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Optimization of Injection rate and Injection Time for Surfactant and Water Floodings in Oil Fields[Download] pp 1-7
Mohammad Amin Gholamzadeh, Morteza Chahardahcherik

Although waterflooding is an effective process, surfactant flooding is used to recover oil from reservoirs by wettability altera-tion and interfacial tension reduction. Economical effectiveness is a main challenge in feasibility of any EOR method. In this study, we compare oil recovery of both surfactant and water flooding in Reservoirs with various conditions. One of the important optimization variables is well placement. Various methods have been suggested for this problem. Among these, direct optimization, although accurate, is impossible due to the number of simulation required. Optimal placement of up to three injection wells was studied at two fields. One of the Iranian conventional field and a hypothetic fractured field. Injection rate and injection time was also optimized. The net present value of the surfactant flooding projects was used as the objective function.

Study & Analysis of various Protocols in popular Web Browsers[Download] pp 8-14
Dr. Bharat Mishra, Harish Singh Baghel,Manoj Patil, Pramod Singh

The web browsers are the application software that are used to access information from the World Wide Web. With the increasing popularity of the web browsers, the modern web browsers are designed to contain more features as compared to the existing web browsers. For the transferring of information through these browsers, various protocols have been implemented on these modern web browsers to make these browsers more efficient. Different protocols used in different layers have different functions and by increasing the efficiency of these protocols we can make the working of browsers more efficient.

Study of polarized radiative transfer equation in a coupled atmosphere ocean system with reflecting and transmitting interface boundaries using new discrete ordinate method[Download] pp 15-38
A.K.Sarkar, G.K,Biswas

We have developed and analyzed coupled atmosphere-ocean polarized radiative transfer equations (RTE) system having flat boundary conditions at the interface between the two media. The boundary conditions depend on both reflection and transmission [1]. A study for analytical expressions for exit radiative intensities at any optical depth in the two media have been carried out using new version of discrete ordinate method (DOM) of Chandrasekhar first suggested by Siewert [2]. Each homogeneous version of equations is replaced by N equivalent directions, with corresponding Gaussian weight functions expressed and interchanging the Gaussian summation with Fourier summation. The elementary solutions developed to accommodate for the inhomogeneous source term is used to construct the Green's functions which are required to find the particular solution.

Denoising of radar signals by using wavelets and Doppler estimation by S-Transform[Download] pp 39-42
V. Siva Sankara Reddy and D.Thirumala Rao

The s-transform is a variable window of STFT and extension of wavelet. This paper discussed the principle and method of Wavelet De-noising, reduced noise of pulse signal based on wavelet. It is shown that wavelet de-noising can eliminate most noise, and preserve effectively sudden change of signal. This paper analyzed and compared the effect of de-noising of pulse signal in different ways all study shows de-noising of pulse signal based on wavelet have practical value. From the s-transform the Doppler frequency can be estimated in different ways.

A Review on Phytosome Technology as a Novel Approach to Improve The Bioavailability of Nutraceuticals [Download] pp 43-57
Tawheed Amin, Suman Vikas Bhat

The bioavailability and absorption of water soluble phytoconstituents is erratic due to poor solubility of these constituents in gastrointestinal tract. This can be overcome by a novel delivery system known as phytosome technology in which water soluble phytoconstituents are allowed to react with phospholipids. For better and improved bioavailability, natural phytoconstituents must have a good balance between hydrophilicity (helps in dissolution in gastro-intestinal fluids) and hydrophobicity (helps to cross lipid rich cell membranes). This is achieved through phytosome technology. Phospholipids have a dual solubility and acts as an emulsifier. Phytosome technology acts as a bridge between novel and conventional delivery systems. Many products are available in the market based on this phytosome technology which include popular herbal extracts such as Ginkgo biloba, Silybum marianum, grape seed, olive oil flavonoids etc.

Ethics in cyberspace- a philosophical approach[Download] pp 58-62
Lourdu vesna.J, Dr. D. Niveditha

Encouraging students to expand their search for knowledge in cyberspace has brought in new dimension, on the handling of the new technology by the students and brought to light whether or not our curriculum demand such leap development and furthermore will student use the Internet in more socially responsible way. Children begin to learn ethical values right from birth through families and religious institution. They are considered as primary sources for a child's ethical education while schools have the responsibility to teach and reinforce some moral values. New technologies bring about the need to interpret old values in new ways, but also may call for the creation of new codes of conduct when new actions are made possible with the use of technology. Children can quickly identify whether the behavior is right or wrong in real world but when students use virtual world behavior may not be as easily judged to be right or wrong. This study attempts to show the prevailing misconception the cyber ethics among students. This paper examines basis ethical issues when students have had to make ethical decisions. The study will qualitatively explore the level of understanding of teachers concerns and role in bringing in an ethical behavior on students on the Internet. If a student encounters unsafe behavior on the Internet, the student will be able to behave and act appropriately.

A Study on Effect of Technological Change on the Frequency of Child Labour in the Indian Match Industry[Download] pp 63-71
Dr.C.Muthu Velayutham, Palanivel.R.V, Anbarasan.R, and Sinthuja.M

The Indian match industry in the southern state of Tamil Nadu has been characterized by child labour and a stagnant technology for over half a century. We investigate the technological changes and industrial restructuring, catalyzed by the changing duty structure that has moved the match industry towards greater mechanization. Our examination indicates that increased mechanization in the production processes has implied greater demand for skilled labour and a decline in child labour.

Human Computer Interaction[Download] pp 72-76
Akhilesh Bhagwani, Chitransh Sengar, Jyotsna Talwaniper, Shaan Sharma

The paper basically deals with the study of HCI (Human computer interaction) or BCI(Brain-Computer-Interfaces) Technology that can be used for capturing brain signals and translating them into commands that allow humans to control (just by thinking) devices such as computers, robots, rehabilitation technology and virtual reality environments. The HCI is based as a direct communication pathway between the brain and an external device. BCIs are often aimed at assisting, augmenting, or repairing human cognitive or sensory-motor functions. The paper also deals with many advantages of BCI Technology along with some of its applications and some major drawbacks.

Online Intrusion Alert Aggregation through Mobile[Download] pp 73-81
S.Magesh kumar, K.Mohan, G.Kadirvelu , S.Muruganandam

Online Intrusion Alert Aggregation with Generative Data Stream Modeling is a generative modeling approach using probabilistic methods. Assuming that attack instances can be regarded as random processes "producing" alerts, we aim at modeling these processes using approximative maximum likelihood parameter estimation techniques. Thus, the beginning as well as the completion of attack instances can be detected. In the proposed scheme of Online Intrusion Alert Aggregation, we extend our idea of sending Intrusion alerts to the mobile. This makes the process easier and comfortable. Online Intrusion Alert Aggregation with Generative Data Stream Modeling does not degrade system performance as individual layers are independent and are trained with only a small number of features, thereby, resulting in an efficient system

Novel Compact Spider Microstrip Antenna with New Defected Ground Structure[Download] pp 82-87
R. S. Ghoname, M. A. Mohamed, A. El. Hennawy

Two novel Defected Ground Structures (DGS) were first proposed, which have better results than that of the dumbbell (pub-lished shape). Using the general model of DGS, its equivalent parameters were extracted. The two new proposed shapes of DGS were then used to design a novel compact spider microstrip antenna to minimize its area. The size of the developed antenna was reduced to about 90.5% of that of the conventional one. This antenna with two different novel shapes of DGS was designed and simulated by using the ready-made software package Zeland-IE3D. Finally, it was fabricated by using thin film and photolithographic technique and measured by using vector network analyzer. Good agreements were found between the simulated and measured results.

Tools and Strategies for Product Life Cycle Management - A Case Study in Foundry[Download] pp 88-93
Rajashekar Patil, S. Mohan Kumar and E. Abhilash

Advances in information and communication technology (ICT) have opened new possibilities of collaborations among the customers, suppliers, manufactures and partners to effectively tackle various business challenges. Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) has been a proven approach for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to increase their productivity, improve their product quality, speed up delivery, and increase their profit and to become more efficient. However, their Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers like foundry industries are still in their infancy without adopting PLM. Hence to enhance their understanding, the basic concepts, the tools and strategies for PLM are presented is this paper. By selecting and implementing appropriate PLM strategies in a small foundry, an attempt was also made to understand the immediate benefits of using PLM tools (commercial PLM software and digital manufacturing tools). This study indicated a reduction in lead time and improved utilization of organizational resources in the production of automobile impeller. These observations may be further extrapolated to other multi-product, multi-discipline and multi-customer companies to realize the advantages of using PLM technology

Solar Thermal Electricity Generating System[Download] pp 94-109
Sambeet Mishra, Pratyasha Tripathy

A Solar Thermal Electricity generating system also known as Solar Thermal Power plant is an emerging renewable energy technology, where we generate the thermal energy by concentrating and converting the direct solar radiation at medium/high temperature (300°C - 800°C). The resulting thermal energy is then used in a thermodynamic cycle to produce electricity, by running a heat engine, which turns a generator to make electricity. Solar thermal power is currently paving the way for the most cost-effective solar technology on a large scale and is heading to establish a cleaner, pollution free and secured future. Photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal technologies are two main ways of generating energy from the sun, which is considered the inexhaustible source of energy. PV converts sunlight directly into electricity whereas in Solar thermal technology, heat from the sun's rays is concentrated to heat a fluid, whose steam powers a generator that produces electricity. It is similar to the way fossil fuel-burning power plants work except that the steam is produced by the collected heat rather than from the combustion of fossil fuels.

Colour Consideration for Waiting areas in hospitals[Download] pp 110-114
Parisa Zraati

Colour is one the most important factors in the nature that can have some affects on human behaviour. Many years ago, it was proven that using colour in public place can have some affect on the users. Depend of the darkness and lightness; it can be vary from positive to negative. The research will mainly focus on the colour and psychological influences and physical factors. The statement of problem in this research is what is impact of colour usually applied to waiting area? The overall aim of the study is to explore the visual environment of hospitals and to manage the colour psychological effect of the hospital users in the waiting area by creating a comfortable, pleasant and cozy environment for users while spend their time in waiting areas. The analysis concentrate on satisfaction and their interesting regarding applied colour in two private hospital waiting area in Malaysia.

Quality Interval Acceptance Single Sampling Plan with Fuzzy Parameter Using Poisson distribution[Download] pp 115-125
P.R Divya

The purpose of this paper is to present the Quality Interval acceptance single sampling plan when the fraction of nonconforming items is a fuzzy number and being modeled based on the fuzzy Poisson distribution. A new procedure for implementing Fuzzy logic in Quality Interval acceptance sampling plan has also been carried out.

Use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Collection Development in Scientific and Research Institute Libraries in Iran: A study[Download] pp 126-141
Shahnaz Khademizadeh

The explosion of information communication technology (ICT) since the beginning of the 20th century has been rendering manual-based library system in academic, research, special and public libraries less relevant. This is because using and implementing information communication technology in the library depend largely on the librarian attitude toward the current digital age. This study examined the attitudinal correlates of some selected scientific and research institutes libraries in Iran towards the use and application of ICT in their various libraries. A total of ten libraries from all the forty nine libraries in Iran formed the study's population. It is observed that 'Internet/intranet etc' (1046; 67.5%) is the most important source through which the users become aware of modern information technologies used in their libraries. The vast majority of the respondents who answered electronic sources make it 'Easier' to gather and use information are (1313; 84.7%). The results indicate that there is a significant relationship between e-environment and collection development (?2 62.86, p=0.000). Findings further show that all of librarians (9; 100%) opined they feel that ICT application affects the collection development of library. Based on these findings, it is recommended that libraries in the developing countries should consider training those librarians who do not have knowledge of ICT in order to remove the fear and anxiety hindering them from developing good attitude towards the use of ICT in their libraries

Microcontroller Based Smart Natural Gas Oven[Download] pp 142-146
Md. Mizanur Rahman, Asraful Haque Ronee, Md. Aminul Islam, Md. Ashraful Huq, Md. Rafiqul Islam

Natural gas is an important form of energy in the world. The misuse of natural gas increase day by day. In third world country the main cause of misuse is unconsciousness, unawareness e.t.c .This paper aim to show that a microcontroller based system designed to reduce the large amount of natural gas which turn into wastage material for unconsciousness of housewives.

Advancements In The Field Of Quantum Dots[Download] pp 147-151
Sambeet Mishra, Pratyasha Tripathy, Swami Prasad Sinha

Quantum dots are defined as very small semiconductor crystals of size varying from nanometer scale to a few micron i.e. so small that they are considered dimensionless and are capable of showing many chemical properties by virtue of which they tend to be lead at one minute and gold at the second minute.

Effective Mobile Sampling In Broad Cast Network[Download] pp 152-155
K. Sivakumar, Dr. T. Ravichandran

Mobile objects can be used to gather samples from a sensor field. Civilian vehicles or even human beings equipped with proper wireless communication devices can be used as mobile sinks that retrieve sensor-data from sampling points within a large sensor field. A key challenge is how to gather the sensor data in a manner that is energy efficient with respect to the sensor nodes that serve as sources of the sensor data. In this paper, an algorithmic technique called Band-based Directional Broadcast is introduced to control the direction of broadcasts that originate from sensor nodes. The goal is to direct each broadcast of sensor data toward the mobile sink, thus reducing costly forwarding of sensor data packets. The technique is studied by simulations that consider energy consumption and data deliverability.

Designing of Low-Power VLSI Circuits using Non-Clocked Logic Style[Download] pp 156-160
Vishal Sharma, Jitendra Kaushal Srivastava

Due to the trade-off between power, area and performance, various efforts have been done. This work is also based to reduce the power dissipation of the vlsi circuits with the performance upto the acceptable level. The dominant term in a well designed vlsi circuit is the switching power and low-power design thus becomes the task of minimizing this switching power. So, to design a low-power vlsi circuit, it is preferable to use Non-clocked logic styles as they have less switching power. In this work various Non-clocked logic styles are compared by performing transistor level simulations for half adder circuit using TSMC 0.18 µm Technology and Eldo simulator of Mentor graphics.

Pressure Control In A Tyre Of Moving Vehicle [Download] pp 161-163
Kshitij P. Gawande, Vaishakh A. Jawanjal

We always try to make everything perfect around us and there is major problem still remaining in our automobiles, a puncture in a tire while running. We have developed tubeless tires but that's not a perfect solution, so there is a serious need of improvement in this area. In this paper the compressed air is used to maintain the pressure in the tire using pneumatic pipes. This is a very basic concept which uses compressor power to maintain the pressure of a tire, while running using pressure gauges and leak proof connection. This technique allows us to drive a punctured vehicle which increases safety, comfort & saves time. This paper suggests a new technique towards one more improvement in our automobile industry.

Certain Sufficiency Conditions Pertaining To Generalized Fox-Wright Hypergeometric Functions[Download] pp 164-178
V.B.L. Chaurasia, R.C. Meghwal

The aim of this paper is to establish some conditions for the functions to be a member of certain subclasses of regular functions. The results derived here are of general nature and hence encompass several cases of interest hitherto scattered in the literature. [For example Swaminathan [19], Chaurasia and Srivastava [3]].

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