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Texture Classification Using Curvelet Transform[]

Brain tumors are due to abnormal growths of tissue in the brain. The most common group is gliomas, followed by meningiomas. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is currently an indispensable diagnostic imaging technique for the early detection of any abnormal changes in tissues and organs. It possesses fairly good contrast resolution for different tissues. It is therefore widely used to provide images which distinguish brain tumours from normal tissues. Although MRI can clearly supply the location and size of tumours, it is unable to classify tumour types, determination of which usually requires a biopsy. However a biopsy is a painful process for patients, and in some cases such as brain stem gliomas, may be too hazardous. These limitations necessative development of new analysis techniques that will improve diagnostic ability. One promising technique is texture analysis, which characterizes tissues to determine changes in functional characteristics of organs at the onset of disease. In this work texture classification based on curvelet transform has been performed. A curvelet based texture feature set is extracted from the region of interest. Texture features set consists of entropy and energy. Fuzzy-c-means algorithm is used as a classifier to classify two sets of brain images, benign tumour and malignant tumour.

Crack Detection In Armoured Fighting Vehicles Using Contourlet Transform Analysis[]

This project aims to develop a methodology to detect cracks with their dimensions in the structure of Armoured Fighting Vehicles using Contourlet Transform analysis. The image analysis based detection is found to be a novel, easy and an inexpensive technique. This project aims in identifying the cracks present in structure of AFVs i.e. Chassis, Turret and sub assemblies like Hydro gas suspension systems etc. The main source of this project includes the images taken using a high resolution CCD camera. Cracks are high frequencies that can be easily detected using contourlet transform which sub bands the image into images of different frequencies using a Laplacian Pyramid (LP) and thereafter decompose the redundancy using Directional Filter Bank (DFB). The extracted features such as mean, standard deviation, variance, mean square error & PSNR help in differentiating the images with good and bad. The project also adds up the technique to measure the crack length and the depth.

Securing Databases from Unauthorized Users[]

Database Technologies are a core component of many computing systems, applications and organisations.Data can be electronically stored, retained and shared in the database systems. As the amount of data contained in these systems grows continuously and exponentially, database security has become an issue of great concern owing to the increase in the number of incidents reporting the unauthorized exposure to sensitive data either intentionally or unintentionally.Hence, the databases should be protected in such a way so that no unauthorized access can take place to the database and both,content and access security be provided to the databases.

Foreign Direct Investment Environment In Karnataka[]

Foreign Direct Investment in India has created opportunity to expose India to the world, this era begun in 1991 due to New Economic Policy introduced during P V Narasimha Rao's prime ministership. This also led into Liberalization, Globalization and Privatization (LPG). Karnataka "Knowledge Hub of Asia" also creating great opportunity for the FDI Inflow and Outflow in many fields, which is also developing Karnataka's economy to a greater extent. This research paper deals with the FDI environment in Karnataka. (i.e., Karnataka economy, contribution to economy, sector wise, transparent industrial policies which attracts host countries to invest in Karnataka.)

Role Of Foreign Institutional Investors In Indian Investment Arcade Growth[]

A vital article of the growth of Investment Arcade in India in the past 10 to 15 years has been the mounting contribution of Organized Stakeholders, together external organized stakeholders and the Indian mutual funds shared together, the total assets beneath their organization amounts to nearly 18% of the perfect arcade capitalization. This broadsheet scrutinizes the role of these stockholders in Indian speculation arcade growth and catches that the input to monetary constancy can be explicated by the way of the capitals tide from these stakeholders.

Comparison of dynamic characteristics of damped structures[]

The dynamic characteristics of two damped structures are discussed in this paper. The design and dimension of the outer shell of both structures is same. One testing structure is filled with aluminum foam and the second one is filled with Plivaform, to increase their damping capacity. Aluminum foam is a porous metallic material with high damping capacity and has potential applications in some passive attenuation of noise and vibration structures, while plivaform is a light weight damped material used mostly for thermal insulation. Modal test was performed on both testing structures under same measuring conditions. The structures are excited using a broadband excitation signal and responses are measured with a scanning laser vibrometer. The acquired data is analysed in modal analysis software LMS Test.lab. The change in modal characteristics of both structures are compared and discussed.

Experimental study of heating of Non-Newtonian suspensions made of hard large sized spherical particles and Tylose solution flowing in a horizontal complex duct.[]

In this paper we present the results of an experimental study of the thermal of Non-Newtonian pseudoplastic suspensions in a horizontal duct with complex geometry in the Agro-Food industry (A.F.I.). We highlighted a limitation in the development of the thermal boundary layer which increases with the volume fraction of rigid spheres. The study highlights, on one hand, the interdependence between hydrodynamic and thermal of suspensions of particles with an average diameter of about 4.4 mm and the aspect ratio (d/D> 0.13) and on the other hand, the convective effects of the particles (disturbance of the boundary layer) in flow in a duct made of variable geometry. This study allowed us to understand the mechanisms of heating the mixture from the wall, observing an improvement in the quality of heat transfer with the concentration of hard spheres and with the use of a duct with complex geometry.

Cloud Computing: Use of Multi-clouds[]

The use of cloud computing has increased rapidly in many organizations. Cloud computing provides many benefits in terms of low cost and accessibility of data. Ensuring the security of cloud computing is a major factor in the cloud computing environment, as users often store sensitive information with cloud storage providers but these providers may be untrusted. Dealing with "single cloud" providers is predicted to become less popular with customers due to risks of service availability failure and the possibility of malicious insiders in the single cloud. A movement towards "multi-clouds", or in other words, "interclouds" or "cloud-of-clouds" has emerged recently. This paper surveys recent research related to single and multi-cloud and addresses possible solutions. It is found that the research into the use of multi-cloud providers to maintain security has received less attention from the research community than has the use of single clouds. This work aims to promote the use of multi-clouds due to its ability to reduce security risks that affect the cloud computing user.

Cryoprobe A Tool For Cryo(Nano)Surgery & Cryonics[]

Cryosurgical probe or cryodestruction probe or cold therapy probe or cryotherapy probe or cryoprobe was designed and developed . Cryosurgery is used to kill cancer or dieased cells and this was done with the help of a tool called cryoprobe with different types of tips using cryoprobe technology and nanoparticles.added during the surgery to maximize the freezing and there by minimize healthy tissues from being frozenand to achieve a significant enhancement in the freezing heat transfer Cryonics is molecular medical nanotechnologyand with this technology those who die in the hope that molecular nanocryo technology technology would be able to revive them and restore them to health. . Both ice volume and surface area of heat transfer can be increased using cryobrobes with large diameter. Many heat transfer mechanisms occur during cryosurgery are being solved with Penne's Bioheat equations.

Performance Comparison of AOMDV and EGMP For Video Transmission In Mobile Adhoc Network[]

Mobile Ad-hoc networks are formed by an autonomous system of mobile nodes that are connected via wireless links and there is no centralized administration. Employing efficient and scalable multicast multipath transmission technique in Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET) is an challenging task. In this paper, comparative study of multipath multicast protocol is done and packet level analysis of video streaming is analyzed. To analyze video streaming traffic, the packet level performance of multipath transmission scheme is taken into account, which sends video traffic bursts over multiple available channels by means of comparative analysis of AOMDV and EGMP. Packet level performance in-terms of throughput, packet delivery ratio, and flow blocking probability is evaluated using multipath multicast transmission scheme. Our simulation results demonstrate that EGMP has high throughput, high packet delivery ratio and low flow blocking compared to AOMDV and is scalable to both group size and network size.

Wireless sensor networks to monitor Glucose level in blood[]

With advancements in Sensor Technology, the Wireless Sensor networks (WAN) offer attractive solutions to many problems in process monitoring systems. The WSN has abundant applications in continuous or discrete monitoring systems irrespective of the field. The Bio-compatible wearable sensors allow vast amounts of data to be collected and mined for clinical trials, reducing the cost and inconvenience of regular visits to the physician. Implying this concept, our project is used to track diabetes using a wireless sensor network as an implant to continuously monitor the patient's blood glucose level. The sensor implanted in the body identifies the level of glucose in blood. The level thus measured needs to be monitored. The most conveniently used method to monitor the implant would be to use a detector to telemeter the collected sugar concentration to an external receiver. In the case of our project, we aim to replace the detector by transmitting the monitored data as a message to the patient's cell phone itself. This is a simple and an efficient way to make the process less strain full for the patient and also relatively cheaper. Thus the sensor can effectively monitor the glucose level and can also send a notification message to the patient, thereby reducing the need of tedious physical processes by the use of smart futuristic technology.

Improving Data Dynamics And Storage Security In Cloud Computing[]

Cloud computing is a internet based computing which enable sharing of services. Many users place their data in the cloud, so correctness of data and security is a prime concern. This work studies the problem of ensuring the integrity and security of data storage in Cloud Computing. Security cloud is achieved by signing the data block before sending to the cloud. Signing is performed using BLS algorithm which is more secure compared to other algorithms. To ensure the correctness of data, we consider the task of allowing a third party auditor (TPA), on behalf of the cloud client, to verify the integrity of the data stored in the cloud. By utilizing public key based homomorphic authenticator with random masking privacy preserving public auditing can be achieved. The technique of MD5 (message digest) signature and scheduling policies is used to achieve batch auditing. Batch auditing reduces the computation overhead. As the data in the cloud is used by many industries modification of data cannot be avoided. Unlike most prior work, the new scheme further supports secure and efficient dynamic operations on data blocks, including: data update, delete and append. We explore the efficient technique for error correction called reed Solomon technique which ensures the correctness of data.

Construction of Decision Tree : Attribute Selection Measures[]

Attribute selection measure is a heuristic for selecting the splitting criterion that "best" separates a given data partition, D, of a class-labeled training tuples into individual classes. It determines how the tuples at a given node are to be split. The attribute selection measure provides a ranking for each attribute describing the given training tuples. The attribute having the best score for the measure is chosen as the splitting attribute for the given tuples.This paper, perform a comparative study of two attribute selection measures. The Information gain is used to select the splitting attribute in each node in the tree. The attribute with the highest information gain is chosen as the splitting attribute for the current node. The Gini index measures use binary split for each attribute. The attribute with the minimum gini index as selected as the splitting attribute. The results indicates that predicting a attribute selection in Gini index is more effective and simple compared to Information gain.

Satellite image gap filling technique[]

In the current research work a useful gap filling method was presented. Images over Al Mosel city in Iraq were used as tested images. The linear algorithm for high resolution (H.R.) image interpolation was based. The difference between the proposed algorithm and conventional nearest neighbor algorithm is that the concept applied, to estimate the missing pixel value, is guided by the nearest value rather than the distance. In other words, the proposed concept selects one pixel, among four directly surrounding the empty location, whose value is almost equal to the value generated by the conventional bilinear interpolation algorithm. The experimental results show that the proposed method demonstrated higher performances in terms of H.R. and thus is applicable to gray level satellites images.

Analysis of adaptive channel estimation techniques in MIMO-OFDM system[]

Multiple input multiple output (MIMO) can be used to improve information carrying capacity in orthogonal frequency divi-sion multiplexing (OFDM).In MIMO-OFDM system channel estimation task becomes more difficult due to the change in channel parameter. Hence, to find appropriate channel estimation method which is able to follow changes at moment is matter of high significance. In this paper types of adaptive algorithm for channel estimation in MIMO-OFDM system is discussed. The adaptive filter can be least mean square (LMS), recursive least square (RLS) or KALMAN which does not require prior knowledge of second order statistic (SOS) of channel and noise. The adaptive RLS channel estimation with adaptive forgetting factor outperforms in frequency selective fading. The LMS adaptive estimation can be used to improve the channel performance.But the low convergence speed and serious estimation error led to the combination of LMS with KALMAN filter for more accurate estimation. However, computational complexity is increased since the result is transferred to the KALMAN filter. To improve bit error rate (BER) performance the KALMAN filter for different guard interval (GI) is studied. The adaptive filter based algorithm mostly uses least square (LS) or Minimum mean square error (MMSE) as initial channel estimation to reduce computational complexity. Finally, the mean square error of the various adaptive algorithm is compared, LMS+KALMAN outperforms the others.

Retrieving Content Based Images with Query point technique based on K-mean Clustering[]

This paper provides an overview of the technical achievements in the research area of k-means clustering in content-based im-age retrieval (CBIR). K-means clustering is a powerful technique in CBIR systems, in order to improve the performance of CBIR effectively. It is an open research area to the researcher to reduce the local maximum trapping and number of iteration to find target image. The paper covers the current state of art of the research in k-means clustering in CBIR and query point method for the system.

Green Diesel By Potassium Alum[]

The world needs Transportation. Transportation needs fuel. One of the Fuels for Transportation is Diesel. Heavy usage of transportation by that heavy usage of diesel occurring and by that automobile exhaust emissions and by that air pollution. To control diesel pollution the world need of different cost effective sources. Potassium Alum usage in diesel found to be one among them. Just by keeping 50 grams (by using up to 37 grams (may be critical point) changes occurred in flash point, fire point etc. in the properties of diesel after that quantity of alum no change is there in one liter diesel) of Potassium Alum in one liter diesel is enough to change the normal diesel to green diesel. Green diesel in the sense, lower auto ignition temperature, lower flash point (previously it is 63°c , after 50 grams of potassium alum it is 53°c) , lower fire point (previously it is 73°c , after 50 grams of potassium alum it is 63°c), higher calorific value, more mileage, less carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emissions. Now a days, the Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (USLD - S15), sulfur content of 15 parts per million (ppm) is using to reduce the pollution. But the refining process used to attain the sulfur ratio of USLD is expensive and affects the naturally occurring paraffins (wax) inherent in diesel fuel in such a way that can cause the fuel to gel more readily in cold temperatures. As Sulfur in the fuel enhances lubricity, by decreasing the sulfur, lubrication problem and to attain the same lubrication, additives are being used to improve fuel fluidity at low temperatures. As the diesel fuel is cooled it will reach the cloud point. This is the temperature at which paraffin wax falls out of solution and starts to form wax crystals in the fuel. As the fuel is cooled further, it will eventually reach its pour point. This is the temperature at which fuels will no longer flow or the point at which fuel gels or turns solid. Another key property of diesel fuel is the Cold Filter Plug Point (CFPP). This is the temperature where fuel can no longer flow freely through a fuel filter, it is approximately halfway the cloud point and the pour point. To solve this problem we are using the fuel additives, known as wax crystal modifiers, can result in satisfactory fuel flow on average of 9°c to -27°c. All this process is expensive and by that increasing the diesel fuel price. Rather than thinking of alternatives fuels and adding common diesel fuel additives, here the fuel is altered by Potassium Alum. By the Potassium Alum we can change the diesel in cheap and best way into Nano Sulfur Diesel (NSD-S5) with sulfur content of 5 parts per million (ppm) and the fuel is also called ATFD, Any Temperature Flow Diesel (no gel). This cheap and best method is more useful to Road and Transport Corporation (R.T.C) and Railway Department in India. In order to get easy access about Potassium Alum effect on Diesel, there is a need to analyze Potassium Alum, Diesel.

Design of Series Hybrid Electric Vehicle with Auxiliary Power Unit[]

This paper represents the development of a model of series hybrid vehicle with a power generator as its Auxiliary Power Unit (APU). Simulation using the model helps to provide an understanding of the interaction and flow of power. Moreover, electrical power sharing between the APU and the Electrical Storage System (ESS) is shown as a promising future direction for the transportation sector in terms of decreasing the reliance on fossil fuels while simultaneously decreasing emissions so that energy can be used for driving is fully or partially shifted to electricity leading to lower emission rates. In this case some standard equations are considered.

Improvement of Response of a Prototype DC Motor Using Different Controllers[]

This paper represents the selection of range of controller parameters with proper choice of controller which is suitable with DC motor. Control engineering parameters, percentage overshoot (%OS), rise time ( ), peak time ( ), steady state time ( ) and settling time ( ) are the parameters by which improvement of response of a prototype DC motor has been analyzed coupling different controllers with the motor. Transfer function of both, controller and motor that means transfer function with respect to motor speed has been derived for analyzing the response. Comparison has been done among different controllers, P controller, PI controller, PD controller, PID controller with respect to speed of the motor for choosing suitable controller to control the speed of motor for pursuing its speed at perfect level so that it can be used for precise level work also. Adjustment of proportional gain ( ), integral time ( ), and derivative time ( ) have been observed to find out the appropriate range of these parameters for minimizing overshoot and getting fast response. The system is simulated using MATLAB program and Simulink browser to analyze the performance of the motor with and without controller and comparison has been made among the responses for choosing appropriate controller for this kind of DC motor.

Stock Exchange Iforecasting Using Hadoop Map-reduce Technique[]

This article is based on Cloud Based Stock forecasting using neural network and Cloud as Hadoop. Stock Market has high profit and high risk features, on the stock market analysis and prediction research has been paid attention by people. The stock price trend is complex nonlinear function so the price has certain predictability. This article mainly with improved BP neural network (BPNN) for the stock price prediction .And result show that method has good prediction effect on stock price. Using this paper one can predict stock future trend of multiple companies by using Map Reduce Technique for parallelism and achieving accurate results. Features of article are SMA graph, EMA graph, OBV graph, Prediction of stock

Study of Various Approaches in Machine Translation for Sanskrit Language[]

Machine translation is one of the most important applications of Natural Language Processing. Machine Translation is one of the most important branches of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is very useful in providing people with a machine, which understands diverse languages spoken around the world. Machine translation helps people from different places to understand an unknown language without the aid of a human translator. Machine translation translates the text from one language known as source language(SL) into the text of another language known as target language(TL).This paper gives a survey of the work done on various Indian machine translation systems either developed or under the development. Some systems are of general domain, but most of the systems have their own particular domains like particular languages and applications based on that.

Wave Power Generating Ships[]

Environmental Hazards by ship on port

Steady State Analysis Of Fuzzy Logic Based Electronic Load Controller For Self Excited Induction Generator[]

The objective of this paper is to implement fuzzy logic control in electronic load controller for voltage and frequency regulation of a 3-phase self excited induction generator feeding balanced resistive load. In micro hydro power generation applications, an ELC is required to maintain constant voltage and frequency of SEIG for a fixed excitation. Here fuzzy logic based ELC for SEIG for constant input power applications is modeled in MATLAB-SIMULINK and analyzed for steady state operation along with self excitation process. Simulation results show the performance of fuzzy logic based ELC for no load to full consumer load.

Optimization of cellulase production by Bacillus altitudinis APS MSU and Bacillus licheniformis APS2 MSU, gut isolates of fish Etroplus suratensis[]

In the present study two cellulolytic bacterial strains were isolated from the gut of an estuarine fish Etroplus suratensis. The strains were identified through basic conventional and also through 16S rRNA gene sequencing methods and they were identified as Bacillus altitudinis and Bacillus licheniformis. The cellulase production capacity of the candidate strains were optimized through certain nutritional parameters such as carbon sources, nitrogen sources, phosphate sources, surfactants and metal ions. In both the tested strains, Fructose and CMC induced maximum production of cellulase among various carbon sources tested. Among the tested nitrogen sources, ammonium hydrogen carbonate and ammonium sulphate enhanced cellulase production to a maximum extent by Bacillus altitudinis and Bacillus licheniformis, respectively. Similarly, the cellulase production was maximum in sodium dihydrogen ortho phosphate supplemented medium by both the strains. Tritonx100 was observed to be the best surfactant for inducing cellulase production by B.altitudinis and B.licheniformis. in the tested metal ions, maximum amount of enzyme production was recorded at magnesium sulphate and manganous sulphate administered media by B.altitudinis and B.licheniformis, respectively.

Impact Of Hrm Practices On Organizational Commitment Of Employees[]

In this era of highly competitive environment, organizations in Manufacturing sector and Service sector are trying hard to win the mind of customers by providing them value added service and quality innovative products to remain competitive in the market. The objective of this study is to investigate the impact of HRM practices on Organizational commitment of Employees in various sector in India. The study revealed that how HRM practices provide an edge to employee's commitment towards an organization goal in the global competitive market. Through study it is found that HRM practices influence the Organizational Commitment of Employees.

Token Based RFID authentication using Identity Based Encryption[]

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)is a device used for the detection of objects such that the data can be monitored at each stage. A RFID device consists of a Tag, a Reader and a Server. The Data read by the Tag device need to be send wirelessly to the reader. During the transmission of Data from Tag to Reader the chances of eavesdropping and various attacks is possible. So here proposed a new technique of providing authentication between Tag and the Reader to prevent from various attacks and the data is send securely.

Corossion Properties Of Concrete Containing Micro Silica[]

Concrete is a uniform a mixture of aggregates, binder material and water. The concrete thus formed is weak in many aspects or properties such as permeability, durability corrosion resistance, etc. All over the past and present researches were going on regarding development of concrete having good strength and which overcomes the above shortcomings. This is achieved by incorporating certain materials in the concrete mix. One such material that can be added in concrete to enhance various properties is micro silica. When micro silica is added to concrete by partially replacing (10%) the binder material, the hardened concrete seems to have more strength. This is achieved because micro silica particles are of very small size (1/100th size of cement particle) and these particles enters to very minute pores in concrete and fills the voids thereby making the concrete more denser and stronger. Since its fills up the pores, there will be very less and small amount of pores and internal passages in the structure thus retarding the movement of water and other corrosion causing salts to be in contact with the embedded reinforcements.

Container and Virtualization Concept for Bi-filter Intrusion Detection with Caching of Web Requests in Relational Database[]

In multi-tier web architecture often referred to as n-tier architecture, the back-end database server are kept protected behind a firewall and web application made it possible for user to access set of services from web servers which are remotely access-ible over the Internet. The current IDS system installed at web server and at database server is unable to detect intrusions where a normal traffic is used for attacking back end database. Though they are protected from direct remote attacks, the back-end systems are susceptible to attacks that use web requests as a means to exploit the back-end. Existing prevention systems are often insufficient to protect this class of applications, because the security mechanisms provided are either not well-understood or simply disabled by the web developers to get the job done. Therefore, prevention mechanisms should be complemented by intrusion detection systems, which are able to identify attacks and provide early warning about suspicious activities. An approach of Bifilter proposed is based upon the mapping model which maps the web request along with set of resultant query invoked by that request within an individual session. The mapping model it can be used to detect abnormal behaviors. In this paper we proposed a new caching paradigm called reference point caching whereby information about a document is cached at a point where the document is referenced. Our motivation is to reduce latency by avoiding unnecessary protocol steps. We proposed two specific instances of this scheme: caching IP addresses and caching documents themselves.

Mobile Cloud based Compiler : A Novel Framework For Academia[]

Cloud computing is a rising technology which enables convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources. Mobile cloud computing is the availability of cloud computing services in a mobile ecosystem. Mobile cloud computing shares with cloud computing the notion that services is provided by a cloud and accessed through mobile platforms. The paper aims to describe an online mobile cloud based compiler which helps to reduce the problems of portability and storage space and resource constraints by making use of the concept of mobile cloud computing. The ability to use compiler application on mobile devices allows a programmer to get easy access of the code and provides most convenient tool to compile the code and remove the errors. Moreover, a mobile cloud based compiler can be used remotely throughout any network connection (WI-FI/ GPRS) on any Smartphone. Thus, avoiding installation of compilers on computers and reducing the dependency on computers to write and execute programs.

Connecting students to the changing world (school boards vs Edutech)[]

Introduction of technology in education in India is a comparatively new phenomenon. The perceived role that technology now plays in society is so critical that there is an urgent need for all the students to get familiarized with technology. After completion of education, the students' venture in the job markets requires great skills in technology. Thus the utility of technology is done in educational field to accustom students improve their performance and effectiveness in management as well as in many other social activities. The contemporary generation is technology driven. Technology usage in education has been more progressive with the introduction of ICT. The terms 'education' and 'technology' in the contemporary world have become inseparable from each other. Technology has transformed the way of our life, the way we live and work, and most importantly the way we learn. The implementation of technology in the educational field had acted as a catalyst in the quality of education worldwide. What started as an instrument for improvement of higher education has now been adopted from elementary level of education. An assemblage technological inputs in education results in an expansion of access to education and most importantly helps in improving the quality of education.

Vulnerability Assessment[]

Vulnerability assessment aims at identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities in a system design, implementation, or operation and management, which could be exploited to violet the system's security policy. The overall scope of vulnerability assessment is to improve information and system security awareness by assessing the risks associated. Vulnerability assessment will set the guidelines to close or mitigate any risk and reinforce security processes. Furthermore it will form an auditable record of the actions performed in protecting from the most current vulnerabilities.

Compensation of Voltage sag magnitude due to symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults in Power Systems using STATCOM.[]

This work reports study of voltage sag in Power systems due to symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults, and its compensation using STATCOM. The voltage and phase angle after the occurrence of various faults like LLL, LG and LLG faults are determined to find the most affected bus. A procedure to evaluate the rating of the STATCOM connected to the most affected bus is demonstrated. A framework is developed for finding the current injected by the STATCOM for all types of faults considered. A program is developed in MATLAB environment to accomplish the above mentioned objectives. The effectiveness of the program is validated by applying it to a standard 11 bus test system. It is observed that the STATCOM is effective in compensating the most affected bus voltage magnitude for all types of faults considered.

Application of Cloud Computing in Hazardous Mechanical Industries[]

As technology has developed, the inherent risk factor in industries has also increased. Heavy industries are prone to accidents mainly due to the fatigue factor of the operators combined with the hazardous setting of the machinery being used. Giant turbine of power generators, nuclear fuelled power houses are some examples of hazardous industries. The risk factor involved in such industries has been amply demonstrated in the recent nuclear disaster that took place in Japan following the earthquake and the tsunami.

Molecular Epidemiology of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis In Southern Belt of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa[]

Cutaneous leishmaniasis is a vector-born disease caused by the flagellate parasite Leishmania tropica. Diagnosis by PCR is becoming a 'gold standard' technique. This study was aimed to investigate the prevalence of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis and to determine the usefulness of kDNA-PCR for the diagnosis of Leishmania tropica. Exudates smears/ skin biopsy of 133 suspected individuals of Cutaneous Leishmaniasis were included in this study. All the samples were analysed with microscope and kDNA-PCR for detection of Lesihmania tropica. The study population in the endemic regions suggested the highest sensitivity of 78.8% of CL in men than women 72.2% by kDNA-PCR. While the microscopy findings were 60.5% in males and 40.4% in females, followed by 94.1% confirmation by kDNA-PCR and 70.5% detection by microscopy in male's age group 21-30 years while 75.0% kDNA-PCR confirmation and 41.6% microscopy positivity in same age group of females. Face was found to be more infected 88.5% with lesion duration 4-6 months having sensitivity of 85.2% by kDNA-PCR as compared to 65.4% detection but sensitivity of 61.8% by microscopy. The highest epidemics 86.4% and 61.4% of Lesihmania tropica were found in North Waziristan Agency by kDNA-PCR and microscopy respectively. For sampling methods, kDNA-PCR showed greater sensitivity 81.4% for dermal scraping than 69.9% Whatman sterile paper.

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