA was amplified through PCR. The overall prevalence of G. lamblia was 27.66% (83/300). Among these 2.5% (1/40) in bore well water, 29% (29/100) open well, 18.83% (11/60) tap water and 42% (42/100) drain water. It is concluded from the study that Giardia is frequently found in all water sources and is the main cause of ill health.

Skewed Frequency Selective Surface Absorber[]

In this paper, a skewed Frequency Selective Surface (FSS) absorber based on cross-dipole design is presented. The proposed FSS design provides good frequency stability for oblique incidences. It provides better absorption rate for 5-GHz WLAN frequency band and allow other communication bands to pass through it. Also, the absorption in the stop-band reduces multipath fading of additional WLAN signals which occurred due to the placement of conducting/reflecting FSS. The FSS design consists of two layers; first layer consists of conducting cross-dipole and second layer consists of resistive cross-dipole placed in-front of the first layer. The periodicity of both elements is same. Asymmetric property is applied to FSS elements by taking a reference of central element. This technique leads to achieve a maximum stability in the stop-band. Simulated results demonstrated that the proposed FSS design has a stable frequency response for 5-GHz frequency band for both horizontal (TE) and vertical (TM) polarizations when the incident wave angle varied from 00 to 450.

Formularization of Generalized Cantor Middle Set and its Dynamical Behaviors[]

In this article, we discuss the Cantor middle 1/3, 1/5, 1/7, 1/9, 1/11 set, in general, Cantor middle 1/2m-1 set, where 2< m

Network Security-How to Defend an Infinitely Expanding Frontier[]

This paper is all about the network security, how to save your network from various type of attack. I am very thankful to all my friends and teacher who help me to write this kind of article

Causes for Retail Industry Globalization[]

The heading of this article itself pushing me to think why retail industry is globalizing! Because to increase their presence worldwide and profit on the onside and for the sake of "name and fame" in industry is other side, but today's trend and compitetitation force industrial giants to forget the word "name and fame" globalization is the only strategy to compensate their market share or profit from one country to another country or domestic market. The presence of retail industry in the global level from centuries, but the global recognaization of retail industry came to limelight only two decades ago. As soon as restrictions are removed in this sector, all the retail industry big giants spread across the world to extend their operations especially in emerging markets. Is this a good sign for retailers? Off course it is good sign for some countries and some countries are stick to their own perceptions. Some of the countries welcome this move because the FDI will improve their economic structure. On the other side employment opportunity is also one of the issues in globalization of retail sector. Because retail industry needs huge workforce, so significance of retail has been undoubted.

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